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By Richard Trionfo on 2016-07-19 23:01:00

Now that Smackdown is over, it is time to find out the final thirty draft picks.  On Smackdown, Raw had eighteen draft picks and Smackdown had twelve draft picks.

So far Raw has drafted the following people:

Seth Rollins, Charlotte, Finn Balor, Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, The New Day, Sami Zayn, Sasha Banks, Chris Jericho, Rusev (with Lana), Kevin Owens, Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, Big Show, Nia Jax, Neville, Cesaro, and Sheamus.

Smackdown has drafted the following people:

Dean Ambrose, AJ Styles, John Cena, Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt, Becky Lynch, Miz (and Maryse), Baron Corbin, American Alpha, Dolph Ziggler, Natalya, and Alberto Del Rio.


We are back in the draft central panel area and Renee Young is joined by Corey Graves, Booker T, and Lita.

Renee mentions that Smackdown has the WWE Championship and she asks Corey how he feels because his friend Seth Rollins lost.

Lita talks about how exciting it has been to get the immediate reactions from the people who were drafted.

Renee asks what the people who have not been drafted are feeling.  Booker says that there are so many young people who will change the landscape.  He says they are going to change the name of the game.

Tom Phillips is with Neville and he asks Neville about the WWE Title Match.  Tom asks Neville about how he is feeling.  Neville says it is appropriate the Red Arrow is on Raw.  It has been a tough four months.  It has been tasking mentally and physically.  He has been able to strategize.  You are going to see a rejuvenated Neville.  Tom asks Neville about the changing landscape.  He mentions that Raw has NXT fingerprints on it.  He knows these people coming up and they thrive on opportunity.

Lita mentions things could still be up in the air with the titles because of Battleground.  Corey mentions that the two challengers for the WWE Title are on Raw.  

Booker talks about the way the crowd is going to react to Roman Reigns on Sunday and he says that will light a fire in his belly.  The only thing to put it out will be the championship.  He will come back with a vengeance.  It will be a Shield reunion, but not the one you expect.

Raw's nineteenth Pick is The Golden Truth.

Smackdown's Thirteenth Pick is The Usos.

Booker says he likes seeing The Golden Truth.  He says it is like BookDust.

Raw's Twentieth Pick is Titus O'Neil.

Smackdown's Fourteenth Pick is Kane.

Raw's Twenty-First Pick is Paige.

Renee asks if Paige will be motivated because of her position.  Booker says Paige was probably losing her mind after seeing other people get drafted.  Lita reminds us that Paige is a veteran but she is still very young.  Lita hopes Paige focuses her energy in a positive way.

Greg Hamilton is with Natalya.  Greg mentions that Natalya is drafted to the same show as Becky Lynch.  Natalya says she is glad the world could see what type of person Becky is by stealing her thunder during the draft.  She says that she was assaulted and Becky should be lucky that she is not pressing charges.  Becky is a martyr while Natalya is a survivor.  Becky has no friends because everyone is more successful than she is.  If Becky wants to play the role of victim, she can do it on Sunday.

JoJo is with Cesaro.  He says he is not happy to be drafted so low.  He expected to be top ten.  Seeing the rosters, he is looking forward to being on the flagship product.  It is where he belongs.  He is asked about Stephanie and Mick Foley.  He says he does not care.  Raw needs to be about the Superstars and performers in the ring, not what Stephanie does.  They should be talking about Finn Balor coming up from NXT.  Cesaro says that it is good that he is able to talk.  He prefers to talk the language of pro wrestling.

R Truth and Goldust are with Renee and Booker.  Booker wants to get in on it.  Truth suggests that be called the Dynamic Trio.  Renee wants to be a Fly Girl but Goldust says that she can be his personal valet.  Booker talks about the talent on Raw and Goldust says he has been doing this for 21 years and he is hanging in there.  They are getting stronger and faster, but Truth says they are going to call themselves LOOK (Last of Our Kind).  Booker says they went through so much to become tag team champions, so what will it take for the Golden Truth.  Goldust says they need the opportunity.  Truth says they wanted to be kept together so it did not matter what show they were going to be on.  

