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By Richard Trionfo on 2016-11-19 22:23:00

Match Number Three:  NXT Tag Team Championship Match (Two Out of Three Falls):  The Revival (Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder) versus DIY (Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa)

Fall Number One:

Gargano and Dawson start things off.  They lock up and Gargano with a side head lock and head scissors.  Dawson with a head scissors and Gargano escapes.  Gargano with a rollup for a near fall.  Both teams discuss strategy.  They lock up again and Dawson backs Gargano into the corner.  Dawson with a forearm on the break and he chops Gargano.  Dawson with a forearm to the head but Gargano fires back.  Dawson with a snap mare and shoulder tackle.  Ciampa tags in and Gargano with a reverse atomic drop and Ciampa with a forearm.  Gargano and Ciampa with drop kicks and Ciampa gets a near fall.

Dawson wtih a rake of the eyes on Ciampa.  The referee warns Dawson.  Wilder tags in and he connects with a forearm to the back.  Wilder with a European uppercut and Ciampa with a forearm.  Ciampa with a punch and he sends Wilder into the turnbuckles.  Wilder with a kick and side head lock.  Dawson tags in and he slams Ciampa.  Wilder tags in and Dawson gets Wilder up for a leg drop onto Ciampa for a near fall.

Wilder chops Ciampa and then goes for a bulldog into the corner but Ciampa sends Wilder into the turnbuckles.  Dawson and Gargano tag in and Gargano with a boot to Dawson and then he hits an overhead belly-to-belly throw on Wilder.  Gargano with chops to each man and he follows with a bulldog and clothesline combination.  Gargano with a jumping neck breaker for a near fall.  Gargano is sent to the apron and Wilder tags in.  Gargano goes for the slingshot spear but Dawson catches him and hits Shatter Machine for the three count.

Winner Fall One:  Revival (Revival 1 Fall, DIY 0 Falls)

Fall Number Two:

Gargano with a rollup for a near fall.  Wilder with a forearm to Gargano and Dawson tags in.  Dawson sends Gargano to the apron and keeps him in the ropes.  Dawson with knees and kicks and then Wilder clotheslines Gargano back into the ring.  Dawson with a slingshot suplex for a near fall.  Gargano with a forearm but Wilder and Dawson double team Gargano and Wilder tags in.  Wilder with a head butt.  Dawson tags in and Wilder with a drop toe hold followed by an elbow drop to the back of the head for a near fall.  

Dawson with a snap mare and a body scissors.  Dawson runs his forearm across Gargano's face.  Dawson adds a reverse chin lock.  Dawson with a Gory Special on Gargano.  Gargano escapes and he gets in a punch on Wilder on the apron.  Gargano floats over and then he hits a tornado DDT on Wilder while hitting an enzuigiri on Dawson and everyone is down.  Wilder pulls Ciampa down but Ciampa kicks him away.  Wilder distracts the referee but he does not see the tag so he sends Ciampa back to the apron.  Wilder and Dawson work over Gargano.  Dawson and Wilder hit a Hart Attack for a near fall.

Wilder tags in and he puts Gargano on the turnbuckles and goes for a belly-to-back superplex but Gargano is able to counter into a lateral press and he gets a near fall.  Dawson tags in and Ciampa tags in as well.  Ciampa with a missile drop kick followed by a running knee into the corner followed by elbows.  Ciampa with a boot and a leap frog leg lariat for a near fall.  Ciampa with a knee to Wilder on the apron.  Ciampa with three German suplexes and then he sets for the running knee to the head and he connects for a near fall.

Dawson with an elbow and then he punches Gargano.  Ciampa pushes Wilder off the apron and Ciampa with a cross body for a near fall.  Ciampa wtih a knee to Wilder and then Ciampa and Gargano with the knee and super kick combination for the three count.

Winners  Fall Number Two:  DIY (1 Fall Each)

Fall Number Three:

Wilder and Ciampa start things off for their teams and they exchange forearms.  They add European uppercuts and knees.  Ciampa slaps Wilder.  Ciampa goes for an arm bar submission but Dawson with a rollup for a near fall.  Gargano tags in and Ciampa with an elevated flatline.  Ciampa goes for a suicide dive on Wilder but Wilder with an uppercut.  Gargano kicks Wilder and then he hits a slingshot DDT for a near fall.

