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By Mike Johnson on 2016-10-14 08:40:00

When Matt Sydal missed a number of dates for New Japan Pro Wrestling last month, he took to Twitter to note that there was an issue at the border and stated that he was in Hawaii.  It appears that he was never left Japan, however.

Nikkan Sports in Japan reported this morning that the issue was that Sydal was arrested on 9/23 while entering the country after officials found 2.12 grams of liquid marijuana in his possession for an ecigarette at the Kansai Airport.

Sydal was convicted of the crime on 10/13 in Osaka, although what the punishment is remains to be seen.     The conviction likely means the end of his ability to enter the country, which has some of the strictest drug laws in the world.   Japanese nationals could face up to five years imprisonment for the same crime.  For foreigners, they are usually deported and banned from the country.  It certainly means the end of his New Japan run.

In speaking to one friend of Sydal this morning after news of the arrest came out, speaking under condition of anomynity, I was told, "People are going to villify him for this, but before they do, they should take a moment to think about the fact that he completely mangled his foot in that wreck a few years back.  He is in a state of near-constant pain because of those injuries.  It's amazing he's walking on it, much less performing on it.  People have no idea what Matt goes through on a daily basis with that foot.  So, if they villify him, they are villifying him for trying to maintain the quality of life he had before the wreck."

While under contract to WWE in 2012, Sydal was involved in a wreck that left him with his foot broken in four places and five additional bones dislocated.

Sydal has not been active on social media since he noted he was in Hawaii.  His friend noted he has not spoken to Sydal since before he left for Japan.


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