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By Mike Johnson on 2016-11-15 17:25:00

The following was issued to this afternoon:

Go Wrestle and Professional Wrestling University of Florida have partnered to bring you Volusia County’s #1 Professional Wrestling Training Center!

Learn with former WWF and ECW Pro Tony Devito who was trained by the legendary "DR.D" David Shultz and former Four Horsemen member Paul Roma & former ECW wrestler John Diamond, who was trained by the legendary Johnny Rodz and at ECW's House of Hardcore.

PWU is combining old school rules with new school tools to create a training environment unlike anywhere else. Don’t just dream it, live your dream! Become a Pro Wrestler at the Professional Wrestling University of Florida in South Daytona. Just 7 miles from the Daytona International Speedway at the Sunshine Park Mall. Right by the Beach!

Go Wrestle is Daytona’s Destination for Pro Wrestling Action, featuring bi-weekly Pro Wrestling events at the same location as the Pro Wrestling Training.

Students of Professional Wrestling University of Florida get the opportunity to help out on Go Wrestle shows, allowing them to network and learn from the top indy talent of Florida in addition to direct training and guidance from head trainers Tony Devito and John Diamond. No other training center outside of the WWE offers this level of professional direction and immersion in the business of Professional Wrestling.

Learn the right way and achieve all your potential at the Professional Wrestling University of Florida. 

Training is currently on special for only $200 a month for new students. No Down Payments or Contracts, just simple monthly pricing. 

We also offer open ring training for established wrestlers looking to get some ring time to polish their work for only $60 a month. 

For more information on Professional Wrestling University of Florida: 

Contact us on Facebook for information on training

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