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By Richard Trionfo on 2016-08-20 20:10:00

Welcome to's live coverage of NXT Takeover Brooklyn.  In addition to the live coverage, we will have Dave Scherer's live blog.

Renee Young is your host and she is with Lita and Mauro Ranallo.

Renee mentions this is the anniversary for Lita and Renee on Kickoff Shows.

Renee mentions the sit down interview that Byron Saxton had with Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura.  We see footage from that segment.

We see Shinsuke Nakamura arriving in the arena. 

We also see Samoa Joe in the back and he is flanked by security.

Renee discusses the tension between the two.

Mauro says this match will not be for the feint of heart and it will be one of the hardest hitting matches in NXT history.

Renee sends it to Charley Caruso outside the arena.  She says she was at home watching the special and now she is in the middle of things.  She mentions the Women's Title Match.

We see the video package that aired on this week's NXT.

Renee mentions the new side of Bayley and she asks if it will help or hinder her.

Lita thinks it will help Bayley.  She talks about how Bayley thinks she disappointed her fans and she will need an edge to get past Asuka.  Mauro says Bayley needs to show an edge.  Mauro says we will see dynamite in this match and Bayley needs to show that she is the queen.  Lita says the people will be behind Bayley and they want to see their girl win.  Mauro says Bayley needs to adapt in this match.  

Renee asks how much preparation do they think Bayley had to do for this match.  

Lita says she knows better what to deal with than in Dallas.  The crowd will throw Asuka off. 

Renee asks for predictions.  Mauro picks Asuka while Lita picks Bayley.

Renee brings up the No Way Jose versus Austin Aries match.

Mauro says what Aries lacks in size, he makes up in ring IQ. 

Renee asks what will this match mean for both men's careers.

Lita says Aries can make himself tonight.  Jose can really put himself on the map with a win.  Mauro says Aries needs a win to show that he can climb up the ladder.

We see Bobby Roode arriving at the arena earlier today.

Bobby is asked about his match tonight.  Bobby says he loves New York, but Brooklyn is the arm pit of the city.  NXT Takeover, the people will experience the night when Bobby Roode makes his NXT debut.  It will be Glorious.

Renee asks how crucial was it to sign Bobby Roode.

Mauro says it was very important.  It will be important to see if he can back up what he has said.  Lita says it was a big acquisition.  Bobby has been around the world, but he has to prove it in NXT.  Mauro mentions it is a styles clash with Almas.  Which style will be superior.

Renee asks for predictions and Mauro picks Roode while Lita picks Almas.

Renee mentions Ember Moon's debut.

We go to Billie Kay and she says that many people make their debut and send a message at Takeover.  Ember will show that she is a loser.  Billie says she will show why she is the face of NXT and the next Women's Champion.

Renee asks if Billie Kay is in line for the Women's Title.

Lita says Billie needs to focus on the task at hand.  Ember is experienced in Ring of Honor and SHIMMER.  Mauro says Ember is mysterious and eccentric.  She has a great pedigree.  Skandar Akbar and Booker T.  Billie will have to prove it tonight.

Renee asks who needs the win more.

Mauro says you only have one chance to make a first impression.

Mauro picks Ember.

Charly Caruso is now inside the arena and she plugs the WWE Network.

Renee talks about the tag title match.

We have a video package for the tag title match.

Renee asks Mauro how the match in the CWC will affect them tonight.  Mauro says if they could treat each other the way they did to each other, they will be motivated to face the Revival.  Lita says the Revival have established themselves.  Gargano and Ciampa have gone up ever since they debuted as a team.  We could see new tag champs tonight.  Mauro says the Revival are better than the Minnesota Wrecking Crew.  Mauro also picks Gargano and Ciampa.

It is time to talk about the Samoa Joe versus Shinsuke Nakamura match.

We have a video package.

Renee asks if Nakamura got under Joe's skin.

Mauro says Nakamura is most effective because he goes from Michael Jackson outside the ring but Michael Myers in the ring.  He says this is a dream match.  Lita says it got personal and Nakamura got under Joe's skin.

Lita says Joe always starts out having respect, but then he will complain about things.  Lita mentions that Finn called out Nakamura and he was the obvious choice.  Mauro says each man will earn their respect.

Renee asks for predictions and Mauro and Lita both pick Nakamura.

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