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By Mike Johnson on 2016-06-19 20:30:00

Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler went for single leg takedowns but Corbin grabbed the ropes every time that was attempted.   Corbin tossed him out of the ring but Ziggler went for a superkick, which was evaded.  Ziggler went for a neckbreaker but was tagged with a big right hand.  Corbin choked him against the ropes.  Corbin was sent into the corner but slid under the ropes to the floor, returned to the ring and nailed a clothesline for a two count.   He tried to force Ziggler to submit with a half nelson but Ziggler fought his way out.  He was snapped across the top turnbuckle and mounted.  Corbin drilled him with punches then enforced his will by stepping across the back of Ziggler's neck.  The crowd chanted, "Boring."

Corbin drilled Ziggler back to the mat and played to the crowd.   Ziggler came back to life with headbutts and elbows   He nailed the Stinger Splash in the corner and caught him with a neckbreaker.   He dropped an elbow for a two count.  Corbin counted the Famouser and a superkick impression, then drilled a lariat for a two count.  Corbin missed a charge into the corner and nailed his shoulder on the ringpost.  Ziggler nailed the Famouser and scored a two count.

Ziggler sets up for the superkick but Corbin saw it coming and went to the floor.  Ziggler charged and went to dive off the stairs but stumbled.  Corbin caught him and slammed Ziggler.  Ziggler was almost counted out but was made it back at the last second.  Corbin stomped and kicked at Ziggler, then pulled him up before drilling him back to the mat with a right hand to the face.  They went through several counters and Ziggler nailed the superkick and fell atop of him for the pin but Corbin got his shoulder up.

Ziggler went to the top but was nailed and cut off while on the top.  Corbin went for a superplex but Ziggler nailed punches and headbutts to send him back to the mat.  Ziggler went to dive off the ropes but Corbin crotched him and sent him crashing down to the ring.  Corbin nailed him with the End of Days and scored the clean win.

Your winner, Baron Corbin!

Just a very good, hard-hitting, physical match.  This was far and away Corbin's best showing since debuting on the main roster.  Really good match!

Becky Lynch & Natalya vs. WWE Women's champion Charlotte & Dana Brooke

Natalya and Brooks started out.  Natalya was in control.  She went for a dropkick on a seated Brooke and came up a little short.  She and Lynch nailed the Hart Attack finisher on Brooke, followed by a double hip toss.  Brooke rolled out to the floor.  She and Charlotte tried to figure out new strategy but were nailed with a double sliding kick.  

Charlotte tagged in and was able to score a big boot on Natalya when Brooke grabbed her leg.    Charlotte scored with a series of kicks in the corner.  She and Brooke tagged in and out, working on Natalya.   Brooke placed her foot atop Natalya, disrespecting her while scoring a two count.  Charlotte tagged back in and cinched in a side headlock.   Natalya fired her way out with elbows.  She went to make a tag but the champ knocked Lynch off the apron.

Charlotte worked over Natalya with chops in the corner.  Natalya drilled Brooke with an elbow, sending her off the apron.  She fought off Charlotte but before she could make the tag, Charlotte dove atop of her.  Natalya finally broke free and tagged in Lynch.  Lynch was a house of fire.  She snapped Charlotte with an exploder and scored a two count until Brooke nailed her.  Lynch came off the ropes with a double missile dropkick on Charlotte and Brooke.  She tagged in Natalya.  They went for a double suplex but the champ landed on her feet and took out Lynch.

She and Natalya went back and forth.  Natalya went for The Sharpshooter but Brooke grabbed her by the hair.  Lynch grabbed Brooke, who was able to send Lynch and Natalya into each other, cracking heads.  Charlotte hit Natural Selection on Natalya and scored the pin.

Your winners, WWE Women's champion Charlotte & Dana Brooke!

After the match, Lynch was trying to comfort Natalya, who attacked her and beat the crap out of her in the corner, before walking off crying.  The idea was she was upset and was taking it out on Lynch.

Match was OK.  Brooke looked really green here, which she obviously is.  Lynch looked like a hell of a babyface here.  Charlotte and Natalya were their usual selves.

Dean Ambrose was interviewed about Money in the Bank.  He said he's not really a strategy guy.  He said that MITB was the jungle.  He said the rules were to survive.  He said there is no fear or hesitation and the briefcase was his.  He said he was the king of the jungle.  He said he had no comment on the WWE title match except Roman Reigns was going to have fun beating up Rollins.  "Beating up Seth is fun - trust me, I know."  He smirked and walked off.

Sheamus vs. Apollo Crews

Sheamus went right after him before the bell, pissed and physical.  I like it. He took down Crews with a side headlock but Apollo reversed.  Crew fought back and went Sheamus to the floor.  He went to follow but was caught and nailed with the Irish Curse backbreaker off the apron to the floor.  Sheamus drilled him with a stiff kick and sent him back into the ring.

Sheamus stalked him in the ring and caught him with a short arm clothesline.  He nailed another.  Crews nailed some body shots while attempting to stop the momentum but was grabbed in a side chinlock and rode to the mat.  Apollo fought his way out and nailed a kick but was taken right back down with a big clothesline.  Sheamus set him up with a series of shots across the chest.and went back to the side chinlock.  Sheamus was rolled up for a two count and kicked off as he nailed a charge in the corner.

Crews finally nailed a series of running clotheslines and a splash in the corner.  He nailed a flying bodypress and an enziguiri for a close two count.  Sheamus went for another clothesline but was stopped and nailed with an overhead belly to belly out of the ring to the floor.  Crews nailed a standing moonsault off the apron to the floor on Sheamus, then dumped him back in the ring for a two count.

Sheamus used the ropes to break the momentum and scored a hard elbow and a slam for a two count.  Apollo nailed several forearms and went to the ropes but was cut off.  Sheamus went for White Noise off the ropes and nailed it but Crews kicked out, which enraged Sheamus.  He argued with the referee, allowing Crews to shock him with a crucifix and score the pin.

Your winner, Apollo Crews!

Solid match with a good story.  I wish Crews' win had been more of an exclamation point instead of a period, but beyond that it was good. 

They showed Roman Reigns preparing for the main event.

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