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By Mike Johnson on 2016-09-11 22:40:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of the 2016 WWE Backlash PPV from Richmond, Virginia!

Backlash PPV Kickoff Show

The Kickoff panel is Renee Young, Lita, Booker T and Jerry Lawler.  They talked about the history being made with two new championships being created today and the long history of the Richmond Coliseum.

Tom Phillips is in the Social Media Lounge and will have a Q&A later with Rhyno and Heath Slater. 

They went to a video feature on The Miz defending the Intercontinental championship against Dolph Ziggler.  The panel discussed Ziggler's issues with not winning the big one.  They agreed it's inside his head and he has the ability to go all the way.  Lawler buried Ziggler by saying Ziggler lost to him four years ago right before Lawler had a heart attack and said Dolph couldn't beat him when Lawler had one foot in the grave and the other on a bandana peel.  The entire panel picked Miz.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan was trying to tell Apollo Crews he needed to loosen up as a performer in the ring when Baron Corbin showed up, insulted Crews and told Bryan to stop wasting his time with all the losers when Baron was the star of Smackdown.  Crews said he was free tonight to kick Corbin's ass, so Bryan made a match for the Kickoff show.

They aired a video for Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt, playing up they would face off tonight.  We will see how they get out of that.  The panel was split on who would win.

They discussed the Tag Team championship tournament tonight.  Tom Phillips interviewed Heath Slater and Rhyno.  Slater was asked what would happen if it loses.  Slater said he wasn't going to lose because he wouldn't get to make history and feed his kids and get a contract.  Rhyno said if they win, no community pool for his kids.  Slater was asked how his kids helped Slater prepare.  Rhyno pointed out how his son Roscoe keeps stealing the car.  Slater said he admits it helps his with cardio but then they realized they were on live TV and shouldn't be talking about that.   They were asked how they would celebrate if they win.  Slater said he was going to scream atop of his lungs.  Rhyno said he would celebrate by making a list of opponents they could beat up on.  They could take the kids to Golden Corral and Dollywood.  They joked their team name would be Beauty and the Man-Beast with Rhyno being the Beauty.

They aired a video feature on the crowning of the first WWE Smackdown Women's champion.    Alexa Bliss joined the panel.  She said she felt like a champion tonight.  She said that whatever you are willing to do to win the fight that will determine who wins.  She said that she may have the least experience but she's exactly the talent that the New Era was designed to spotlight.    Bliss said that she has a plan, but she's not going to reveal it.  She said she's not leaving the ring without the championship.   She said their time was up and she had a match to get ready for and walked off.

Baron Corbin vs. Apollo Crews

They locked up and Corbin used his strength to shove off Crews.  They locked up again and this time Corbin shoulderblocked him down.  Crews was able to use his speed and nailed a dropkick.  He charged Corbin in the corner and something went wrong.  He was knocked away.  He charged again but Corbin sent him to the outside and then knocked him off the apron as they went to a plug for the CWC finale.

Corbin worked over Apollo for a long time before Crews nailed a running knee to stun him.    Crews nailed a nice standing moonsault after an enziguiri for a two count.   Corbin caught him with a STO  for another two count.  Corbin missed a charge into the corner and was nailed with an Olympic Slam for a two count.   JBL said a certain gold medalist did that pretty well too.  Corbin caught him with a Deep Six for another two count. 

They continued back and forth until Crews was caught with the End of Days and pinned.

Your winner, Baron Corbin!

It took a bit to get going, but a pretty solid, fun match by the end.

They aired an interview with Renee Young with Nickelodeon star Jagger Eaton to promote his series.

The panel discussed the WWE World championship match between Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles  They went to a video feature on it.

WWE Backlash PPV

The show opened with a remembrance of 9/11.

They then went into a video feature on all the top matches before a lot of pyro for the opening.

"Survivor" star Jonny Fairplay is in the front row.

Out came Smackdown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon.    Daniel Bryan then made his way to the ring.   They welcomed everyone to the PPV.   They thanked everyone for their support and said they were going to give the Red team all they could handle.  Bryan plugged tonight's title defenses and that they would crown the first ever Smackdown Tag Team champions.  They said they were going to kick off with the Women's championship right now.

Elimination bout to crown first WWE Smackdown Women's championship: Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Nikki Bella vs. Natalya vs. Naomi vs. Carmella

All six began battling at the bell.  It settled down to Becky and Naomi.  Lynch nailed a series of deep armdrags and cinched in the armbar.  They went back and forth.  Naomi nailed a series of kicks on Lynch.  She charged her but was sent over the top to the floor.  Lynch ascended the ropes but Carmella nailed her.  They battled in the corner.  Carmella hit a handstand into a rana off the ropes, which looked nice.

Nikki returned to the ring and faced off with Carmella but Lynch and Natalya attacked them before they could throw down.  Bliss drilled Bella with a double knee strike for a two count.  Bella nailed a bodypress off the ropes for a two count.  Bliss nailed a sunset flip powerbomb for a two count.  Natalya cut her off with a dropkick and nailed a legdrop for a two count. 

