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By Mike Johnson on 2016-10-11 09:35:00

As previously reported on, TNA is planning an episode of Impact Wrestling that will be filmed at the Hardy compound in Cameron, North Carolina as their final episode of the year featuring original content.  The episde will be titled "Total Nonstop Deletion" and is scheduled to be filmed the first week of November.

The episode is set up by a Matt Hardy promo where he invites tag teams from around "time and space" to compete in the main event of the episode, Tag Team Apocalypto.  We are told that this is going to be a Falls Count Anywhere on the compound match.  During the promo, Hardy invited "The Bucks of Youth", "The Express who Rocks and Rolls", "The Bulldogs who are British" and "The Days of The New."  The idea is that TNA will be bringing outside teams in for the match.  We have confirmed that Jeremy Borash and Matt Hardy have been contacting outside teams over the last few days to book them for the taping.

The episode will also feature the "in-ring debut" of King Maxel, the son of Matt and Reby Hardy as well as a planned "match" between Grado and Smoking Joe Frazier, the kangaroo that appeared before "Delete or Decay" with the story being that he is the reincarnation of boxing great Frazier.

Obviously, TNA will be presenting a completely different take on pro wrestling television with this episode, taking creative license that follows "Final Deletion", "Delete or Decay", etc.

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