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By Richard Trionfo on 2016-08-21 22:58:00

Welcome to's coverage of Summerslam 2016 from Brooklyn, New York.  Make sure to check out all of the coverage for the show from myself, Dave Scherer, Mike Johnson, and more.

We are in Brooklyn, New York and your host is Renee Young.  She is joined by Booker T, Jerry Lawler, and Lita.

Tom Phillips is in the Social Media Lounge and he will be joined later this afternoon by Sasha Banks.

Renee asks what everyone is looking forward to.

Lita mentions the Dolph Ziggler versus Dean Ambrose match.  She says that Dean knows that Smackdown is his show but Dolph is on his tail.  Jerry says he is looking forward to seeing the Demon King Finn Balor and his match against Seth Rollins for the Universal Title.  Booker says there is a dream match and it is Brock Lesnar versus Randy Orton.

They talk about the three Kickoff Show Matches.

Renee asks which of the three Kickoff Show matches will get the crowd most pumped up.  Lita mentions the Cesaro vs. Sheamus match.  They feel underutilized and they will want to make a statement.  Booker says he has a history with best of seven series so he is looking forward to that.  Both men have something to prove.  Renee mentions that Cesaro has said a lot about his recent situation.

Lita says that Sheamus was saying the same thing.  They both know they can back it up in the ring.  Jerry says that Sheamus is past unhappy with where he is in the company.  Booker says he sees a lot in Cesaro because he had to knock down that door to get to the next level.  

Renee mentions the other matches on Summerslam.

We see a video package for the AJ Styles versus John Cena match.

Renee asks what is AJ's confidence coming into the match.  Lita says you could see the crowd react to their first match and everyone knows how big this match is.  Booker says AJ proved he is worthy of being here.  He got the win the first time and if he can beat John Cena at Summerslam, it would make him the face of Smackdown.  Jerry asks Booker if he ever had a hole in one.  Booker says he did.  Jerry says that it is lucky to get a hole in one.  It is difficult to get a second one.  AJ beat Cena once and that is his hole in one.  Lita says there will be a new face on Smackdown and this might be the night.  Renee says that John Cena talks about how he is waiting for someone to take the top spot from him.

Booker says that John is on the downside of his career and there are a lot of people looking for his spot.  He better watch his back because tonight might be the night.  Booker says he has been in the ring with AJ.

Renee asks for predictions.  Lita says Cena will win.  Lawler agrees.  Booker says the torch will be passed to AJ tonight.

It is time to talk about the Intercontinental Title with Miz defending the title against Apollo Crews.

We see a video package for the match.

Lita asks if Crews can follow Miz around and do that to him all the time.  Booker says that Miz is playing mind games.  Jerry says comparing Apollo Crews to Apollo Creed, it is a big compliment.  Booker says Crews is trying to establish himself.  Lita says Crews can make his name if he wins tonight.

Renee asks for predictions.  Booker picks Apollo Crews.  Lawler is picking Miz to win.  Lita picks Apollo Crews.

We go to Tom Phillips with Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens.  Kevin asks him what is wrong.  Kevin says they pulled him out of the Social Media Lounge.  They requested Tom for this interview.  They say they owe him an apology.  Chris says they didn't know his name was Phillip.  He apologizes to Phil.  Chris says he has to apologize to Enzo because he said that Enzo could not be a Certified G.  Chris says for $89.99, you can become a Certified G and he has the documentation to prove it.  Kevin says he left the paperwork in catering.  Chris says he worked hard for the certificate.  Chris says you can teach to be a certified G, but you cannot teach chemistry.  Kevin says you can learn chemistry because he got a 96 in school.

Kevin says he and Chris are the closest tag team in history.  They will be partners to the end.  He says tonight is the end for them.  They will be in front of family, but Kevin says they are here to beat and hurt them.  Kevin says Enzo will not be able to ask How You Doin'.  He will be asking his family why are they so sad and why are they wearing Kevin Owens t-shirts.  Chris says they will get . . . IT

Kevin takes Phil's pocket square and leaves.

Renee asks about the ego in the match.

Lita wonders why are Jericho and Owens a team and she thinks there may be an implosion there.  Booker says they are Canadian and they will be very dangerous.  Booker says there are many great Canadians.  Lawler says he does not want to talk about Enzo and Cass.

We go to the ring for the first match.

Your announcers are Mauro Ranallo, John Layfield, and David Otunga.

