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By Mike Johnson on 2016-09-27 12:41:00

Since everyone has been asking about their status since debuting on Raw last night, WWE has not signed Tony Nese and Drew Gulak.  The pair were booked for Raw and will be booked for additional appearances by the company, but as of now, are not being signed.  Since the two are signed to EVOLVE, there's no danger of them appearing on Raw and then jumping to say TNA the following week.  EVOLVE's deal include a clause that talents can get out of their contracts for WWE deals but anything else, EVOLVE would have to grant a release.  So, it's something of a by-product of the EVOLVE/WWE relationship.  There's been interest in Gulak coming to the Performance Center as WWE is high on him as a trainer as well based on what they have seen of him running WWNLive seminars.

With Johnny Gargano's exit giving him quite the rub, it's obvious that Ethan Page  is really stepping up in a big way  His latest promo is really damn good.  He reminds me of Jimmy Jacobs from the ROH era of Jacobs' career in that he is always trying something new to give himself a different dimension and is really creative in doing so.:

Page will be challenging EVOLVE champ Timothy Thatcher at the 10/15 EVOLVE event in Orlando, Florida.

Gabe Sapolsky was interviewed by Rolling Stone about how WWE has embraced the independents over the last few years at this link.


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