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By Richard Trionfo on 2016-07-19 23:01:00

In addition to the official move to Tuesday night, WWE will be presenting additional draft coverage on the WWE Network with a Pre Show looking at the draft as well as an hour program after Smackdown ends with additional draft picks. 

Make sure to check out all of the coverage on PWInsider for the draft and Smackdown's Tuesday debut.  Dave Scherer has his blog and Mike Johnson will update the picks as they are made.

This report will include the PreShow, Smackdown, and Post Show Coverage.

We are in Worcester, Massachusetts and your host is Renee Young.  She is joined by Corey Graves, Booker T, and Lita.

Corey says the WWE will look different in a few hours.  He reminds everyone of the ongoing Draft coverage on the WWE Network.

Booker says there are butterflies churning.  He remembers the days when he was part of the draft.

Lita says she was also in that position and you have no idea what is next.

Booker says he is interested in seeing who is going to be the number one pick because it means big money.

Renee mentions that we will see Dean Ambrose versus Seth Rollins for the WWE Title after what happened on Raw.  Corey mentions that John Cena will face Luke Gallows tonight.

We take a look at the announcements of the General Managers from last night's Raw.

Renee asks which show got the better General Manager. 

Lita says that you had people excited for Foley, but they went crazy for Daniel's announcement.

Booker says that Daniel is from the new era so he can connect with the locker room.  Mick has been around for a long time.  Will he try to rejuvenate things?

Renee wonders how the Commissioners and General Managers will work together.

Corey says that Stephanie would have preferred to run the show on her own but Vince said she needed a GM.  Booker wonders if Mick is a Yes Man.  Corey says that maybe she earned some fans by choosing Mick.

Renee explains the rules of the draft.  Raw picks first.  Raw gets three picks for every two Smackdown picks.  Tag teams can be picked as a group if the General Manager wants.  Six people will be picked from NXT.

Renee asks the strategy for the first pick.

Corey says you need to start with a proven commodity.  There are some people in NXT who will have a long career, but you want a blend of both.

Lita says you need to pick the champion.

Renee mentions that the title can change hands tonight.

Booker says you need to have a safe pick who will weather that storm.

We are back and Renee sends it to Tom Phillips in the back and he is with Dean Ambrose.

Tom asks Dean if he has a preference for which show to go to.  On Raw, you have Mick Foley and there could be some crazy matches.  But Stephanie is on Raw and that shrill voice and bad attitude.  Imagine having to hear that every day.  He would love to run her out of the business.  Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan have some big ideas.  Dean says some times you just have to sit back and see where things take you.

Tom asks Dean about his match against Seth Rollins.  He says he is swimming upstream against the current.  They went to war last night.  He says there should not be draws or ties.  He would have wrestled until 4:00 AM, but he will finish it tonight.  He walks in as champion and will walk out champion.

Renee wonders what would happen if you draft Dean and he loses the title tonight. 

Lita says that you need to adapt to the picks based on what the other show does.

Booker is asked what would he do with Dean Ambrose and Booker says he would let him loose.  He says Dean does not mind going out to fight.  He is more suited for Smackdown, but he would fit fine on Raw.

We take a look at the reason why we have the rematch between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins on Smackdown.

Renee asks about the controversy and Booker says there was no controversy.  Both men had their shoulders on the mat so it was a draw.  Corey agrees with Booker and says they went to the video replay and both men had their shoulders down.  Corey says this is a mistake for Dean because he almost lost last night.  He thinks Seth beats Dean tonight to win the title.

Renee asks what do you do with Seth if he wins.  Lita says she expects both men to be drafted early so we have to wait and see.

Corey mentions that a lot of people are picking Seth Rollins number one.

Renee mentions the top male wrestlers available for the draft.

Booker mentions that someone can be a late pick and make an impression.

Lita says by being on one brand, you get bumped up.  Lita mentions that Smackdown can take the Wyatt Family or New Day to add to the roster.

Renee mentions that the Lucha Dragons have split up and she asks if that was a good strategy.

Booker mentions that when it was time to move on into singles work, he got his brother's blessing.  He says they will be rooting for each other.

Lita says it is a chance for some tag team wrestlers to make it on their own.

Booker says both shows will have a hell of a roster.

Booker says there could be trades in addition to the draft.

The panel talks about the situation with Sasha Banks and Charlotte.  We see the many matches that Sasha has had with Dana Brooke over the last few weeks.

Sasha Banks is in a handicap match tonight against Charlotte and Dana Brooke.

Renee asks if separating the women will affect things.

Renee brings up the NXT contingent and whether they will be a factor on Smackdown tonight.

Booker says he likes things the way they are now with the women.  He says he loves it when women fight.

Renee brings up the idea of the WWE and Women's Title on the same show.

Corey says that is good drafting skill.  Do you create another championship if your show does not get a championship on your show.

We see the women available for the draft.

Tom Phillips is with Natalya in the interview area.  He asks Natalya to explain why she should be drafted on their show.  She says that she has been carrying the women's division for the last eight years.  The General Manager should want the most dominant female on their show and they should have Natalya being their champion.

