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By Richard Trionfo on 2016-10-03 23:01:00

We are in Los Angeles, California and your announcers are Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton.

Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring.

Roman says his bloodline has been represented in the WWE for a long time, but they never had anyone win the United States Championship . . . until now.  That is because he is THE GUY.  He comes out here and he represents his family on a nightly basis.

Lana's music plays and she makes her way onto the stage and then she walks to the ring.

Lana tells Roman she came out here to talk to him, but her husband does not know.

Roman says they are in LA and there are cameras everywhere.  He says Rusev knows where she is because she is the only woman who would talk to him.

Lana says they are negotiating tonight.  She says her husband is challenging Roman to a match for the United States Championship.

Roman says it sounds like Rusev sent her out to do his dirty work while he hides behind her skirt.

Lana says Rusev is her family.  She says that Roman does not know about family and he has zero respect.  You came out and tried to destroy her wedding celebration.  She tells Roman to wipe the smile off his face and she calls him a stupid boy.  Lana says this is not funny and this is not a joke.  Lana says she will embarrass Roman and win the title back.

Roman says Lana needs to relax.  He tells her to go to the back and deliver to her husband his Bulgarian balls and tell him to come out and say it to his face.

Lana tells Roman to go to hell.

Rusev's music plays and they battle in the aisle.  Rusev and Roman run each other into the ringside barrier while they exchange punches.  Roman sends Rusev into the ring and Roman sets for the Superman punch but Rusev catches Roman and runs him into the turnbuckles.  Rusev with punches and knees.  Rusev misses the jumping thrust kick and Roman with a punch.  Rusev goes to the floor and Roman goes for the Superman punch off the ring steps and Rusev connects with a round kick.  Rusev sends Roman into the ring steps and then he kicks Roman into the crowd.

Rusev grabs the United States Title Belt.

Rusev goes up the ramp to the back and Reigns comes out and hits a Superman punch.

Roman tells Lana if she wants him to go to hell, he is taking them both with him.  The rematch will take place inside Hell in a Cell.

TJ Perkins says he sacrificed everything for this business.  He mentions he was homeless for a period of time.  He says this was all he had.  We see Perkins retaining the Cruiserweight Title at Clash of Champions.  We also see the post match attack by Kendrick.

Kendrick asks if TJ has sacrificed more than he has.  We see Kendrick confronting Perkins last week on Raw.  

We go to commercial.

Match Number One:  TJ Perkins versus Brian Kendrick in a Non Title Match

Perkins reluctantly shakes Kendrick's hand and then he drop kicks Kendrick and teaches a dive to the floor but stays in the ring.  Perkins with a back body drop and European uppercut.  Perkins with a springboard cross body and punches.  Perkins hangs in the ropes and Kendrick charges and he goes to the floor when Perkins moves.  Perkins with a baseball slide and he skins the cat when Kendrick charges and Kendrick goes into the apron.  Perkins with a slingshot corkscrew pescado.  Perkins misses a swanton and runs into a super kick.

Kendrick pulls off the wrap on the turnbuckle and puts Perkins' hand in the turnbuckle and Kendrick stands on the hand before hitting a neck breaker while Perkins' hand is still in the turnbuckle.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Kendrick moves when Perkins runs into the corner.  Perkins with a rana and both men are down.  Perkins with a reverse atomic drop and a jumping round kick.  Perkins with another head scissors followed by a gutbuster onto the knees and Perkins with a knee bar but Kendrick gets to the ropes.  Kendrick with a kick and flatline into the turnbuckles.  Kendrick with Sliced Bread #2 but Perkins is able to kick out.  Kendrick with the Bully Choke.  Kendrick tries to roll back into the center of the ring when Perkins gets close to the ropes and Perkins with a near fall on a rollup.

Perkins with a kick followed by a drop toe hold and a slingshot drop kick.  Kendrick with a rake of the eyes and Perkins applies the Bully Choke again.  Perkins has to tap out.

Winner:  Brian Kendrick

We go to commercial.

We are back and we take a look at an interview taped earlier with Seth Rollins.   Seth is asked about the ribs and he says he was cleared to wrestle, but they told him to rest.  He was told not to be at Raw, but he is here.  Cole is interrupted and Seth says Kevin Owens may have won the match, but he was handed the title by Triple H.  He deserves a rematch after what happened at Clash of Champions.

Cole brings up that people compare Owens' rise to Seth's.  Seth says he has alienated a lot of people in the locker room.  They have both had success but Kevin does half the work and gets the promotion.  He is the teacher's pet.  Triple H handed Kevin the Universal Title.  He was not handed anything when he cashed in the briefcase at Wrestlemania.  Everyone has a Kevin Owens in their lives, but he has THE Kevin Owens in his life.

Cole asks Seth about being replaced by Kevin Owens in the friendship with Triple H.  Seth says you cannot replace Seth Rollins.  Kevin is a cog in the machine.  Seth says his eyes are wide open and he sees things differently.  He will destroy that machine piece by piece.  It starts with Kevin Owens and the Universal title.  Cole asks how things will occur if he gets his title match.  Seth says he had Kevin beaten but then the referee gets knocked out.  Stephanie takes her time bringing a referee to the ring.  The forces are against him.  Things will play out with Seth Rollins canceling the Kevin Owens Show.  He will prove to the world that he is the man.

We are back and Byron Saxton is with Braun's opponent and he wants to know why he accepted this match.  Chase Silver says he just moved from Idaho and your dreams can come true here.  Chase says he had a dream he beat Braun Strowman

Match Number Two:  Braun Strowman versus Chase Silver

Silver with a kick and punches but Strowman with a shoulder tackle.  Silver hits Strowman from behind and Strowman kicks Silver across the ring.  Strowman with a splash into the corner followed by another splash in the corner.  Strowman with a running shoulder tackle that sends Silver across the ring.  Strowman picks up Silver and hits a power slam for the three count.

Winner:  Braun Strowman

After the match, Byron Saxton asks Braun what is next.

Strowman says he is the gift of destruction and you are wasting his talent on weak fools week in and week out.  He tells Byron to tell Foley he wants competition next week or there might not be a next week.

Sasha Banks is stretching in the back and Bayley stops by.  Bayley says she cannot believe that Sasha and Charlotte are in the main event tonight.  It is Trish and Lita territory.

Sasha says it is more about the main event.  It is about winning back her title.  She says if she listened to the critics, she would not be in LA and she would not have a chance at being a two time champion.

Bayley says she cannot think of a more deserving person for the spotlight than Sasha.

Sasha says she will earn her place in history by winning the title tonight.

We go to commercial.

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