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By Mike Johnson on 2016-12-04 21:14:00

They plugged that John Cena is hosting SNL next week.  I love the show and I am really looking forward to that.  Cena deserves the honor.  I think it's funny it's being ignored that years ago, he made an unadvertised cameo on the show.

WWE World champion AJ Styles vs. Dean Ambrose: TLC Match

It was all Dean early on, including a big backdrop on Styles.   He went to the floor for a ladder.  He set it up.  They battled back and forth.  Dean smashed him into the ladder and then clotheslined him over the top to the floor.   Dean followed and began smashing Styles around all the TLC dress settings.  He smashed Styles into a chair on the entrance ramp.   AJ was set up on a table near the set.  Dean climbed up a huge ladder that was set up but Styles rolled off the table and tried to get away.  Ambrose nailed a reverse clothesline to take down Styles from behind.

Ambrose placed a trash can over his head and knocked him down.   Dean tossed Styles over the barricade to the floor.  Dean went to sail off the barricade and was nailed with a kick as he came down.  Entertaining brawl thus far.    Styles nailed a leaping clothesline into the barrier.  Styles was crotched on barrier.  Ambrose set up a chair and charged at him, drilling Styles.

Dean set up the ladder and ascended it, but was shoved off by Styles.   AJ brought the ladder down on Styles.  Styles drilled Ambrose with a ladder, then hit the skyhigh knee drop.  The crowd started chanting for Styles.  He placed a ladder against the ropes.  He went to nail Ambrose who caught him and nailed a catapult into the ladder.  Styles crashed into it and then over the ropes to the floor.  Styles got to his feet.  Ambrose tossed the ladder out of the ring at Styles, which was pretty silly in hindsight.

Dean retrieved a table but Styles returned with a chair and drove it down across Dean's back.  The crowd again chanted for AJ.  Styles drilled him again and again with the chair.  You could hear a brief "Undertaker" chant as well. I wonder why that started.  Styles nailed a sidewalk slam through a chair.  I wonder if Dean thinks he is back in CZW.  Styles beat him over the back with a chair and tossed a few more chairs into the ring.  He began setting them up facing each other.   Styles went to suplex Dean through them but Ambrose instead powered Styles up and flipped him inside out as he came down through the chairs.  It was a damn scary and brilliant bump.

Dean came off the buckles and crashed down on Styles with a chair.  He then drove Styles through the legs of an inverted table.  Dean set up another table in the corner.  Styles went nuts with strikes to defend himself.  Dean and Styles went back and forth.  Styles caught and suplexed Dean through the table, leaving him buried underneath the remnants.

Styles pulled Dean up but Dean fired up against him and nailed a rebound lariat that sent Styles inside out.  Dean tried to set up for a superplex from the top to tables on the outside.  AJ went for the forearm off the ropes but Dean caught him and went for Dirty Deeds.  Styles broke free but was sent to the floor.  Dean nailed a tope suicida into the announcers' table.  Dean placed AJ atop the table and began setting up the table next to it for carnage.  Dean placed a ladder and opened it up on one of the tables.  He slammed Styles into the apron and worked him over with right hands. He left Styles prone on the table and climbed the ladder, coming off with a big flying elbow through the table.  Dallas went nuts for that.

Dean pulled out a ladder and placed it into the ring as Styles was out on the floor.  Ambrose painfully climbed to the top but Styles pulled himself to the apron and nailed a springboard forearm to stop Ambrose.   Dean and Styles climbed to the top and battled back and forth at the summit.  They both crashed down to ground level.   Dean used a reverse whirlybird into a ladder.

Dean climbed the ladder but Styles went to powerbomb him over the ropes out of the ring. Ambrose turned it into a rana and they both went to the floor.   Dean nailed the moonsault off the apron into the inverted DDT on the floor.   Styles placed Dean on a table outside the ring and painfully returned to the ring, where he nailed a springboard 450 through a table.  That was the first time Styles has ever pulled that out in WWE and it looked gorgeous.

Styles returned to the ring and set up the ladder but as he began climbing, out came James Ellsworth in pain, holding his neck, which was in a neck brace.   Styles attacked him and set up to nail another Styles Clash off the stairs to the floor.  He set up but Dean Ambrose clotheslined him and then nailed a DDT on the bottom section of the stairs.  The place came alive for this, sensing a title change.

Dean set up the ladder and began climbing up but Styles returned to the ring and began climbing the opposite side.  Dean shoved him off and Styles bounced through the ropes to the floor.  It was all clear for Dean, but Ellsworth turned and shoved over the ladder, sending Dean crashing through tables that were set up on the floor.   Ellsworth began cheering Styles on to get the belt.  Styles went to the top and grabbed the belt.

Your winner and still WWE World champion, AJ Styles!

Really damn good TLC match.  Styles is the best in ring performer not just in WWE but probably the entire world right now.  Just Shawn Michaels/Kenta Kobashi level timing and bumps.  This was one of the better Ambrose bouts of late and The Ellsworth turn should open up some new storyline direction for all involved.

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