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By Richard Trionfo on 2016-10-09 22:33:00

Match Number Three:  WWE Smackdown Tag Title Match:  Heath Slater and Rhyno versus Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso

Rhyno and Jimmy start things off.  They lock up and Rhyno pushes Jimmy away.  They lock up again and Rhyno with a wrist lock into a side head lock.  Rhyno with a shoulder tackle and he blocks a hip toss from Jimmy.  Rhyno with a chop and punches.  Slater tags in and they hit a double back elbow.  Slater with a forearm into the corner and he Irish whips Jimmy but Jimmy slides into the corner and hits an uppercut.  Jey tags in and he chops Slater.  Jey with a slam and he slams him again.  Jey with a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall.  Jey with a wrist lock and Jimmy tags in and he hits a running forearm into the corner.  Jimmy gets a near fall.

Jimmy with a reverse chin lock and he goes for a belly-to-back suplex but Slater lands on his feet and he tags in Rhyno.  Rhyno with a clothesline and elbow to Jimmy.  Rhyno with a chop to Jimmy but Jimmy with an Irish whip and Rhyno with a clothesline out of the corner.  Rhyno with a shoulder into the corner followed by a belly-to-belly suplex.  Rhyno sets for the GORE but Jey distracts Rhyno and Jimmy with a drop kick.  Jey tags in and hits a running butt splash for a near fall.  Jey kicks Rhyno and they start to work on the ribs and Jey gets a near fall.  Jimmy tags back in and he kicks Rhyno in the head and Jimmy gets a near fall.

Jimmy with a reverse chin lock but Rhyno with punches.  Jimmy pulls Rhyno down by the hair.  Jey tags in and Jimmy holds Rhyno down.  Jey with a baseball slide to the head.  Rhyno with punches but Jey with a series of punches that stagger Rhyno, but Rhyno wants more.  Rhyno finally goes down on the third punch but Jey can only get a near fall.  Jimmy tags in and he punches Rhyno.  Jimmy with an Irish whip but Rhyno with an uppercut.  Jimmy keeps Rhyno from making the tag but Rhyno with a spinebuster and both men are down.  Jey and Slater tag in and Slater with punches and a running knee.  Slater with a jumping leg lariat to Jimmy.  Slater with a neck breaker to Jey for a near fall.  Slater with a rollup for a near fall.

Jey with a pop up Samoan drop for a near fall.  Jimmy tags in and Rhyno pulls Jey out of the ring and runs him into the apron.  Jimmy with a baseball slide to Rhyno.  Jimmy with a punch to Slater and Jimmy goes up top.  Slater jumps up and hits a power slam from the turnbuckles for a near fall.  Jimmy with a super kick and Jey tags in and Jey with the Jumping kick to the leg and Jey with a Tequila Sunrise.  Rhyno with a GORE to Jimmy and a clothesline to Jey to get him to release the hold.  Rhyno tags in and he sets for the GORE and he hits it for the three count.

Winners:  Rhyno and Heath Slater

Bray Wyatt appears and he speaks in tongues.  He laughs at something as he rocks in his chair.  Bray hums "He's Got the Whole World in his Hands"

We see footage of Baron Corbin tapping out . . . or did he tap out against Jack Swagger on Smackdown.

Match Number Four:  Baron Corbin versus Jack Swagger

Corbin punches Swagger as the bell rings.  Corbin with forearms but Swagger with an Irish whip and Corbin slides to the floor.  Swagger with a clothesline and he clotheslines Corbin over the top rope to the floor.  Swagger sends Corbin into the ringside barrier and the announce table.  Corbin sends Swagger into the ring steps and Corbin kicks the ring steps when Swagger's hand was caught against the steps.  Corbin with a clothesline.

They return to the ring and Corbin wraps the injured hand in the ropes and he punches Swagger.  Corbin stands on the injured hand and he stomps on it.  Corbin manipulates the fingers.  Corbin with a forearm but Swagger with an elbow and punches.  Corbin with a kick to the leg and then Corbin with a shoulder tackle that sends Swagger into the turnbuckles.  Corbin gets a near fall.  Corbin continues to work on the fingers to make the hand injury worse.  Corbin with a forearm and Swagger sends Corbin into the ring post and both men are down.

