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By Richard Trionfo on 2016-08-01 23:03:00

We start off tonight's show with a look back at last week's Raw.

We are in Atlanta, Georgia and your announcers are Byron Saxton, Michael Cole, and Corey Graves.

Sasha Banks makes her way to the ring.

She says it is about time that Raw starts off with a Banks Statement from the WWE Women's Champion.  Last year during SummerSlam weekend, the WWE Universe went home talking about Bayley and the Boss because they stole the show.  They didn't just steal the show, they owned the show. This year won't be any different.  The reign of the Boss has just begun and she will get the W against Charlotte at SummerSlam.

Charlotte's music interrupts and the former champion makes her way to the ring.

Sasha asks Charlotte if she is mad and says Charlotte looks different.  Where is all of your gold?  Sasha says she made Charlotte tap out last week.  Sasha wants to know where Charlotte's little friend is.

Charlotte tells Sasha to get over herself.  She does not need Dana to beat her.  She does not need her dad to beat Sasha.  At SummerSlam, she will beat Sasha all by herself.  Charlotte reminds everyone she was the very best for over 300 days.  You capitalized on one mistake.  It is one thing to take home the prom king, but it takes another to put a ring on his finger.  Charlotte calls Sasha a one night stand.

Sasha points out that Charlotte is the daughter of Ric Flair and if it wasn't for a one night stand, Charlotte wouldn't even be here.

Chris Jericho interrupts with a litany of quiets.

Chris calls Sasha a disrespectful little punk.  He was minding his own business when he heard you talking to Charlotte like that.  Charlotte is royalty.  Charlotte is Ric Flair's daughter but she has outdone anything that Ric has ever done.  Who has Ric Flair ever beaten?  Chris says that he knows who Charlotte is going to beat at SummerSlam.

Chris wonders what makes her a boss.  He says that Sasha is a boss of purple haired teeny bopper idiots.  Maybe you are the boss because you are somehow related to Snoop Dogg.  Is it Puff Daddy or Vanilla Ice this week?  

Enzo Amore's music plays and he comes out and he introduces himself.

Enzo asks Sasha how is she doing.  Enzo says there are times when he likes to do things on his own.  He says that he is a G and Sasha is a boss and he says he has the hot sauce.  He says he would like to do some business with her.  He suggests a Certified G Deposit.

Sasha and Enzo go back and forth with How You Doin's.

Charlotte tells Sasha to go for it.  Charlotte says that there is one word to describe Enzo's love life.

Before Chris and Charlotte can spell, Enzo talks about haters.

Enzo says it is like passing a kidney stone listening to Jericho. 

Jericho tells the Hip Hop Hobbit one time that he better watch it.

Enzo wants to know what he should watch. 

Jericho tells Enzo . . . IT

Enzo says for him to think before he speaks is like wiping his butt before he poops.  He tells Bon Jovi this is his life and this isn't a DirecTV commercial and he does not have the power to turn back time.  If he could, he would turn back time to stop Jericho from buying that scarf.

While Jericho rambles, Mick Foley's music plays and he makes his way onto the stage.

Mick says he cares how they are doin'.  He might not be THE BOSS, but he is your boss.  Mick says him and Enzo are practically brothers.  Mick mentions that Enzo appears on his WWE Network show.  Sasha appears as well and she set the bar mighty high by defeating Charlotte.  Mick says he cannot wait to see Charlotte and The Boss in the ring again.  It is going to happen tonight.  Mick says we are going to have the first mixed tag team match of the New Era.  Chris Jericho and Charlotte will face Enzo Amore and Sasha Banks.

Mick says that match takes place right now.

