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By Mike Johnson on 2016-10-24 09:31:00

There could very well be a new player when it comes to being a streaming destination for pro wrestling content, and they have quite a bit of money behind them.

Over the last several weeks, FloSports, a tech company that is built around live, streaming subscription content, has been in contact with a number of top independent professional wrestling companies, discussing bringing that content to their platform.    They have been streaming live events from different sports over the last year.

Based out of Austin, Texas, last week the company unveiled apps for Roku and AppleTV as a way to expand their reach as a streaming platform.

What will also assist Flosports in expanding that reach is an infusion of funding they have to utilize in their expasion.  In a press release back in August, Flosports touted that they had "received $21.2 million in new funding to accelerate the online sports network’s growth into new sports and expand its existing verticals."  Among those entities that have invested into FloSports was their initial investor Causeway Media Partners, Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments, Discovery Communications, and most interestingly to wrestling fans, none other than World Wrestling Entertainment, who have also invested into the streaming entity. has heard from numerous sources that the outlet intends to start rolling out announcements this week in regard to relationships with independent outlets that will see their content exclusively shift over to Flosports for streaming.  It makes sense that the company would seek out pro wrestling content, since there is such a voracious following and appetite for independent pro wrestling; bringing that audience to their platform will only assist the bottom line of the overall Flosports package.

Using the name Floslam, the plan is to charge $20 a month for access to live and video on demand programming, including older events and documentary style features.

There has been some great excitement within certain circles as to a new money player putting some money into independent wrestling promotion.  Over the next week or so, we should have a greater understanding of exactly what this all means and how much, if at all, this will be change the landscape of the independent realm, but it is certainly an interesting development.


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