Match Number One:  Konnor, Viktor, Tyler Breeze, Fandango, Aiden English, and Simon Gotch versus Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, Chad Gable, Jason Jordan, Zack Ryder, and Mojo Rawley

Breeze and Gable start things off.  They lock up and Gable with a few waist lock take downs.  Breeze with an elbow and he celebrates.  Breeze with a wrist lock and Gable with a bridge and other moves for a reversal followed by a leg scissors take down and wrist lock.  Jey tags in and Breeze backs him into the corner and English tags in and he sends Jey into the turnbuckles.  English punches Jey.  Jey with a punch and slam.  Mojo tags in and he punches English.  Mojo works on the shoulder.  Mojo with an Irish whip and back body drop.

Ryder tags in and Mojo with a suplex and Ryder gets a near fall.  Ryder with a forearm to English and he forearms Gotch when he tries to interfere.  All twelve men brawl in the ring but the Ascension and Jey are in the ring until Jey is sent to the floor. Gable and Jordan with a double shoulder tackle.  Ryder with a drop kick to Breeze and Fandango.  English sends Ryder into the ringpost as we go to commercial.

We are back and Gotch with a knee to Ryder and he gets a near fall.  Gotch with a quarter nelson and a chin lock.  Gotch takes Ryder to the mat again and applies an arm bar.  Viktor tags in and kicks Ryder and gets a near fall.  Viktor with a chin lock and modified chicken wing.  Ryder with a jawbreaker and Viktor sends him into the corner.  Konnor tags in and he splashes Ryder and Viktor with a knee and Konnor gets a near fall.   Konnor with boots and he sends Ryder into the turnbuckles.  Breeze tags in and he kicks Ryder.  Breeze with a snap mare and leg drop for a near fall.  

Breeze with a single leg crab and Fandango tags in and hits a slingshot leg drop for a near fall.  Fandango sends Ryder into the turnbuckles and punches Ryder.  Konnor and Viktor knock Gable and Jordan off.  Jimmy is the last man on the apron as Ryder crawls to the corner and Konnor stops him but Ryder gets to his feet and he hits a neck breaker and both men are down. Jimmy and Breeze tag in and Jimmy with clotheslines and a thrust kick followed by an uppercut and Samoan drop.  Jimmy sets for a running butt splash into the corner but Konnor breaks it up.  Jimmy with an enzuigiri and a punch to Breeze.  

Jordan makes the blind tag and he hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex.  He hits one on Fandango and then an exploder on Gotch but English breaks up the cover.  English with a spinning sit out power bomb on Gable.  Rawley punches English and then Viktor with a twisting Canadian Lifter on Ryder.  Viktor puts Ryder on the turnbuckles and Breeze joins Viktor on the turnbuckles.  Rawley with a double power bomb and then Ryder with an elbow drop to Breeze but Fandang with a leg drop.  Viktor with a flying knee to Jey when Konnor held Jey up.  Gable sends Konnor and Viktor to the floor and apron respectively.

Jimmy and Jey with super kicks to Konnor and Viktor and then they hit a double plancha onto most of the people in the match.  Gotch sends Gable over the top rope but Jordan with a running shoulder tackle.  They hit Grand Amplitude and then Jey hits a Superfly Splash for the three count after making the blind tag.

Winners:  Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, Chad Gable, Jason Jordan, Mojo Rawley, and Zack Ryder

We go back to the panel and Renee asks about the new tag titles for Smackdown.  Booker says it needs to have the Smackdown blue on it.  Lita suggests some bling on the belts  

It is time to look at the WWE Championship Match between Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler.  We have a video package.

Renee asks how small the window is for Dolph to be champion.  Lita says you forget about the cheerleader that Dolph was at first.  He knows his window is closing.  Renee asks Lawler what he things about Dean as champion.  Lawler says Dean is hard to beat because you don't know what he is going to do next.  Dolph is in the right place at the wrong time.  Dean will retain.  Booker says Dolph is a hell of a competitor but he agrees the window is closing.  He says Dolph is around number eight or nine right now.  This could be Dolph's last chance to become champion.  Renee asks if Dolph has to pull out all of the stops.  Lawler says Dolph has to get it done and not try to show off.  Lita says people say that Dean doesn't take things seriously.  He takes things seriously in his own way.  It is a new way to define things.  

Renee asks for predictions and all three men pick Dean.

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