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By Mike Johnson on 2016-06-19 20:30:00

John Cena vs. AJ Styles.

The crowd obviously saw this as a major deal.  They were more into this then anything else on the show thus far.  Lots of back and forth chanting with true emotion, not just the Pavlonian "Let's go Cena, Cena sucks" deal.

They locked up and Styles controlled him early.  Styles even did a single leg takedown and ran around the ring in circles to play off the idea that he was going to run circles around John.  Huge AJ chant for that.  Styles grabbed a headlock and went for the same move but this time, Cena nailed a series of deep armdrags and monkey flipped the hell out of AJ.  He went for the AA but AJ nailed him with a hard right forearm.  They began fighting back and forth with strikes.  Styles unloaded with chops.

Styles controlled Cena, who caught him with a belly to belly suplex for a one count.   Cena and Styles went to the floor.  He sent Styles into the stairs but he leapt over them and returned to the ring.  Cena charged but was cut off with a kick and kneed down on the mat.   Styles nailed Cena with a right hand that sent him to the mat.  Styles nailed a big kneedrop for a two count.  The story was that anytime Cena started to build momentum, Styles had him scouted and was able to counter.

Styles controlled Cena and asked if that was all he had to offer.  Cena nailed a right hand that rocked Styles and followed up with several more.  He sent AJ into the turnbuckles but missed a charge, hitting his shoulder against the buckles.  Styles punted him in the gut.  Cena caught Styles with a huge backdrop as he rebounded off the ropes.  Cena drilled Styles with a shoulderblock but before he could nail another, Styles cut him off.  Styles cinched in a side chinlock.

Cena fought his way to his feet and nailed a series of shoulder tackles.  He went for the Blue Thunder Bomb but Styles slipped out and nailed an enziguiri.  Styles missed a charge in the corner, allowing for the Thunder Bomb to finally be executed.  The crowd booed the hell out of that.  Cena set up for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but Cena was caught and nailed with a rana out of the ring.  Cena nailed a pescado into a forearm to the floor.  Styles went for a dive, but Cena moved out of the way, leaving AJ to crash and burn.

Styles was picked up for the AA but Styles furiously nailed elbows to escape, followed by a rapid fire series of strikes.  Cena fought back and locked in the STF in the center of the ring.  Styles teased tapping briefly but crawled his way to the ropes to break the hold.   Styles snapped Cena on the ropes and ascended to the top rope.  Cena nailed him with a right hand to the mid-section to cut him off.  Cena went to the top and attempted a superplex but AJ slipped underneath and took out Cena's legs from under him, causing him to fall while snapping his head down on the buckles.

Cena was able to take out AJ and placed him on the top.  He attempted to hit an AA off the ropes but Styles fought his way out.  He nailed Cena back into the ring.  Styles went for the Phenomenal Forearm but Cena caught him and went for the AA but AJ rolled through and locked in the Calf Crusher.  Cena teased tapping, but he too made it to the ropes.

The crowd chanted for Styles as he continued to lay it into Cena.  They were selling that Cena's leg was hurt.  Cena drilled him with a big clothesline.  He goes for the AA and teased his knee would go out but finally hit the move with Styles kicking out at the very last second.  Great stuff!  Cena acted as if the knee was bothering him.

Cena went to the top for the Alabama Jam but Styles dropped him in a powerbomb in a rough looking moment as they crashed into each other.  Styles covered him but Cena kicked up at the last second.   They began fighting back and forth with right hands.  Styles nailed the Pele Kick and went for the Styles Clash and nailed it for a CLOSE near fall.  GREAT STUFF!

Styles went for the springboard 450 splash but Cena pulled his knees up but was too spent to really use that to his advantage by going for a pinfall.  Cena went for the AA.  Styles went for the Styles Clash.  Cena escape and hit the AA.  They went back and forth.  The referee was bumped as Styles was swung around for an AA.  Cena nailed it but there was no referee.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson hit the ring and nailed the Magic Killer on Cena.  Styles covered Cena and scored the pin.

Your winner, AJ Styles!

A great match, although the interference at the end certainly leaves an asterisk on everything but the work ethic involved.  This was clearly a major deal to the live audience and each guy put on a career-level performance.  In some ways, it reminded me of Shawn Michaels vs. Mick Foley at In Your House Mind Games in that there was this epic first time match with a lame finish.  Cena was on one leg and couldn't lose clean?  WWE could have made Styles so hot and Cena would have gotten some legitimate sympathy and respect coming out of this, but it was not to be.  Even JBL was crapping on the ending.

