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By Mike Johnson on 2016-10-02 19:26:00

Jeremy Borash interviewed TNA champion Bobby Lashley. 

TNA Knockouts champion Maria Kanellis-Bennett (with Allie) vs. Gail Kim

Maria came out and said she had her really bad news.  She met with her doctor and she is not cleared.  Allie tried to help by saying she had good news and that was Maria misunderstood and her doctor had actually cleared her.  Maria was furious at her and said she was not going to get in the ring.  Kim chased her around the ring and was racing for her life like she was Charlie Brown.  She shoved Allie into Kim in order to nail Kim.

In the ring, Maria worked over Gail and tossed her into the buckles.  Maria took off her wrist brace.  Maria slammed Gail to the mat by her hair and scored a two count.  Maria drilled her with a clothesline.  Maria continued to work her over.  Mike Bennett came out and tossed the brace to Maria who clobbered Gail with it for a two count.

Allie ended up with the braced and didn't want to give it to Maria.  She finally tossed it but it landed with Kim, who offered to Maria and then tossed it out of the ring.  Kim unloaded on Maria and beat her down.  Kim locked on the ringpost figure four.  Kim gave Maria the finger, slapped her and nailed Eat Defeat for the pin.

Your winner and new TNA Knockouts champion Gail Kim!

Match was exactly what it should have been to further the Maria-Allie storyline but if you were looking for a good technical match, well, that wasn't going to happen.  Kim and Maria had as good as a match as their characters should allow.  I was actually surprised they didn't have a spot where Robert Irvine punched Mike Bennett.

Bennett cut a promo saying this is not how tonight is supposed to go and said he was going to do what should have been done a long time ago.  He said he was going to shut down Bound for Glory and no one could stop him.  Out came Cody and Brandi Rhodes.  The announcers never said "Rhodes" in conjunction with Cody, only Brandi.

They got in the ring and faced off with Bennett and Maria.  Maria slapped Brandi but was nailed with a big knee.  Bennett and Cody brawled.  Cody nailed the Beautiful Disaster and ran off Bennett.  Cody and Brandi celebrated like Randy Savage and Elizabeth and kissed.  They looked really happy.

TNA champion Bobby Lashley vs. EC3: No Holds Barred

Lashley speared EC3 during the ring introductions, then made Jeremy Borash introduce him.   EC3 climbed back into the ring and was beaten down by Lashley.  Lashley sent him over the top back to the floor.     Lashley worked over EC3 who fired back with chops.  Lashley cut him off with a suplex for a two count.  Lashley went for a powerbomb but EC3 slipped out and nailed a clothesline.

Lashley was clotheslined over the top to the floor.  EC3 went for a dive but Lashley was sort of bent over.  EC3 came down on him.  He worked over Lashley on the floor with some stiff chops and sent him into the ring steps.   Lashley made a comeback and worked over  EC3 on the ramp.   He snapped EC3 over and tossed him up the ramp.

They returned to the ring, where Lashley worked over EC3 and really took it to him with some physical shots.  EC3 finally nailed a dropkick and a leaping clothesline.  He tossed Lashley and nailed a kneelift.    Lashley nailed a spear for a two count.  They went back and forth.  Lashley nailed an over the shoulder powerslam for another two count. 

Lashley grabbed his title belt but missed when he swung it.  EC3 nailed him with the TK3.    They went back and forth.  Lashley took a hard shot that the announcers claimed might have swelled his eye.  EC3 surprised Lashley with a spear.    Lashley rolled outside.  EC3 gave him the TK3 on the stairs and Lashley took it awkwardly.

EC3 nailed a frog splash off the top but Lashley kicked up.  EC3 missed a Stinger Splash in the corner.  Lashley speared him but EC3 kicked up.  Lashley drilled him with a chair across the back several times.  He kept beating EC3 across the back with it.   Lashley nailed a big Uranage and cinched him in a choke.  EC3 fought his way out and nailed a series of elbows and forearms to break it.  He nailed a series of clotheslines and a German suplex.  He rolled through and nailed another.  EC3 nailed a third.

EC3 nailed the One Percenter but Lashley kicked up.  EC3 tried for a One Percenter off the top but was shoved off.  Lashley nailed a spear off the ropes and scored the pin.

Your winner and still TNA champion, Bobby Lashley!

Good physical match but it was obvious the crowd had peaked with the Hardys a few matches before and honestly, The Great War should have main evented the PPV.  That was a strategic mistake.  I thought they both looked pretty damn good at times and Lashley is really underrated as a talent right now.  I wouldn't be shocked to hear Lashley got banged up here as towards the end, he seemed a little out on his feet and there were a few awkward moments.  The crowd was really into EC3 as the babyface was got behind his comebacks.  There were a few moments where they didn't hit everything perfectly but in a real life competition, that wouldn't happen 100% of the time either.

All things considered, a pretty good PPV. 

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