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By Richard Trionfo on 2016-12-18 23:20:00

Raw Talk

Charly Caruso and Booker T are your hosts for Raw Talk.

Booker mentions Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns being together again as well as Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens.  Booker says that Chris put together a great plan and he wonders if Owens even knew.

The new Raw Tag Team Champions Sheamus and Cesaro show up.  

Booker asks how sweet was the victory.  Cesaro talks about how at the start of the year, his arm was in a sling due to his rotator cuff injury and now he is champion.

Charly asks if they thought this would be possible.  Sheamus says they are both champions.  Sheamus says they talked at the draft about becoming champions and being on the top again.

Booker reminds Sheamus he was champion for 22 days the last time.  Cesaro tells Booker that he didn't have to bring it up. 

Sheamus says numbers do not matter.  The present is all that matters. 

Booker talks about the unity at the start of the match but it wasn't there at the end.  

Sheamus says he is the leader of the team.  He has allowed Cesaro to carry his coattails.  Sheamus points out that he got the pinfall, but Cesaro mentions the set up.

Sheamus says while Cesaro hugged the New Day, he did what champions do.  Cesaro says they outsmarted the New Day.

Booker asks whose idea it was to do what happened at the end.  Cesaro says it happened in the moment.  

Booker asks how long will the team last.  Sheamus says they were going to be motivated by championship gold.  They agreed to take on the tag team champions after the best of seven series.  They knew they had to come together to win.  They might not be friends outside the ring, they are friends in the ring.  Cesaro says that Sheamus has helped him out this year.  Cesaro talks about the disappointment of the draft position.  Something happened in the Best of Seven series.  The people wanted them after the seventh match.  They proved everyone wrong.  Mick Foley promised them a championship opportunity and Cesaro says it should have been WWE Championship.  Then Mick throws a curve ball to swerve them.

Sheamus talks about being overlooked so many times.  When you are not in the highlight reel for Wrestlemania?  When you aren't on the poster for a show in Switzerland, what does that mean?  Now they are champions and he says that Cesaro is going to drink a bucket load of Guinness.

Booker says a best of seven series does something for you.  You earn the respect of your opponent after a series like that.  

Charly talks about the return of Neville.  Booker says Neville did the right thing.  You look at him and you know he can do anything.  He says that Neville has a mean streak.

Charly asks if he is going to insert himself into the Cruiserweight title picture.  

Booker says Neville is not a big guy, but he is extraordinary.  Neville can dominate the division.  Booker says everyone in the locker room in the cruiserweight division is on notice.  

Sami Zayn appears at the table.  

Charly asks Sami how does he feel after his match with Strowman.  Sami says he is beat up but emotionally it is a mix.  He says it is a victory.

Booker asks what did Sami accomplish.  Sami says he did not accomplish a lot since he knows he can do more.  He says the time limit was a little condescending.  Maybe Foley did not think he could survive.

Booker points out that the referee had to get involved and he thought the referee would stop the match.  Sami says he has been in dire straits before and he has gotten through it. 

Booker mentions that the referee saved two minutes of the match.  He says Strowman took mercy on Sami.

Sami says he would have survived and pinned Strowman if he had a few more minutes.

Charly asks Sami about Foley coming down with the towel.  Sami says his issues started when Foley stopped his match.  He says he can control what is going on in the ring.  No one gets to say when he is done in the ring.  He says when he is done.

Booker says he does not know if Sami is doing the right thing.  Maybe you should go the other way when you see the bear.

Sami asks Booker if he had situations where he had to deal with issues.  Sami says that he is as good as anyone on the Raw roster. 

Booker says he had a 26 year career because he was smart.  He knew when to take the right path.  Booker says he knew that Sami had a lot of talent.  

Charly asks Sami what does he want next.

Sami says he hears Booker and Strowman is a monster.  Those ten minutes were hell.  He knows that you have to be smart.  Sami says he has to do things his way and he has to be true to himself.  If it means running into Strowman again and again, that is the way it is going to go.  

Booker says he has much respect for Sami.

Sami says he did not get the victory he wanted tonight.  He does not know what is next.  He says he wants to solve the issue with Braun Strowman before he moves on.  Booker tells Sami to let it go.

Charly asks if Seth Rollins has gotten rid of Chris Jericho.

Booker does not think he is done with Jericho.  Seth is coming back with a vengeance and he deserves a title match.

The lights go out on the set but they come back on.

Raw Women's Champion Charlotte Flair shows up.  Charly asks about the end of regulation.  Charlotte says she was replaying the last four years and Sasha was the first person she went into the ring with.  She had to prove she was the best.

Booker asks Charlotte how do you turn it on.  Charlotte says she is the greatest female athlete in WWE history.  She says she is the Queen of Pay Per View. 

Charly asks about her feud with Sasha.  Charlotte says Sasha makes her better.  She always wanted to be as good as Sasha was.  She kept pushing and pushing to be the best.  Sasha is the person she wants to be better than.

Booker asks about Bayley and whether she is the number one contender.  Charlotte says this is the big leagues, not NXT.  Charly asks who is her competition. 

Charlotte says nobody is next.  When she did this tonight to show that she is a four time champion, she was proving that she was the one in the group. 

Charlotte is asked about her father and Charlotte says she does not care.  She calls her father a has been.  Charlotte calls herself the Undertaker of Pay Per View.  She says she does not have to pass her father because having that many titles means he lost them.  She says she hopes that her father says he wishes he could be half the athlete she was.

Booker talks about talking to Flair and Flair passing the torch to him.  Charlotte says she took the torch and ran with it.  Booker says that he is talking about himself.  Booker asks who will be there when she makes that final walk down the aisle.  How would you feel if your father is not there.

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