Lynch returned to the fray to nail a series of flying forearms.  Natalya was caught with a sit-down full nelson bomb by Naomi, who then locked on a cattle mutiliation.  Carmella caught Naomi with a big kick but was speared by Bella.  Carmella drilled her with a right and tried to lock in the Code of Silence.  Bella turned it into an Alabama Slam for a two count in a nice sequence.  Bella placed Carmella on the buckles.  She attempted a superplex but Natalya slipped under with a powerbomb in a Tower of Doom spot.

Bliss tried to pick the bones and covered each of them for near falls, but they each kicked up.  Bliss began beating on Carmella and complained about the referee's count.   Becky grabbed her and went for the Disarmher but was sent into the corner.  Bliss nailed a sunset flip bomb for a two count.   Carmella hit the ring and nailed a series of forearms, sending Bliss to the outside.  Bella knocked her through the ropes and teased a dive but Carmella cut her off  Naomi returned and sent Carmella to the floor.  Naomi nailed a big springboard dive to the outside that looked great on everyone.

Bliss stomped the hell out of Natalya in the coner and rained down with punches.  Natalya went for a running Ligerbomb but Bliss held on Naomi came off the top and nailed a Blockbuster and Bliss was pinned.

Alexa Bliss has been eliminated.  Five competitors left.

Naomi used headscissors to send Natalya to the outside.  Naomi battled Bella but was nailed with a big forearm as she came off the ropes.  Natalya locked her in a Sharpshooter and Naomi tapped.

Naomi eliminated.  Four competitors left.

Carmella and Natalya cornered Bella.  Natalya turned on Carmella before they could do anything, but Bella nailed Natalya.  Bella nailed a backbreaker to pin Natalya.  Carmella rolled up Bella and hooked the rights, scoring the pin.  Carmella shoved her but Bella drilled her.

Bella and Natalya eliminated.  Two competitors left.

Carmella was losing it over Bella nailing her.  She began beating Lynch, smashing her head into the mat.  Lynch came to life and nailed a series of exploders.  Lynch charged but was kicked down by Carmella.  Carmella kicked away at her and went to grab her but Lynch snatched her and locked her in the Disarmher.  Carmella tapped.

Your winner and first WWE Smackdown Women's champion Becky Lynch!

Really, really good match with some insane athletic and frenzied action early on.  They were all working their asses off here.  The Bella Carmella story was advanced and everyone looked good.  Bliss had a nive spotlight on her early.  Lynch came back to get the win and Carmella showed some really good work as a heel.  Naomi's athleticism was showcased and Natalya looked good.  Good stuff all around.

Lynch was interviewed after and thanked everyone for their support.  She said that every time people sing her song and hug and bring signs, they push her.  She called herself Becky Balboa and said she didn't even know how to put the title on her shoulder yet.  She seemed legitimately thrilled.

They aired a commercial for Clash of Champions in two weeks.

Backstage, WWE Intercontinental champ The Miz was walking backstage when he came across Jagger Eaton's dressing room.  Miz was upset Eaton had a locker room.  He acted as if he didn't know who Eaton was.  Eaton said they met at a previous Nickelodeon event and he complimented Miz's work in the Marine movies, so Miz invited him here.  Miz said that he was great in those movies.  Eaton apologized for taking the locker room and invited Miz to be on his show...if they couldn't get John Cena.  He closed the door on Miz.  Miz played a good fool for Eaton in the cross-promotion bit.

Backstage, Bray Wyatt had attacked Randy Orton, who was on the floor, and was slammed a door on his ankle.    The announcers wondered if the match tonight could be in jeopardy.  Imagine that!

The Usos vs. Hype Bros for chance to fight for WWE Smackdown Tag Team championships later tonight

Usos came out with a totally different demeanour with black outfits and no paint.  Rawley backdropped and slammed Jey Uso, setting Zack up for a slingside splash into the ring.  Ryder nailed a facebuster and set up for the Facewash in the corner but Jimmy pulled Uso away.  Zack hit a sliding kick to the outside and then nailed a dropkick off the apron to the floor on them.  Mojo charged the Usos and tackled them into the barricade.

Ryder put his head down after sending one of the Usos into the ropes and was kicked in the face.  The Usos began double teaming him and sent him to the floor.  They worked him over and dumped him back in the ring, where he was nailed with a falling headbutt.  They continued to double team Ryder who kept kicking up.  Rawley was all hyped up in the corner wanting to be tagged in.  Jimmy Uso drilled Ryder with a big roundhouse kick.  They nailed the running hip attack on Ryder, although the camera angle revealed how it only grazed Ryder.

Jey continued to work over Ryder, who came back with a hangman's neck breaker.  Jimmy Uso was tagged in and kicked Mojo off the apron to prevent Ryder from making the tag.  The Usos worked over Ryder in their corner.  Ryder fought them off and finally made the hot tag to Mojo, who began cleaning house.  He nailed a big Stinger Splash in the corner on Jey.  He caught Jey coming off the ropes and nailed the press slam and dropped him.   Jimmy Uso pulled Mojo to the floor and slammed him into the canvas.

Ryder nailed a top rope rana on one of the Uso.   He nailed a Broski Boot on Jimmy but was nailed with a chop block from behind on Ryder.  They attacked Ryder the same way they attacked Chad Gable and cinched in a single leg Boston Crab.  Ryder finally tagged.

Your winners, advancing, The Usos!

Good, old school style tag team bout with Ryder playing the role of Ricky Morton and getting beaten down.  Solid.

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