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By Mike Johnson on 2016-10-06 12:35:00

WCPW Women's champion Nixon Newell vs. Kimber Lee

They locked up and exchanged holds.  Newell was able to escape a hammerlock, switch her around and cinch in her on.  Lee was taken down to the mat.  She was caught in a backslide for a two count.  Lee nailed a series of armdrags.  Jim Ross said they would make Ricky Steamboat proud.  Lee nailed a standing vertical suplex for a two count.

Lee began drilling Newell with kicks in the back of the legs.  Lee was taken down and drilled with a knee to the head.   Newell drilled her with more kicks and used a Mafia Kick to the head for another two count.  Newell shushed the crowd and chopped Lee hard, smiling at the crowd's reaction.  Lee fired back with a series of chops and a superkick for a two count.   Newell cut her off with a pair of kicks and a shining wizard for a two count.

Lee slipped behind Newell and nailed a big German suplex.  Lee celebrated but Newell jumped up and nailed one of her own.  They drilled each other with strikes at the same time and both went down.  The crowd counted along with the referee as the competitors struggled to get to their knees before battled back and forth.  Cornette quipped that he'd like to be one a date with one of them if someone attacked him with a knife.   

Lee rebounded off the ropes and was drilled.  Newell dropped down with a jawbreaker.  She went for a Canadian Destroyer but couldn't get the rotation and instead used a sunset flip.  Newell used a double arm suplex that looked RUDE and EVIL for the pin.

 Your winner and still WCPW Women's champion Nixon Newell!

Match was pretty good but things went awry at the finish.

Lee attacked Newell and then grabbed a chair, attacking Newell with it.  Lee played to the crowd, flipped them off and left the ring.

They announced that Matt Hardy was coming to the promotion in November.

Someone named Jack the Jobber came to the ring and gave Socal Val flowers.  He was wearing a shirt that saids Pacitti Club.  He asked her out.  She said that he was a boy and she likes a real man who likes to take control.  Music began playing and a big guy named Primate came out and speared the kid....brutally.  A woman checked on the guy and Primate grabbed her and locked her in the Tazmission.  Security hit the ring and held him in the corner.  He shoved all of them down and began laying waste to them.

WCPW champion Joseph Conners vs. Martin Kirby.

The crowd chanted for "Kirby" at the onset.    They shoved each other back and forth trying to get the advantage.  Conners drilled Kirby with a big knee.  Conners was sent over the top to the floor and looked like he had seen a ghost.

Kurt Angle vs. "Local Hero" Joe Hendry.

Angle looked healthier than he did when I last saw him wrestling for TNA.

Hendry came out to a parody of Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA" where the lyrics ripped Kurt Angle and the chorus was "Not as Good as Joe Hendry."

They locked up and ended up in the corner.  Angle broke clean.  They locked up several times, testing each other.  Lots of dueling chants.  Hendry grabbed him in a front facelock but Angle pushed back back into the ropes to break the move.  Angle took control and scored several slams for a two count, then cinched in a side chinlock.

Angle controlled the match and flipped Hendry over with a backdrop.   Angle scored several two counts.  Angle went for a clothesline but Hendry drilled him.  He nailed another series of clotheslines and turned Angle over into a  DDT for a two count.  Angle made a comeback and scored with a series of German suplexes, garnering a two count.

Angle was able to go for the anklelock but Hendry was able to escape and nailed Kurt with the Angleslam for a two count.  They went back and forth until Hendry locked in the anklelock.   Angle was able to roll through and counter it.  He scissored the leg and trapped, Hendry had no choice but to finally tap out.

Your winner, Kurt Angle!

Good back and forth match.  Hendry, for someone only wrestling for three years, looked very good.  You can see he's going to be one of those names that break out in the next generation.  It was the greatest hits for Angle but he looked good, not sluggish like he had towards the end of the TNA run.  

Angle raised Hendry's arm after the match.  He thanked the fans in Newcastle and said he's been all over the world and has wrestled the best.  He said Hendry pushed him beyond his limit and there's a huge future for him.  He said that he can't wait to see what Hendry does with his career.

Jim Ross said that a star was born tonight in Joe Hendry.

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