Gargano goes for a suplex to brings Dawson back into the ring but Wilder holds the ropes on an O'Connor Roll.  Wilder tags in and they stop Gargano on a tornado DDT attempt.  Wilder gets a near fall when Ciampa breaks it up.  Dawson sends Ciampa into the ring post.  Dawson tags in and he connects with a European uppercut.  Gargano with punches to Dawson and Wilder but Dawson with uppercuts.  Gargano with forearms and Gargano uses Wilder to get a backslide but Dawson with an inside cradle for a near fall.

Wilder takes a tag title belt and Ciampa with a Cactus Jack Clothesline that takes care of Wilder.  Dawson holds the title belt and Gargano with a rollup into the round kick but he kicks the title belt.  Dawson with the Trailer Hitch but Gargano does not want to tap out.  Gargano crawls to teh ropes and he gets there so Dawson has to release the hold.  Dawson is bleeding from above the eye and Wilder tags in.  They set for the super kick and knee combination but Wilder super kicks Dawson.  Gargano and Ciampa hit Shatter Machine but Dawson breaks up the cover.

Gargano holds his knee and the referee stops Ciampa from being in the ring.  Dawson with a rollup after playing possum but the referee realizes that Dawson is not the legal man.  Ciampa is sent into the ring post.  Gargano with a super kick to Dawson that sends him to the floor but Wilder goes after both knees.  Gargano and Wilder alternate roll ups.  Gargano applies Garga-No Escape and Ciampa with an arm bar on Dawson and Wilder taps out.

Winners:  DIY

After the match, Gargano and Ciampa celebrate their victory with the fans in the front row.

Match Number Four:  NXT Women's Championship Match:  Asuka versus Mickie James

They lock up and Asuka backs Mickie onto the turnbuckles and she takes Mickie down to get a few near falls.  They continue the lock up and then go to a stalemate.  Asuka offers her hand and Mickie shakes it, but Mickie pulls Asuka close and says something.  They lock up and Mickie with a side head lock.  Mickie holds on to the side head lock when Asuka tries to send her off the ropes.  Asuka with a shoudler tackle and Mickie stays on her feet and Asuka shows some frustration.  Mickie takes Asuka down but Asuka gets back to her feet and she applies a wrist lock.

Mickie with an arm drag to escape.  Mickie with a snap mare and a running kick that forces Asuka to the floor.  Mickie holds the ropes open for Asuka and she re-enters the ring.  They lock up and Mickie with a wrist lock into a hammer lock.  Asuka with a reversal.  Mickie tries to escape but Asuka holds on.  Mickie with a fireman's carry into an arm bar but Asuka with a head scissors.  Mickie escapes and Mickie with kicks.  Asuka with a running hip attack and Mickie goes to the floor.  Asuka holds the ropes open for Mickie to return to the ring.

Asuka with a running hip attack to knock Mickie off the apron.  Asuka goes to the apron and she misses a hip attack but Mickie with a kick and a head scissors that sends Asuka into the ringside barrier.  Mickie with a punch.  Asuka blocks a super kick and Asuka with an ankle lock followed by a German suplex on the floor.  The referee checks on Mickie and then Asuka returns to the ring and the referee starts his count.

Mickie returns to the ring and she tosses Mickie around the ring.  Asuka with a drop kick to the arm in the corner and she gets a near fall.  Asuka with punches to Mickie.  Asuka with a knee to Mickie against the ropes and then Asuka ties up Mickie in the ropes.  Asuka goes for a running hip attack but Mickie moves.  Asuka with kicks to the chest but Mickie wants more.  Mickie blocks a kick and she applies a single leg crab.  Mickie turns it into a Muta Lock.  Asuka gets to the ropes.

Mickie and Asuka exchange forearms.  Mickie with a kick and she sends Asuka into the turnbuckles.  Asuka sends Mickie into the turnbuckles.  Mickie with a punch and Asuka with a forearm.  Mickie with forearms but Asuka with slaps.  Mickie slaps Asuka and Asuka is staggered.  Asuka has that look on her face and it might not be good for the challenger.  Mickie with a jumping neck breaker and a clothesline or two.  Mickie with a running forearm.  Asuka misses a cross body off the turnbuckles.  Mickie with a flap jack and Mickie kips up.  Mickie goes up top and hits the seated splash but she can only get a near fall. 

