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By Jason Funk on 2016-10-13 09:11:00

Here are the results and notes from the show and meet and greet before the show:

*Show was being held in the Yakima Sun Dome in Yakima WA.

Meet & Greet:

*Late start to the meet and greet. Supposed to be from 5-6 PM, but did not start until 5:45 PM. Everyone was waiting around for something to happen or someone to come up and say something.

*Female talent Kate Carney (based out of Portland, Oregon) came out at 5:45 PM for a Q&A. She told us that there is a change to the card. Su Yung vs Jessika Havok is now Kate Carni vs. La Avispa vs Su Yung. 

*Jeff Hardy shows up at 5:57 PM for autographs and photos. Says the WA Athletic Commission is rough.

*Rey Fenix (Fenix from Lucha Underground) shows up at 6:00 PM for autographs and photos.

*Rey Mysterio Jr shows up at 6:30 PM for autographs and photos. His session is cut short at 6:45 PM to begin the show. We are told by who I believe is the promoter that Rey will be at ringside after his match to continue autographs and photos for those who bought the VIP tickets.

*Between Fenix and Mysterio showing up, an arena staff member lets us know that there has been some licensing issues for some of the talents and that the card is being reshuffled some more.   People can get a refund if they choose before the start of the second match.

*Cool thing to note. A gentleman at the show has an autistic son who is a big Jeff Hardy fan and Jeff called his son and talked with him. You can tell that gesture meant the world to this gentleman and his son. Very touching moment to see and big kudos to Jeff for doing so.

Main Show:

*It looks like they are using a 16x16 ring. Arena looks 30% full. Sound system is not the greatest. The announcer is speaking in English and Spanish. They have a hard cam and roving cam setup tonight. Card started at 7 PM.

1st Match - Sonico & Ave Rex (Tecnicos) vs. Ethan HD & Mike Santiago (Rudos) - Sonico wore a stop deportation t-shirt to the ring. Standard undercard match. All guys are working hard. At one point Santiago yells "this ones for Donald" before side slamming Sonico. Tecnicos win via a lung blower by Ave Rex into a Canadian Destroyer by Sonico. 

2nd Match - Su Yung vs Kate Carey (Rudo) vs. La Avispa (Tecnico) - After Su Yung's entrance, the promoter comes out and says the commission told him that the ref currently in the ring is unlicensed and then called the commission a bunch of a-holes. Wired start to this event so far. Match is a mix of a few good spots and plenty of bad spots. Highlight of the match is when Kate Carney and La Avispa are both stuck on a chair together on the outside and Su Yung does a cannonball from the ring apron on both of them. Lots of hard chops and kicks by Yung. The girls are working hard I have to say. Yung gets the win by spitting red mist into Kate Carney's face and then hitting her with a spinning Michinoku Driver. 

Before the third match begins, our unlicensed ref is back. So everything with him is good to go I guess!

3rd Match - Kid Khash (Rudo) vs. MVP (Tecnico) - First big name of the night. Very good reaction for MVP. Khash is billed from Iran and does the whole Iran is better than US routine. MVP says he should be mad at his barber for his haircut. Good back and forth match. Khash looks good against MVP.  MVP wins with a sick kick.

Intermission - MVP is near the sound system signing autographs and taking photos with anyone who wants one.

4th Match - Fatal Four Way For the Corazon de Oro Championship - Rey Fenix vs. Jeff Cobb vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Jonathan Gresham - No real tecnico or rudo here. Great lucha style match. Great action from all. Nice blend of Lucha mixed with some good Cobb big man spots.  Botched ending. Fenix had Gresham pinned but something happened and it all got screwed up. Ref counted to three but the bell did not ring. The guys continue on. Fenix ended up winning with his spinning sit down driver. He seemed to have hurt his left arm somehow during the botched pin attempt. 

5th Match - El Hijo De Santo &. Santo Jr (Tecnicos) vs. Juventud Guerrera & Psicosis (Rudos) - The rudos are playing it up to the crowd during the match. At one point Juvi tries to climb the corner but slips. It is a very mismash kind of match. New school rudos vs. old school tecnicos. A little rough around the edges. Crowd is split between both teams. The tecnicos with with dual cobra clutches.

6th Match - Rey Mysterio Jr vs. Jeff Hardy - Rey has a Kiss Demon style mask on. Great reactions for both guys. "Delete" and "619" chants are out in force. Good back and forth Match. Jeff busts out some team extreme taunts. Rey wins with a 619 then follows it up with a frog splash.  Post match Juvi and Psicosis run in and attack Rey and Jeff but they end up turning the tide. Rey hits a 619 on both followed up by a swanton by Jeff on both. Rey gets on the mic and thanks the crowd for coming, thanks Jeff for showing up and tells him it is one of his favorite matches.

Overall, the show was good but did suffer a bit because of the issues with the commission and some of the wrestlers. It was never explained what happened to them. The advertised but not on the shows talents were Sami Callahan, Jessicka Havok & Konnan.

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