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By Mike Johnson on 2016-12-02 20:51:00

Cody Rhodes vs. Jay Lethal

Brandi Rhodes came out and introduced Cody, quipping, "Where we're going, we don't need Roads" a line from Back to the Future. 

Lethal came out wearing a vest that featured "his list" as a takeoff on the one Cody posted on social media.  His list included names he's beaten like Ric Flair and Kurt Angle and featured an unchecked box for Cody.

The Addiction came out before the bell.  They said it's the biggest show of the year and asked everyone if they really didn't think they were coming out.  They said they were cool with a night off after Ladder War.  The crowd chanted for them to "shut the f*** up."  Daniels said Cody was debuting against perhaps the greatest World champion, Jay Lethal.   Daniels cut a great promo putting over ROH and said they would be the guest commentators.  He told them to "tear it up."

Hopefuly, they didn't just telegraph a finish where The Addiction run in and ruin the match, setting up Lethal and Cody teaming to run them off.

They had some nice chain wrestling early on.  They ended up in the ropes and Lethal broke clean.   Rhodes shoulderblocked Lethal down and Jay popped up.  They faced off.  Lethal went for a hiptoss but Cody blocked it and Lethal reversed the block and nailed it.  Lethal brought Cody into the corner and nailed kicks and stomps.   Jay worked him over and nailed a nice clothesline but missed a charge in the corner.  Rhodes took him down and worled over Jay's arm.  He sent Jay into the ropes but Jay held on as Cody charged and sent him over the ropes.   Lethal snapped him over the ropes and sent him to the floor rudely.  He nailed a series of tope suicidas to the outside.  The second one almost sent Rhodes over the barricades.

Lethal went for a third but Cody got to the apron.  Lethal slid under the ropes and Cody unleashed the Disaster Kick before hitting a springboard dive to the outside. He worked over Lethal until Jay came back with the Lethal Injection for a two count.  Lethal went for the Torture Rack before snapping him down.   He locked on a armbar but Cody turned it into a figure four leglock, trying to force a submission.  Lethal got out of it.

Cody went for CrossRhodes but Jay drilled him back into the corner.  Cody caught him with a sunset flip out of the corner for a two count.  Some nice back and forth wrestling here.  Rhodes missed a moonsault.  Lethal came off the ropes but Cody moved.  Lethal caught him with an Ace Crusher and went to the top for an elbow.  He jumped but Rhodes caught him in a rollup for a two count. 

Cody knocked Lethal into the referee and with him down, Cody kicked him in the groin, then hit the CrossRhodes to get the pin.

Your winner, Cody!

Good match.  I think they needed another good 5-8 minutes of near falls but the finish was good because it caught everyone off guard.  I don't think anyone called Rhodes turning heel. 

Rhodes offered his hand to Lethal in a show of respect, then gave him the double bird and punched the hell out of him.  The Addiction hit the ring.  Rhodes went to the floor, flipped a table over, then piefaced referee Todd Sinclair, grabbed a fan's drink and threw it at Sinclair.  The crowd was all over Cody but popped for the referee abuse.

As he went to the back, Rhodes challenged Steve Corino.  When Corino got up, he was shoved down on his rear. 

The crowd, which gave him a huge reaction coming out, booed Rhodes. 

Steve Corino mentioned EVOLVE's Larry Dallas on commentary.  He's been backstage all day.

ROH Six Man Tag Team championship Tournament Final: Lio Rush & Jay White & KUSHIDA vs. TK O’Ryan & Vinny Marseglia & Matt Taven.

Some nice back and forth action to start the bout.   The Kingdom focused on Lio Rush for a long time.  KUSHIDA tagged in and cleaned house with some nice matwrestling.   The Kingdom caught him in the corner and beats him down in the corner.   They beat down KUSHIDA in the corner.   KUSHIDA nailed a big handspring elbow on them and tagged out to White.

White cleaned house on Marseglia with a clothesline, some uppercuts and a bunch of kicks.  He nailed an awesome missile dropkick off the top. Marseglia came back with a Walls of Jericho while on the ropes.  This set off an insane sequence I can't even begin to type quick enough.  It ended with a superplex and Rush coming off the top with a big frog splash.  They followed this up with an awesome series of dives to the outside.  If you like crazy, hot spots, this one is for you.  KUSHIDA hit a big flip off the top onto everyone on the floor.

Taven and O'Ryan went for a move but Rush turned it into a rana for a two count on Taven.  Taven hit a sick looking Ace Crusher that turned Lio inside out.  KUSHIDA was going nuts with dropkicks.  White nailed a big dropkick.  Rush killed it with great kicks.  He was sent into the ropes and drilled with a stick.  That allowed the Kingdom to nail a nice triple team finisher where they powerbombed Rush as the other two grabbed him and slammed him down.  That was it.

Your winners and first ROH Six Man Tag Team champions, The Kingdom!

Really crazy match with an insane work ethic and energy.  So fun.

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