Renee asks if they are excited to be out there with the new talent.  Goldust says the new era is here but they will be able to hang in with them.  Booker asks about working with Stephanie and they have no problem.

It is time for the next picks.

Raw's Twenty-Second Pick is Darren Young.

Smackdown's Fifteenth Pick is Kalisto.

Raw's Twenty-Third Pick is Sin Cara.

Smackdown's Sixteenth Pick is Naomi.

Raw's Twenty-Fourth Pick is Jack Swagger.

Smackdown's Seventeenth Pick is The Ascension.

Booker says the tag team division is heating up.

Booker says that Kalisto and Sin Cara will be successful because of their styles in the ring.

Lita says that they knew before the draft that they would be separated so they can prepare.

Renee asks about Naomi going to Smackdown and how it can help her.  Lita says this could be her opportunity to stand out.  

Lita says that Jack Swagger could be a real sleeper and she didn't even think about him until he was picked.  Booker wonders what will help get Swagger back to the top.

Alberto Del Rio is with Greg Hamilton.  He is asked if this is what he expected.  Alberto says he started on Smackdown and it is good to be back.  He says he is looking forward to becoming champion again.  He says he does not care who else is on Smackdown.

The Usos are with Booker and Renee.  Renee asks them about going to Smackdown.  Jimmy says the opportunity is to put their stamps down.  They were a little worried, but they know where they are going and they will stay a team.  Renee asks if they have talked to Roman.  Jey says Roman is doing alright.  He says he figures Roman is focused on his match for Battleground.  They can show what they are all about.  Booker asks about Roman being polarizing and that the crowd is not getting behind the Usos since they have started working with Roman.  Jimmy says they felt it when they were with Roman.  Renee asks Jimmy about Naomi being on Smackdown.  He says he is happy they are together.

Renee asks them about American Alpha.  Jimmy says they are ready to face anyone.

JoJo is with Titus O'Neil.  He says he is excited to be on Raw.  He is looking forward to a new start.  He mentions he has been more agressive over the last few weeks.  He looks forward to facing guys like Cesaro and Sheamus.  He wants to be able to beat and punish people and do it with a smile.

Darren Young stops by to greet Titus since they are on the same brand.  

Bob Backlund and Darren Young join Jojo.  Bob says it is great that Darren is on Raw, but he needs a constant tendency to relapse into barbarianism.  Darren asks what that means.  Bob talks about getting wild in the woods.  Darren asks if they can have some fun.  Darren mentions he won on Smackdown.  Bob says they never slow down.  They are going to work harder.  JoJo asks Darren about his match at Battleground.  Darren says at Battleground, it will be his battlefield.  Darren says he wants to wrestle Miz, but he is going to fight him.  Bob says it is always a war.

It is time for Raw's Twenty-Fifth pick and it is The Dudley Boyz.

Smackdown's Eighteenth Pick is Zack Ryder.

Raw's Twenty-Sixth Pick is Summer Rae.

Smackdown's Nineteenth Pick is Apollo Crews

Raw's Twenty-Seventh Pick is Mark Henry.

Smackdown's Twentieth Pick is Alexa Bliss.

They talk about Alexa and say not to underestimate Alexa Bliss.

Renee asks about the Dudleys staying together.  Booker says they are coming up on the end of their careers and it is good they are still together.

Greg Hamilton is with Kalisto and he asks what to expect from him.  Kalisto says he is here to shock the world.  He says he gets to have his revenge on Baron Corbin.  He is here to stay. 

Renee says this is a big opportunity for Kalisto.  Corey says that Kalisto is talented and we have seen things from him that are spectacular and we have only seen the tip of the iceberg.  This is what Kalisto needs for his career.  Lita says it is good that Sin Cara and Kalisto have each other's backs.

Corey mentions that Apollo has gotten lost in the shuffle with all of the callups and he says that Apollo should thrive.  Lita says that Smackdown is great for Apollo.  He goes out and impresses every time, but he is not the squeaky wheel.  Booker wants him to cause some trouble.

