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By Mike Johnson on 2016-09-25 20:43:00

WWE Women's champion Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks vs. Bayley

I have to admit, every time I see Bayley's entrance on the main roster, it really makes me smile.

Lots of frenzied action and some near falls early until all three tried to nail a dropkick at the same time before facing off.  Banks has her ribs taped.  Bayley was taken out with a double clothesline but Sasha then nailed Charlotte.  Banks went for a tiltowhirl backbreaker but it was blocked and Charlotte nailed a neckbreaker.  Charlotte went to the top for a moonsault but was nailed and tied to the tree of woe.  Banks nailed a running knee strike.  Bayley nailed Banks and hit Charlotte with an elbow as she was still hung upside down for a two count.

Banks tried to toss Bayley to the outside but Bayley hung on and nailed her with a shoulderblock.  Dana Brooke nailed Bayley from behind and drilled her on the floor.  Charlotte attacked Banks and began working over her back.  Charlotte locked on a surfboard.  She ripped the tape off Banks' back and then used the ringpost to continue to assault her back.  Bayley returned to the fray but was quickly kicked back down by the champion.

Banks tried to fight back and finally nailed a spinning headscissors takedown.  Banks nailed a series of forearms and clotheslines.  She caught an attempted kick and nailed a knee to the face.  She went for the backstabber but Charlotte drilled her.  Bayley returned with a big flying bodypress on both.  Bayley worked over both with shoulders to the mid-section of each in opposite corners.  Banks scored against each and nailed a double decker knee on Bayley and Charlotte, with Charlotte sliding out of the way at the last second.

Banks covered Bayley but Charlotte pulled her out of the ring.  Banks fired back with forearms on Charlotte and even Brooks on the floor.  Charlotte cut her off with a backbreaker.  Charlotte went for the figure eight but was kicked off...and right into a Bayley to Belly.  Charlotte was covered but Sasha interfered and scored her own two count.  All three of them ended up on their knees battling each other with the challengers finally working over the champion at the same time.

Bayley was sent rudely into the buckles.  Banks unloaded hard on Charlotte with rapid-fire chops.  Charlotte was set up for a superplex only to fight it off and sent Banks down hard.  Bayley tried to get involved and she and Charlotte crashed into the ropes.  Charlotte nailed a moonsault on them both at the same time but Banks kicked out when she tried to score a pinfall.  Bayley also kicked out.  Charlotte nailed Natural Selection on Bayley but Banks grabbed her in the Bank Statement.  Brooks pulled her out of the ring.

Bayley and Banks scored near falls on each other.  Charlotte returned but was nailed with the Backstabber into the Bank Statement by Banks.  Brooks tried to get involved but Banks kicked her away.  Bayley broke it up.  Banks went for the Bank Statement on Bayley but Charlotte drilled her with a big kick.  Banks was sent to the floor and then sent into the barricade.   Charlotte returned to the ring but was caught with an inside cradle by Bayley for a two count.

In the end, Charlotte kicked Bayley into Banks, who was knocked off the apron to the floor then drilled Bayley with Natural Selection and scored the pin.

Your winner and still WWE Raw Women's champion, Charlotte!

They noted Charlotte is 12-0 in title matches on PPV.

A very good match with some cool exchanges and near falls.

WWE United States champion Rusev with Lana vs. Roman Reigns

Rusev muscled Reigns to corner and Reigns returned the favor.  Roman nailed him and sent him to the floor.  Rusev tried to charge back in but was nailed and sent back to the floor.  He walked around outside to try and curb Reigns' early momentum.  They circled each other and slugged it out.   Reigns nailed a big right hand but was caught with a spinkick for a two count.

Rusev worked over Reigns with a series of right hands.   Rusev drilled him with a kick to the mid-section as Reigns was on all fours, then choked him against the ropes.  He whipped Roman hard into the buckles.   Rusev continued to work over Reigns' ribs and mid-section with knee strikes and punches but Reigns came back with a big right hand.  He tried to mount a comeback and nailed a big clothesline.

They battled to the floor.  There was a big "CM Punk" chant.  Rusev sent Reigns into the stairs.  Reigns was brought back to the ring and was worked over.  He tried to power up but was nailed in the ribs and drilled with a headbutt.   Rusev nailed a big kick but missed a leaping headbutt when Roman rolled out of the way.  Roman nailed a Samoan Drop for a two count. 

They once again battled to the floor, where Rusev was driven backwards into the barricade and then sent into the steel ring steps.  Roman set up for the Superman Punch but Rusev nailed him.  They fired back and forth with punches.  Rusev snapped him off the ropes and rolled up Roman for a two count.  He leapt up with a kick for another two count on Reigns.  Solid match so far.

