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By Joe Chmielewski on 2016-06-13 08:48:00

Just got home from seeing Ring of Honor at the Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee, what a great show! They get better every time they come here and I can't wait for them to come again.

Cheeseburger beat Danny Duggan.

Only in ROH do you get one of the loudest pops of the night for a dark match. Your typical Burger match with the desired result. That guy is super over.

Then the show started, and I have to say, ring announcer Scarlett Bordeaux is pretty brave for wearing the outfits she does, not that I'm complaining. There were some jerks catcalling and whistling every time she got in the ring, which got old fast.

Kevin Kelly and BJ Whitmer are on commentary and out comes Steve Corino, who tells us Adam Cole is hospitalized and the main event has changed to The Young Bucks vs Jay Lethal and Colt Cabana. He then cuts a promo on BJ talking about their Fight Without Honor at Best in the World. BJ gets on the mic and they banter a little bit, I can't wait for that match.

ROH Tag Team Champions The Addiction beat Juice Robinson and Kamiatchi

Decent opener with the champs playing dirty and getting the win, nothing special in this match. Juice and Kamiatchi got a nice ovation at the end of the match. Hopefully ROH holds onto Robinson.

Dalton Castle beat Will Ferrara

Huge pop for Castle, some really funny moments in the beginning with Ferrara trying to get over with the crowd. Dalton is certainly a unique talent. He got the win with a deadlift belly to back suplex.

The Motor City Machine Guns beat Moose and Lio Rush

Really good, competitive match. The crowd was into all four wrestlers and everyone put in a great effort. The MCMG hit all their spots and got the pin on Rush. I was very impressed with Lio Rush and he got a standing ovation at the end of the match.

Donovan Dijak w/ Prince Nana beat Trent Baretta

OK match, it was clear who was going to win, The crowd was really rooting for Baretta (except me, I don't like RPG Vice) but Dijak is on the rise. There were some super stiff spots in this match and he won with a brutal chokeslam. Nana was also great yelling at the crowd and the ref.

Kyle O'Reilly beat ACH, Roderick Strong, and Michael Elgin in a four-corner survival match

Easily the best match of the night, it started out nice and slow and built up until it was just at a crazy pace. Everyone busted their butts in this match, and I have to say it's a treat to watch Kyle O'Reilly do his thing. I hope they realize that and put a singles title on that guy. The finish came with O'Reilly tapping out ACH with the armbar.

The Addiction were working at the merchandise table during the intermission, you couldn't get anywhere near that place.

BJ Whitmer came out after the intermission and talked about how he was told that he can't have any interaction with Steve Corino before Best in the World, but unfortunately heard that Steve ran into some bad luck backstage. Out come two big guys with a beaten, handcuffed and gagged Corino. BJ tells him that he is more evil than Corino and he has been planning this for two and a half years and he will be sorry he was ever born after BITW. He then uses Cornio's line and tells him that he's an evil man. Prince Nana was on commentary from this point on, replacing Whitmer. They are doing a great job of building up the BJ vs. Corino match, I will be putting my money down to see it.

War Machine beat Jared Jackson and Curt Stallion.

I don't get to a lot of the indy wrestling around Miilwaukee, these guys were obviously regulars at one of the local promotions (I'm going to guess Brew City Wrestling since the Beer City Bruiser wrestles there all the time). It was just a plain squash, the crowd was into War Machine.

ROH Television Champion Bobby Fish beat Rocky Romero

This was a pretty decent match, Dalton Castle was on commentary and Fish and Castle stared off before the match started, but the booth is up in the balcony so nothing happened. Some really solid mat wrestling here, again most of the crowd (except me) were behind Romero, but it was clear that the TV champ going into a PPV was going over.

Silas Young and the Beer City Bruiser beat The Briscoes and ANX in the Tag War Finals

They said the winners' title shots would be on the 25th, which I assume is the TV tapings the night after BITW. I was really surprised that Silas and BCB went over here. They were obviously super over with the crowd in Milwaukee. Kenny King was bantering with some of the fans from his corner that were heckling him. There was a lot of brawling and crazy dives in this match and it was well done all around. Silas his Misery on Rhett Titus followed by the BCB hitting the frog splash for the pin (which was very impressive). As soon as the match was over the Addiction jumped Silas and the Bruiser and beat them down, but they fought back and eventually ran then off, the crowd was super into it.

ROH World Champion Jay Lethal and Colt Cabana beat The Young Bucks in the main event

The Bucks are over the moon popular, almost to the point where it was kind of irritating with the constant chanting. I might be biased because I paid pretty much to see Jay Lethal wrestle. Cabana and Lethal were reluctant to team up, obviously and the Bucks were being their cocky arrogant selves. It was a very good match with the Bucks doing all their schtick. Cabana had to save Lethal from being pinned several times. The finish saw Jay and Colt eventually work together and Lethal hit a Double Lethal Injection on both Bucks for the win. I expected a run-in from someone in the Bullet Club, like Adam Page at some point, but it didn't happen.

After the match Cabana picked up the belt and the tension between he and Lethal was back. Eventually he gave him back the title and they posed victorious, Lethal wanted Cabana to leave first and they went back and forth getting back in the ring and posing again, eventually when Cabana wouldn't go to the back before Lethal, he just stormed off and that was it.

If you have never been to a live Ring of Honor show, you need to go. I am looking forward to them coming back soon and I am ready for Best in the World!

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