Renee asks Corey which woman she would take first.  She says either Charlotte or Sasha, but since they were picked by Booker and Lita.  He is told to pick someone and he goes with Charlotte.

We go to commercial.

Greg Hamilton is with the New Day in the interview area.  Big E offers some BOOTY-Os to Greg but pulls them away.  Xavier says whatever show gets them will be blessed with their presence.  Kofi says each brand will try to outdo the other.  Kofi says they will go as a unit.  Greg mentions that Xavier faces Bray Wyatt tonight. 

Xavier mentions the match at Battleground and it is time to get serious tonight.

Renee mentions the tag teams that are available in the draft.

Corey mentions that the tag teams on the main roster are deep, but there are teams in NXT who might come up.

Renee brings up teams being separated and the benefits.

Booker says you need to look at the individual members of the team.  The teams are usually different styles of wrestlers.

Renee asks which tag team would you want to separate.

Corey says Enzo and Cass.

Lita mentions the Wyatts being separated 

Booker says he would not want to split up the New Day.  They don't work the same without each other.

Lita mentions that when you are part of a team and you are split up, it changes everything.

Booker says you don't have a lot of time to make friends if you want to be one of the greats.  You need to get your work in.

We take a look at the twelve man tag match from Raw.

Renee asks if they should separate the Club.

Lita says they have worked so well together so you don't want them on different shows.  Corey says that you want to keep them together.  They did not arrive together and they can succeed on their own.

Corey says he has never seen Xavier Woods with fear on his face like he saw earlier tonight.

Renee shows us a feature on the top ten draft day shockers.

Renee and Lita comment on the hair from back in the day.

Renee talks about the opportunities that some can have to try to be the face of WWE.  Renee asks who will be the one to be the next John Cena.

Booker says it is time for the new era to step up and be the guy in ten years.  Cena will not sleep on any of these young guys. 

Renee mentions everything Cena has done lately and whether he should be passed over at the top.

Corey says he sees four or five guys who could be in Cena's place in ten years.  Cena is not going to stop but there are a lot of options.

We look at the NXT wrestlers in Orlando at the Performance Center waiting to see if they will be drafted tonight.

Lita says that some of the guys in NXT like Samoa Joe, Finn Balor, or Shinsuke Nakamura could be the next guy.

Corey says some guys who have not been on television could be the next star.

Booker says they are nervous down in NXT.  He also says they are probably scared because of what can happen if they are picked.  

Sami Zayn is in the interview area with Tom Phillips.  Tom asks Sami about his preference.  Sami says he has no preference.  Both shows have their advantages and disadvantages.  He is looking forward to seeing who is on the same show with him.  He hopes Kevin Owens is not on the same show with him and he hopes that he is one pick ahead of Kevin Owens.

Tom asks Sami which NXT wrestler would be picked.  He says Finn Balor should be the number one pick from NXT.

Lita and Renee talk about how Kevin and Sami always take shots at each other and that was evident with Sami's comments.

Corey talks about how you need to move on from your top rivals to understand their potential.

Renee asks if Booker would want Zayn and Owens on the same show.  He says he would because it means ratings.  Zayn needs to think about checks and championships.  Go through whoever you need to in order to become a champion.  

Greg Hamilton is with the Social Outcasts.  They say they will go anywhere and they will be the number one pick.  Greg asks what would happen if the Social Outcasts were split up.  Curtis says if Greg asks another dumb question, he will split his lip.  Every time the Social Outcasts are on Raw or Smackdown, they are trending worldwide.  Bo says they are the three best friends.  Wherever they go, they go together.

Corey jokes about whether it is possible to go to Nitro.  Lita calls them a car crash.

Renee asks which Social Outcast you would choose if you have to pick one.  Booker does not want to answer the question.  Corey says he would take Heath Slater.  Heath has been on the cusp of something big.  With the new found confidence, maybe this is what he needs.  

Renee goes over the draft rules again.

Renee asks who should Smackdown draft first.  Booker says if he had to take one person, it would be Randy Orton.  He has proven himself and he is the guy who can take the company to the top.   Corey says he would take Seth Rollins number one.  Booker wants three reasons.  Corey says his age, what he can do in the ring now, and what he can do for ten years.  It is not because Seth is his friend.  Booker says he takes nothing away from Seth Rollins, but his success is due to the Authority.  He has not proven how good he really is.  He wants that history making match where he can say he did it on his own.

Lita says Seth and Dean will be good first picks.  She says you need a backup because there might be some loopholes or surprises.

Renee asks about sleeper picks.

Booker says Samoa Joe would be a sleeper.  Booker says he has been in the ring with him so he knows how tough he is.  Corey says Baron Corbin. 

We see Stephanie McMahon come out on the stage and she is in a red dress with Raw on the side of it.  Mick Foley comes out to join Stephanie.

Lita says there is so much talent in NXT.

Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan make their way onto the stage and Shane has new shoes.

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