Asuka with a cross arm breaker but Mickie gets to the ropes.  Asuka pulls Mickie into the center of the ring but Mickie with a kick.  Mickie avoids a kick but Mickie hits the spinning back kick and Asuka gets her foot on the ropes to break the count.  Mickie gets another near fall.  Mickie with a kick and she sets for the DDT but Asuka avoids it.  Mickie rolls through and gets a near fall with a bridge as she tries to escape the cross face chicken wing but eventually Asuka locks it in and Mickie taps out.

Winner:  Asuka

Match Number Five:  NXT Championship Match:  Shinsuke Nakamura versus Samoa Joe

Nakamura with kicks but Joe blocks most of them.  Joe with a kick to the thigh and Joe with forearms and punches.  Nakamura with knees.  The referee tries to separate both men.  Joe with a knee but he misses a clothesline.  Nakamura with a snap mare and knee drop.  Joe goes to the floor to regroup but Nakamura follows.  Joe with a chop.  Nakamura sends Joe into the ringside barrier and he kicks Joe into the crowd.  Joe with a forearm and Nakamura fires back with kicks and knees.  Nakamura sends Joe back over the ringside barrier and into the ringside area.  Namakura rolls Joe back into the ring.

Joe with an Irish whip and running elbow and enzuigiri in the corner.  Joe with an enzuigiri and then he face washes Nakamura.  Nakamura gets up and connects with a knee to the chest.  Nakamura with knees to the head.  Nakamura charges into the corner and Joe with an STJoe.  Nakamura punches Joe and Joe with a back elbow.  Joe with a chop followed by a kick and an elbow drop.  Joe gets a near fall. Nakamura with knees to the head but Joe with a sit out knee buster.  Joe with kicks and then he rolls through into a knee bar.  Joe with kicks to Nakamura.  Joe with a knee bar but Nakamura kicks Joe.  Nakamura finally gets Joe to release the hold.  Joe sends Nakamura to the floor and then Joe with a suicide dive onto Nakamura.

Joe moves the ring steps and sets them up on the floor.  Joe breaks the referee's count.  Joe picks up Nakamura and tries to slam him onto the steps.  Nakamura gets away but Joe with a round kick.  Joe sends Nakamura back into the ring and Joe gets a near fall.  Joe slaps Nakamura in the head.  Joe with forearms.  Nakamura with a knee and he misses a round kick but Nakamura with an enzuigiri and both men are down.  Nakamura with a running kick to the head and then he connects with knees.  Nakamura with a round kick and Joe goes down.  Nakamura with another kick that is blocked but Nakamura with an enzuigiri.  Nakamura with a knee into the corner and then he puts Joe on the turnbuckles and he connects with the running knee to the midsection.  Nakamura with a near fall.   Nakamura with knees to Joe and then he applies a front face lock. 

Joe with a slam and a reverse atomic drop and running boot to the head and a back senton for a near fall.  Joe sets for a power bomb and he hits it and then he turns Nakamura over into a Boston Crab.  Joe turns it into an STF.  Nakamura rolls back for a near fall.  Nakamura goes for a cross arm breaker but Joe avoids it.  Joe with a power slam for a near fall.  Nakamura goes to the turnbuckles but Joe with a kick but Nakamura with a kick from the apron and then he goes up top for a knee to the head.  The referee continues his count and Joe is to his knees first.  

Joe with a forearm and Nakamura fights back.  Joe with slaps but Nakamura with strikes and kicks.  Nakamura with a forearm that sends Joe to the mat.  Nakamura sets for an exploder but Joe blocks it.  Joe has a suplex blocked and Nakamura hits a German suplex.  Nakamura misses a charge into the corner and Joe with a rollup and then he rolls into the knees to take Nakamura to the mat.  Joe puts Nakamura on the turnbuckles for a MuscleBuster but Nakamura rolls through and hits Kinshasa for a near fall.  Nakamura sets for Kinshasa but Joe side steps him and applies the choke.  

Nakamura gets back to his feet and he backs Joe into the corner but Joe holds on.  Nakamura backs Joe into the corner again but Joe with a German suplex and a Dragon Suplex into a straitjacket German suplex for a near fall.  Nakamura with a knee to Joe and then he hits a running knee to the back of the head and it sends Joe to the floor.  Nakamura charges at Joe and Joe pushes the referee aside and Joe with a kick to the groin and then he hits a uranage on the ring steps.  Joe sends Nakamura back into the ring and hits the Musclebuster for the three count.

Winner:  Samoa Joe

After the match, Joe celebrates his victory and he stands over Nakamura.


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