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By Dave Scherer on 2016-07-24 19:26:00

The draft pre-game show started with Renee Young congratulating Corey Graves for his new spot on Raw.  After that, she put over Booker T then through it to Jerry Lawler, who then told Graves that he had to tell him about Michael Cole since he is always looking for a spot to stick a knife in his back.  Ouch.

I just came back and Booker said that Sasha’s partner will be Lita.  He is an insider.  He also loves to work us.

They put Cesaro on the panel to talk about his promo the other night.  He isn’t in the ring tonight, but he can go.  He doesn’t want to talk, he wants to kick ass.

The Q and A with Daniel Bryan and Mick Foley is coming up next if you want to get in on it.

For those of you that think Smackdown got screwed, Bryan said he wants people to be talking about Apollo Crews and Baron Corbin really soon.  So relax folks.

And Bryan just said they have risky ideas for Smackdown.  Works for me.

I was eating dinner during the pre-show match but Mike, who I thought would be at Guns N Roses but is instead here, did a great job recapping.  He said it was real good.  I will have to go back and watch it.  Breezango won.  I hope that is a precursor for the the future.

The lead into the PPV is all about the main event, as it should be.

We are opening with the women's tag team match.  The champion Charlotte and Dana Brooke are out first.  Sasha came out next and her tag partner is……Oh yes, it's time.  It's time.  IT'S BAYLEY TIME!

She got an awesome pop.  The crowd knows her.  WWE made the right move in not having her be drafted.  Instead, she got to make a huge entrance.  I love it.  As Bayley was taking in the reaction, the heels attacked both women, and the crowd booed.

Bayley came back and told the ref she was ready to go, and the match started.  That is what Bayley would do.  Charlotte went to work on her.  But Bayley hit a big elbow and tagged in Sasha.  She has a nice flurry of offense but Charlotte came back on her.  Charlotte went for the pin but only got a two. ... Charlotte tagged in her protege and she went to work on Sasha, while Bayley did what she does and got the crowd going for her team.  Sasha made the hot tag and Bayley came in and went nuts.  The crowd totally knows her.

Dana went to work on Bayley and the crowd was totally behind the former NXT champ.  The announcers are talking about people that watch NXT already know how great Bayley is.  JBL said that Bayley is here tonight as a personal favor and it's one night only.  After a double clothesline spot, both women taged out.  Sasha went to work on Charlotte.  Sasha got a two off of double knees to the gut.  They are letting them wrestley, like they can.  Sasha got another two.  Charlotte hit Natural Selection but Bayley made the save.  All four came in the ring and Bayley kept Dana down while Sasha hit the Back Stabber and The Bank Statement, making the champion tap.  It's Sasha vs. Charlotte at SummerSlam folks.  Bayley raised Sasha's hand after the match.  Sasha is bleeding in her mouth.  Finally, Bayley went for a hug, and Sasha finally gave it to her.

This match, finally, felt like we have a Divas Revolution.  I loved the hell out of it.  I loved that the debut was in DC, not NY or Philly or Chicago. Vince, your fans know your NXT people. Put them over when they come up. You will make your fans happy.

The final time the Wyatts, in this incarnation, take on The New Day, is next.

New Day came out first.  They did their spiel and Big E made a point of saying that the best part of the draft was that they got drafted together.  X said that since this is the last time we will see the Wyatts together, they will be extra crazy.  Then Big E made it clear that they rock and X was good with that.  Out come the Wyatts.

Xavier was a little frozen at first so Kofi came in and Braun Strowman laid him out, then tagged Rowan.  Bray came in and worked over Kofi, looking really good with his offense.  Finally Kofi got a knee up when Bray charged and then he threw him out.  Kofi tagged in Big E while Bray did the same to Rowan.  Big E came in like the monster he is and went to work.  Rowan got a two when E went after Strowman but E threw Rowan for a two.  Rowan got a two with a suplex.  Kofi saved.  Strowman eat for a big leg on Kofi but missed and went for the floor.  Kofi did air Kofi.  Big E could get Rowan up, letting Bray come in.  He was going for Sister Abigail when X came in, scared.  Kofi came flying in and Bray hit Sister on him.  X nutted up and laid out Bray and Rowan.  Strowman came in and but Big E came out of nowhere and speared him to the floor.  This let Bray get X and hit Sister Abigail.

The match was excellent, all action and it all made sense.  Bray won, which he should since he has a singles push ahead.  Xavier lost, but he was booked strongly since he faced his fears.  Strong match and well booked.  Two for two to start the show.

The announcers just made it clear that there will be one Title and it will either go to Raw or Smackdown in the main event.  OK, three for three to start the show now. 

Lana, dressed like a princess, brings out Rusev for his match with Zack Ryder.

Ryder came out with shorter hair and a USA themed garb.  He was in control early but then Rusev took control and started pounding him. … Zack fought his way out and went to work with forearms to the head.  Zack went for his boot but Rusev caught him.  Ryder kept fighting and after he got laid out, he did a neck breaker on Rusev.  He hit the Broski Boot for a two.  Ruse went to the floor and Ryder chased, which gave Rusev and opening and went to work.  But when they went back into the ring, Ryder hit the Rough Ryder.  Zack came off of the top with an elbow but Rusev got up the legs.  That let Rusev lock on the Accolade.  Will he tap?  No!  He broke it but when he went to get up, Rusev broke his back to gain the win.

This match was freakin’ great, and not just because of the work.  The booking was fantastic as Ryder showed he could go.  Rusev went work on Ryder and I said to my wife, here comes Mojo and that is just what happened.  Mojo ran out and got in Rusev’s face.  Rusev chose to leave the ring.  Hype Bros in the house.  So far, I am loving this show and really looking forward to TV this week.

In the back, Mick and Steph were taking about Raw.  Seth Rollins came in and was mad that they weren’t talking about him.  Steph said that they were talking about Raw and he can show why they made him the number one pick.  Seth was cocky.  Mick said he was glad his loss on Smackdown live didn’t affect his confidence.  Seth mocked Dean and mentioned Roman Reigns returning unannounced on Friday night.  Tonight will be so great there will be a bunch of babies named after him.  He left and Mick said don’t blame me, you drafted him.  And again, Mick looks really good.

Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens is next.

And yes, I am embedding tweets because this show has been really good in hour one and I am enjoying it.

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