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By Mike Johnson on 2016-12-16 23:38:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of House of Hardcore 22 at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, PA.  To order the iPPV, click here.


Visiting at the show are Homicide, Bull James, and Jeff Jones.

Matt Striker is helping to produce the show.

There was a long delay before the show finally started.  Initially, we were told it was a Flosport issue.  I later found out it was an issue with the venue's Internet line and then when they went to fix it, all the video screens went down and that had to be fixed as well.  As you can imagine, Tommy Dreamer was furious about the situation and felt horrible fans were waiting.

Alex Reynolds vs. The Brooklyn Brawler

Brawler got a huge pop coming out.  He put over Philly on the mic and said he remembers the old Spectrum and wrestling names like Roddy Piper and Dusty Rhodes there.  He said he was happy to finally be wrestling in the original ECW Arena and for today only, wants to be known as the Broad Street Brawler.

Reynolds jumped him from behind and worked over Brawler with a snapmare and choked him against the ropes.  He went to the top for a moonsault but missed.  Brawler turned him over in a Boston Crab and Reynolds tapped.

Your winner, The Brooklyn, uh, Broad Street Brawler!

Jessicka Havok vs. Taya

They went back and forth until Havok was sent to the floor. Taya nailed flying bodypress off top to floor.  They battled on floor, leading to Taya being slammed face first into the apron on floor.  They continued battling on the floor.    They returned to the ring, where Taya nailed a series of kicks to the back.  Havok caught her kick and nailed her.  Havok hit a Death Ray on Taya.

Havok continued the beating and tied her to the tree of woe, then worked her over with an elbow drop.     Havok nailed a running boot to the face in the corner.    Taya shocked her with a forward victory roll for a two count.   Havok went for a Samoan Drop but Taya slipped behind and nailed a back cracker.  Havok came back with a big boot.

Taya came back and locked on a single leg crab for the submission.

Your winner, Taya!

Havok went after ring announcer Katred after the match and tried to bully her.  Katred stood up for herself and nailed a rana.  She faced off with Katred but was laid out.  Ouch!

Stephen DeAngelis came out as the new ring announcer.  He said they wanted to welcome everyone watching on Floslam.  The wonderful folks in Philadelphia booed the hell out of Floslam.  You gotta love the city of Brotherly Love.

Tony Nese vs. Lio Rush

Rush did the same entrance he did last week at CZW.  That is a star entrance.

This is Nese's final appearance on the independents.  Big "Nese" chant followed by "You deserve it."

Rush went after Nese, who fired back with chops and sent him to the floor.   They went back and forth until Nese was drilled with a pair of superkicks.  Nese avoided a third and flipped off the ropes and unleashed a series of strikes and kicks.  The crowd went nuts for that.  Nese sent Rush into the ropes and took him down with a clothesline.  Nese controlled Rush on the mat and scored several two counts before tying him up with a side chinlock.  Rush pushed him back into the buckles and rolled up Nese for a two count.  Good stuff so far.

Rush took control and worked over Rush, heeling the crowd while he did it.  Nese fought to his feet but was sent back down.  Rush had words with referee but that allowed Nese to recover and nail a series of chops.  Nese grabbed Rush and sent him over in a DDT combination but was too spent to make the cover.  The referee began counting them both down but they made it to their feet.   They battled back and forth.  Nese nailed a big spinkick and a leaping clothesline for another near fall.

Nese unloaded with big roundhouse kicks.  Rush caught his leg and went for one of his own.  Nese avoided and came down with a big double stomp for a two count.  Rush and Nese unloaded with big elbows.  Rush sent Nese to the floor and hit a pair of dives.  He went for a third but Nese hit the ring and nailed a tiltowhirl DDT for a two count.

They battled back and forth with strikes and forearms.   Nese seemed to get the better of the exchange.  Rush cut him off.  They nailed each other with kicks.  Nese nailed a cutter combination but Rush kicked out, which shocked everyone as it looked awesome.  The crowd chanted, "That was three" at the referee, Sean Wiggins.  Rush nailed a reverse rana and a top rope frog splash for a two count.  Nese finally hit a pumphandle into a tombstone piledriver.  That was awesome.  I can assure you he won't be doing THAT on 205 Live!

Your winner, Tony Nese!

A number of wrestlers, including Bull James, Dan Barry, Alex Reynolds and Matt Striker came out to wish him well.  Nese said he had a lot of thank yous but before them, he wanted to tell Lio Rush thank you.  Rush shook his hand.   Nese said he can't thank all of the fans enough nor can he say thank you enough for House of Hardcore, especially Tommy Dreamer.  He said that when Tommy began HOH, he wanted to bring in who he thought was the best and he's so proud that since day one, Dreamer thought he would belong here.

Nese said that everyone who came out to the ring played an important role in who Nese is today.  He thanked Barry for taking him under his wing and teaching him and encouraging him.  He said Striker would take time to come to the school where Nese trained and offered his knowledge and help.  He thanked Striker.  He put over Bull Dempsey for being one of the hardest workers and cared so much about the business.  He said that Bull reached out every day asking what he needed and giving him advice and ideas.  Nese then said that if he's really as good as some people say he is, it's because of Alex Reynolds.  He said that they came to HOH1 together and no one knew who they were and they tore the house down together.    Nese raised Reynolds' arm but Reynolds superkicked him. 

Reynolds took the mic and said that from day one, he's been better than Nese.  He said that on Monday, when Nese goes to WWE, he can tell them they took HOH's sloppy seconds and that they could have had Shawn, but instead settled for Marty.  That was funny.

Reynolds walked out.  Nese got up and the fans chanted, "Thank you Tony!"

Great match!  Fun farewell and a nice way to use it to get over Reynolds as a heel as they go forward.

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