Match Number One:  Enzo Amore and Sasha Banks versus Chris Jericho and Charlotte

The men start off and Enzo with a hammer lock and Jericho gets to the ropes and throws a tantrum.  Jericho with a kick and side head lock.  Enzo with a drop kick and arm drags.  Jericho goes across the ring to seek comfort from Charlotte and she tags in.  Sasha with a series of near falls with roll ups.  Sasha with a back slide for a near fall.  Charlotte with chops but Sasha avoids one and chops Charlotte.  Sasha with a wrist lock and uses the ropes for an arm drag.  Charlotte tries for a back drop but Sasha with a rollup.  

Jericho tags in and Enzo goes up top for a cross body.  We get a double clothesline from Sasha and Enzo as Jericho and Charlotte go over the top rope to hte floor.  Sasha and Enzo with suicide dives and we go to commercial.

We are back and Jericho wtih chops to Enzo.  Jericho with kicks and he slaps Enzo.  We see Jericho with a running double sledge to the back during the commercial break.  Enzo with an Irish whip but he runs into a boot.  Jericho charges into the corner but Enzo sends Jericho into the turnbuckles.  Enzo with punches and a cross body for a near fall.  Enzo with a face buster and he gets a near fall.  Jericho with an Irish whip but he runs into a boot and Jericho catches Enzo off the turnbuckels and tries for the Walls of Jericho and he locks it in.

Enzo gets to the ropes and Chris releases the hold.  Enzo with a forearm from the apron and he goes up top and Jericho with a drop kick.  Charlotte tags in and Sasha with clotheslines and a drop kick.  Sasha puts Charlotte on the middle ropes and hits a double knee drop and gets a near fall.  Charlotte misses a clothesline and has a kick blocked.  Sasha with a kick and she hits a lungblower but Dana gets on the apron.  Charlotte with a rollup for a near fall.  Sasha rolls through for a near fall.  Sasha slaps Jericho and then Charlotte hits Natural Selection for the three count.

Winners:  Chris Jericho and Charlotte

After the match, Jericho hits a Codebreaker on Enzo and Colin makes his way to the ring.  Jericho gets out of the ring and he leaves wtih Charlotte and Dana.

We go to commercial.

We are back wtih footage from the Teen Choice Awards and the Bellas.

Byron Saxton asks Evan Anderhold why is he facing Braun Strowman.  He says he is getting a thousand dollars for facing him and five thousand if he wins.

Match Number Two:  Braun Strowman versus Evan Anderhold

Strowman with a biel and a running shoulder tackle.  Strowman with an Irish whip and a splash to the back.  Strowman with a reverse choke slam for the three count.

Winner:  Braun Strowman

Mick and Stephanie talk about Braun Strowman.  She gives Mick praise for the mixed tag match.  

Mark Henry enters the room and he has his Raw Shirt on.  Stephanie mentions that Mark is the WWE ambassador to the Rio Olympics.  

Mark says his creative juices are flowing and he has made some renovations to the Hall of Pain and it is time for a grand reopening.

Stephanie says that Mark was brought in more as a mentor.

Mark says he knows there was no disrespect by Stephanie but he is not done.  He is a multi time World Champion and an Olympian.

Mick says that Mark can go for some gold.  He will face Rusev tonight.

Mark says he will bring the US Title back to the United States because that is what he do.

Goldust stops R Truth from playing Pokemon Go for a moment and tells him that he will help him catch Pokemon in the ring.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three:  Goldust and R Truth versus Primo and Epico

Primo and Goldust start things off and they lock up and Goldust with an arm drag and wrist lock but Truth is still playing with his phone.  Goldust with a clothesline and punch.  Goldust with a drop down punch to Primo and Epico comes off the turnbuckles into a reverse atomic drop.  Primo wtih a shot to the back and he hits a splash to teh back and tags in Epico who hits a slingshot splash and punches Goldust.  Epico with an Irish whip and Goldust with a boot and power slam.

Truth catches a Pokemon and he celebrates so much that Truth moves when Goldust dives for the tag.  Truth drops his phone and he goes after it, allowing Epico to get the three count with a rollup.

Winners:  Epico and Primo

We go to commercial.

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