Chris Jericho vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Cesaro vs. Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens vs. Alberto Del Rio - Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

Everyone brawled at the bell.  Ambrose worked over Jericho in the ring.  He ducked a clothesline and nailed a dive onto Owens on the floor.  Jericho pulled a ladder into the ring but Cesaro nailed him with an uppercut.  ADR nailed Cena with a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker.  Cesaro returned the favor.  He nailed a big boot on ADR and hit a flip into a ladder that Jericho was holding to the floor.  Zayn hit a tope con hilo over the top to the floor on everyone.

Owens and Zayn battled over a ladder on the floor.  Zayn was drilled backwards into the ring apron with it.  Owens teased running up the ladder on him but instead superkicked the trapped Zayn.  Jericho brought a ladder into the ring.  Cesaro went to hit a flying bodypress but it went weird.  Jericho picked him up and dumped him on the ladder.  Jericho was attacked by Ambrose and slammed on the ladder.  Jericho made a comeback and trapped Ambrose inside the ladder, beating him with it.

Del Rio attacked Jericho.  He set the ladder against the ringpost.  Cesaro returned and nailed running forearms in the corner n all three.  The crowd loved all of this.  Owens slipped in and nailed a superkick to cut him off, then sent him facefirst into the ladder.  Owens began nailing cannonballs but Zayn caught him and nailed an exploder into Jericho in the corner.  He began unloading with a series of Helluva kicks.

With everyone dazed, Zayn pulled a ladder into the ring.  He set it up and began climbing up for the briefcase.  ADR pulled him down and nailed a superkick.   He tied up Zayn in the corner upside down.  ADR grabbed a ladder and smashed it into Ambrose on the floor.  He placed it across the bottom turnbuckle where Zayn was hung upside down and kicked it into Zayn over and over.  Owens returned to the fray but was kicked off.  Cesaro returned to the battle but was hung upside down across the ladder and hit with a double stomp.  ADR climbed the ladder and when Jericho went to stop him, he came off with a double stomp on Jericho, who went down grabbing his knee.

ADR went to the top of the ladder.  Cesaro met him but ADR grabbed him with a cross armbreaker hanging off the ladder.  Owens superkicked ADR as he hung upside down.  Cesaro nailed Owens.  Ambrose caught him with Dirty Deeds.  Jericho raced up the ladder but Ambrose pulled him down.  Jericho took him down with a Codebreaker off the ladder.

Jericho climbed to the top of the ladder but just as he made it, Zayn met him and they exchanged punches.  Owens shoved the ladder over, sending them into the ropes.  Owens went to climb up but was nailed with the Backstabber off the ladder.   ADR went to set up the ladder but was nailed with a leaping forearm.  Cesaro grabbed him with the big swing.  Jericho went for The Codebreaker but Cesaro stopped him and nailed the big swing, smashing him into a ladder in the corner.  Cesaro set up a ladder in the corner but Ambrose nailed him and went to the top, coming off with a flying elbow on Cesaro.

Owens smashed Ambrose in the back with a ladder, then placed him atop of it.  Owens nailed a splash off the top across the ladder.     Owens and Zayn battled back and forth with punches.  Zayn slammed Owens down with a Michinoku Driver onto a ladder that was laying on it's side (not flat on the mat).  Zayn climbed the ladder to the top and went to grab it but ADR began smashing him over and over with another ladder.  He was pulled off the ladder and nailed with a DDT.  ADR bridged a smaller ladder from the larger one to the buckles  He climbed it, looking to use it as a bridge.  Zayn met him and they battled.

Jericho got involved.  Cesaro bridged another smaller ladder.  Cesaro and Ambrose battled on one bridge.  ADR and Zayn on the other.  Jericho and Owens on top of the big ladder.  Cesaro brought a second large ladder in. He and ADR raced up it but it was shoved over by the others, who were left battling on the first ladder .  Ambrose and Jericho battled and fell off the ladder.  Zayn knocked Owens off and went to the top of the ladder.  He almost had it but Jericho nailed him down.  Jericho almost had it but Dean nailed him and hit Dirty Deeds off the bridged ladder.

Zayn climbed back to the top of the ladder but was pulled down by Owens, who powerbombed him atop the bridged ladder.  He screamed it was his and kicked off Zayn.  He went to the top and battled with Ambrose, who met him there.  Owens was pulled into the ladder and crashed down.  Ambrose retrieved the briefcase.

Your winner, Dean Ambrose!

Great and insane ladder match with all sorts of crazy bumps and phenomenal performances from everyone involved.

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