Swagger punches Corbin but Corbin with a kick and punches.  Swagger with more punches.  Corbin with an Irish whip and he misses a splash.  Swagger with clotheslines in the corner and a belly-to-belly slam.  Swagger with a double jump Swagger Bomb and he gets a near fall.  Swagger goes for the ankle lock but he cannot grab the ankle.  Corbin kicks Swagger in the hand and hits Deep Six for a near fall.  Corbin and the referee discuss how to count to three.  Corbin with a running punch.  Corbin tells Jack to get up and Swagger with a clothesline for a near fall.  

Corbin gets his boot up but Swagger grabs it and he applies the ankle lock.  Corbin tries to grab the ropes but Swagger pulls him into the center of the ring.  Corbin gets to the ring skirt and Swagger is told to release the hold.  Corbin with a thumb to the eye when the referee was not looking and Corbin with End of Days for the three count.

Winner:  Baron Corbin

Dolph Ziggler walks in the back.

Match Number Five: WWE Intercontinental Title Match:  Miz (with Maryse) versus Dolph Ziggler [If Dolph Ziggler loses, his WWE career is over]

Ziggler goes for the leg but Miz gets to the ropes.  Ziggler goes for a super kick but Miz avoids it.  Ziggler with a clothesline for a near fall.  Miz catapults Ziggler over the top rope to the floor and Ziggler with a drop kick and a Mick Foley clothesline.  Ziggler with a clothesline when they get back into the ring.  Miz sends Ziggler sterum first into the turnbuckles.  Miz with punches to Ziggler and he chokes him in the ropes.  Miz with a running splash to the back.

Miz with a double under hook but Ziggler escapes.  Miz with a clothesline.  Miz gets a near fall.  Miz punches and stomps on Ziggler's chest.  Miz with a catapult into the bottom rope.  Miz goes for a surfboard and he mocks Bryan and drives the knees into the mat.  Ziggler gets back to his feet and he kicks Miz in the knee.  Ziggler has a super kick blocked.  Miz with Reality Check for a near fall.  

Miz sets for the running drop kick into the corner and he hits it.  Miz hits two more running drop kicks into the corner.  Ziggler with a drop kick as Miz runs across the ring.  Ziggler with two flying clotheslines followed by a splash in the corner, a neck breaker, and a leaping elbow drop for a near fall.  Miz counters a Fameasser attempt and tries for a power bomb but Ziggler with a sunset flip for a near fall.  Miz uses the ropes for extra leverage so the referee stops his count.  Miz misses a charge into the corner and Ziggler with a rollup.  Miz with a counter for a near fall.  Ziggler goes for the hesitation DDT but Miz blocks it and then he kicks Ziggler in the knee and hits a DDT for a near fall.  

Miz with a knee to the hamstring as he sets for the figure four leg lock.  Ziggler kicks Miz away.  Ziggler has a kick blocked and Miz puts the leg in the ropes and kicks it.  Miz with a drop kick and then he goes for a figure four leg lock, but Ziggler counters with an inside cradle and a near fall.  Miz with an Awesome Clothesline and Miz goes up top.  Ziggler hits the ropes and it crotches Miz.  Miz goes for a sunset flip power bomb but Ziggler blocks it.  Ziggler counters the slingshot power bomb into a sunset flip but Miz is able to lock in a figure four leg lock.  Miz gets a near fall but Ziggler gets to the ropes.

Maryse gets on the apron and Miz exposes the turnbuckle.  Ziggler with a Rough Ryder for a near fall.  Ziggler sets for the Zig Zag but Miz holds on to the ropes and Miz sends Ziggler into the exposed turnbuckle.  Miz with a slingshot power bomb for a near fall.  Miz kicks Ziggler.  Miz winds up for the round house kick and Ziggler ducks and hits a Zig Zag but Miz kicks out.  Miz blocks a super kick and Ziggler with a rollup out of a Skull Crushing Finale.  Ziggler with a sleeper and Miz is losing consciousness.  Miz reaches for the ropes and he gets to them in full desperation.

Maryse sprays Ziggler and Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale but Ziggler is able to get his foot on the rope to stop the count.  Miz punches Ziggler and the referee warns Miz.  Ziggler removes the boot and Miz punches Ziggler.  Ziggler with a super kick and Maryse signals to the back.

Kenny and Mikey come to ringside and Ziggler super kicks Mikey.  Miz with a Skull Crushing Finale but Ziggler kicks out.  The referee sends Mikey, Kenny, and Maryse to the back.  Ziggler with a super kick and he gets the three count.

Winner:  Dolph Ziggler

Randy Orton is in the back and he looks into the mirror and his face morphs and Orton is not sure what he just saw.

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