Rusev charged Reigns but was nailed with the Superman Punch for a two count.  Roman set up the spear but Lana got on the apron.  That allowed Rusev to nail the distracted Reigns with another kick but Roman kicked off.  Rusev was extremely frustrated.  He went to set up for the Accolade but Reigns slipped out and scored the spear.  He covered Rusev but Lana pulled the referee out of the ring.  She was trying to get a DQ but he instead threw Lana out of ringside and allowed the match to continue.

Reigns rolled up the champ for a two count and sent him to the floor.  Rusev nailed the Driveby dropkick on the apron and then nailed one onto the announcers' table.  Rusev was tossed back into the ring but caught Reigns with a kick for a two count.  He cinched in the Accolade.  Reigns fought and got to his feet.  Rusev raked his eyes but Roman still speared him and scored the pin.

Your winner and new WWE United States champ, Roman Reigns!

Good match with a solid back and forth heel vs. babyface story.

Backstage, a pissed off Seth Rollins told Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon that they bet against the wrong guy and told Steph to go tell her husband that as well.

The next Raw PPV will be the 10/30 Hell in A Cell PPV in Boston, MA.

WWE Universal champion Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins

Owens right to the floor at the bell to try and get inside Rollins' head.  Seth went to the floor so Owens returned to the ring and challenged him to fight.  Owens caught him with a right and tried to whip Rollins into the barricade but it was reversed.   Rollins stomped him in the corner.   Seth came off the apron with a leaping knee to the face.  Rollins scored a two count.

Rollins scored several two counts and nailed a Blockbuster off the ropes for another two count.  Owens rolled to the outside apron and nailed Rollins.  Seth went for a pedigree but backdropped Owens to the apron.  Owens drilled him with a kick to the back of his knee and nailed a DDT for a two count.  Rollins began limping and the announcers pointed out that he had undergone reconstructive surgery on the knee.  Owens began working on Rollins, telling him Raw was his show.  Rollins fired back with punches and they each peppered the other.

Owens continued to go after Rollins' knee.  He backdropped Rollins over the top to the floor.   Owens nailed the Cactus Elbow off the apron.  Rollins made his way back to the ring but was snapmared over and hit with a back senton splash for another two count.   Owens cinched in a side chinlock, wearing down the challenger.  Owens was great at verbally tearing down Rollins and putting himself over.  Rollins fired out but the crowd wasn't responding like he was a big babyface.

Owens whipped Rollins hard into the buckles.  He sent Seth into the buckles again.   Rollins made a comeback and drilled Owens in the corner.  He slammed Owens into the  buckles and drilled him over his knees for a two count.  Rollins dropkicked Owens out of the ring and then sent him into the barricade.  Rollins set up the Spanish Announcing Table. 

 Owens and Rollins returned to the ring and went back and forth with reversals until Rollins nailed a superkick for a two count.  He went for a Pedigree but Owens slipped out and drilled him in the knee.  Owens nailed a cannonball in the corner for a two count.    Owens went for the package piledriver but Rollins slipped out.   he nailed a big knee.  Owens nailed a kick but Rollins caught him with an enziguiri and they both went down.

Owens sent him into the corner but missed the cannonball.    Rollins was caught with a series of knees for a two count.  They battled to the top.  Owens came off the top with a gutbuster but Rollins appeared to take it across his side.  It looked brutal.  Owens followed up with a frog splash for a two count.  Rollins went to the floor and was clutching at his ribs.

Owens brought him over to the exposed announcers' table and placed him across it.  Owens stepped atop the other announcers' table.  He went to do a back senton splash through Rollins but Seth rolled out of the way and Owens crashed through.   Rollins tossed him and came off the top with a flying knee.  He ascended to the top again and nailed a frog splash but Owens was able to get his shoulder up before the three count.

Chris Jericho came out and distracted Seth, allowing Owens to nail Rollins in the ribs and cover him for a two count.  Jericho was on the apron trying to direct traffic but Owens was sent into him.  Rollins nailed the Pedigree but Jericho placed Owens' leg atop the bottom rope to force a break.  Rollins chased Jericho around the ring but was caught by Owens.  Owens went for the Popup powerbomb but Rollins leapfrogged out of it, wiping out the referee.  Rollins nailed the Pedigree but there was no referee.

Rollins tried to rouse the referee but Jericho attacked him from behind and worked him over.   Rollins was able to backdrop him over the top to the floor.  Rollins nailed a dive to the outside on Jericho, then Owens.   Rollins tossed Owens back into the ring and tried to once again wake the referee.  Stephanie McMahon finally sent a second official into the ring.

Rollins returned to the ring but was caught in a Popup powerbomb and pinned. 

Your winner and still WWE Universal champion, Kevin Owens!


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