Raw's Twenty-Eighth pick is Braun Strowman.

Smackdown's Twenty-First Pick is Tyler Breeze and Fandango

Raw's Twenty-Ninth Pick is Bo Dallas

Smackdown's Twenty-second pick is Eva Marie.

Raw's Thirtieth Pick is Epico and Primo

Smackdown's Twenty-third pick is The Vaudevillains

Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon join the panel.  Daniel asks Booker if he is still in his Fave Five.  Shane says it has been difficult with the number of picks that Raw had.  They are asked about their plan.  Shane says he relied on Daniel a lot and they had a lot of scenarios.  Daniel says they had to regroup.  They were happy to get Dean Ambrose.  He is the champion and they are looking forward to having him on the show.  Corey points out that the two challengers at Battleground are on Raw.  Shane says that Dean is their guy and they have faith in him.  With Dean and AJ Styles, they have some great match ups.  The crowd reacted well for American Alpha.  Daniel says they were surprised that Raw took Charlotte so early but they wanted Becky.  Booker asks how will it feel to be the boss.  Daniel says he was not super close with Dean.  A problem might be Kane.  Daniel says he was apart from a lot of the guys.  Shane says everyone respects Daniel.  Daniel says they were thrilled to get Apollo Crews.  He has so much potential.  Daniel wants to give people opportunities.  

Renee asks about the Raw picks.  Shane and Daniel say Charlotte was a shock. 

Shane says they have faith in Dean and despite the odds, it is still a triple threat match.  Daniel says Dean has fought through so much and if anyone can overcome a two on one situation, it is Dean.  

Shane says Daniel wanted to make sure that people get an opportunity.  Daniel says they were looking for heart.  Cena is not an underdog, but he has more heart and passion than anyone he knows.  That is why they wanted him on Smackdown.  Booker asks Shane how does it feel to be back.  Shane says it feels so good.

JoJo is with Bo Dallas and he is with Curtis Axel and Heath Slater.  Bo says he is happy to have his best friends with him.  JoJo tells Curtis and Heath they have not been drafted.  Bo tells them all they have to do is BOLIEVE and they will all be on Raw.  Heath wants to know if this is a package deal and he storms off.  Curtis leaves too.  Bo says he is pretty darn excited and he goes to check on the Raw roster.

Renee asks for a moment of silence for the Social Outcasts.

Raw's thirty-first pick is Alicia Fox.

Smackdown's Twenty-Fourth pick is Erick Rowan.

Raw's Thirty-Second Pick is Dana Brooke

Smackdown's Twenty-fifth pick is Mojo Rawley.

Raw's Thirty-Third Pick is Curtis Axel.

Smackdown's Twenty-sixth pick is Carmella

Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley join the panel. 

Stephanie says they are the winners of the draft. 

Renee asks about the dress and Stephanie says it was Mick's idea.  She says the dresses are made from the t-shirts. 

Renee asked about the advantage of the first pick.  Mick says that Shane underestimated the amount of respect that he has with Stephanie.  Mick says he convinced Stephanie to pick Roman while Stephanie wanted Seth.  Lita asks if they lost out on any picks.  Mick says he tipped his hat about the women and then they lost Becky Lynch.  Stephanie says they were disappointed they did not get American Alpha, but Renee mentions that they did get Finn Balor.  Mick says they wanted to make a statement with Finn Balor.

Corey asks how much did the title match impact on your pick of Roman Reigns.

Renee is asked if there were any other people she considered for the GM role.  Stephanie mentions that Mick was the only choice.  She mentions his role as a commissioner in the past.  Mick says it was surreal to get the phone call from Stephanie.  He says he intends to make a difference.  He hopes that Smackdown brings their best because it will mean more to beat them.  Mick talks about seeing Shane frustrated when they took one of their picks, but it did happen to them a few times.

Heath Slater is in a room by himself and the lights are turned out and the door is locked.

We go to credits.

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