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By Richard Trionfo on 2016-06-08 21:57:00

Welcome to's coverage of NXT Takeover:  The End from Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida.  Remember to follow all of the coverage, including blogs and audio for the show.

We start off the show with a video package recapping the history of NXT in Full Sail.  

Your announcers are Corey Graves and Tom Phillips.

Match Number One:  Tye Dillinger versus Andrade 'Cien' Almas

Dillinger with a waist lock take down and Almas with a reversal but Dillinger with an escape.  Dillinger with a take down and a near fall.  Dillinger with a cartwheel and he gives himself a ten.   Dillinger with a wrist lock.  Dillinger with an Irish whip but Almas with a float over.  Almas with a drop kick to Dillinger when he drops down.   Almas with a head scissors and Dillinger goes to the floor.  Almas teases a dive and when Dillinger moves, Almas gets himself into the ropes.  Almas goes for an O'Connor roll but Dillinger holds on to the ropes.  Dillinger with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker for a near fall.

Dillinger with a hard Irish whip and a chop.  Dillinger puts Almas on the turnbuckles and Dillinger sets for a belly-to-back superplex, but Almas with elbows and Dillinger goes to the mat.  Almas goes for a moonsault but Dilliniger moves so Almas lands on his feet and hits a standing moonsault for a near fall.  Almas with forearms and then he does a headstand on the turnbuckles and Dillinger with a super kick and he gets a near fall.  Dillinger pulls down the knee pad but Almas escapes.  Dillinger with an elbow.  Almas with a handspring double knee strike followed by a bulldog and a running knee strike in the corner for the three count.

Winner:  Andrade 'Cien' Almas

Tom mentions that Triple H will be interviewed on Facebook Live after Takeover.

We see Nia Jax getting ready in the back for her match against Asuka.

Match Number Two:  NXT Tag Team Title Match:  American Alpha (Chad Gable and Jason Jordan) versus The Revival (Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson)

Gable and Dawson start things off.  They try to get the leverage advantage and Wilder tags in.  They lock up and Wilder wtih a top wrist lock and Gable with a bridge.  Gable gets back to a vertical base but Wilder pulls the hair and Dawson is tagged in and Wilder with a kick and Dawson with a chop and forearm.  Gable and Dawson exchange forearms.  Gable floats over and Dawson with a shoulder tackle for a near fall.  Dawson with another shoudler tackle and he gets a near fall.  Gable with an arm drag and head scissors followed by a take down.  Jorgdan tags in and drop kicks Dawson and then Wilder as Jordan gets a near fall on Dawson.

Jordan with an arm bar on Dawson.  Dawson with a forearm across the chest and Wilder tags in but all four men get in the ring and we have a stand off.  All four men go at it in the ring and then Dawson and Wilder go to the floor.  Dawson and Wilder go back into the ring and Jordan and Gable go after them.  Gable and Jordan avoid belly-to-back suplexes and then Gable and Jordan with stereo ankle locks.  Dawson and Wilder go to the floor to regroup.

Wilder goes after Jordan but Jordan with a waist lock and take down for a near fall.  Jordan with an arm bar and Gable tags in.  Jordan with a fireman's carry and Gable with a knee drop to the arm for a near fall.  Gable wtih an arm bar.  Wilder with a rake of the eyes while the referee deals with Dawson.  Dawson tags in and Gable tries for a back slide and he gets a naer fall.  Gable wtih a rollup for a near fall.  Dawson with an elbow and Gable goes to the floor and then Dawson attacks Jordan.  Gable with a double flying clothesline followed by a double drop kick and then Dawson and Wilder are clotheslined over the top rope to the floor.

Gable with an atomic drop to Dawson but Gable is hot shot onto the top rope and Dawson gets a near fall.  Wilder tags in and they work over Gable in the corner.  Dawson is tagged in and Wilder with a drop toe hold and Dawson with an elbow drop for a near fall.  Dawson with a key lock.  Gable tries to get to his corner but Dawson with a slam but he misses elbow drops.  Gable goes to the floor and he punches Dawson.  Wilder is stopped by Gable.  Gable with a sunset flip for a near fall.  Dawson stops Gable from making the tag and then Dawson with a spinebuster for a near fall.  

Dawson gets Gable on his shoulders and then he drops Gable onto Wilder's knee for a near fall.  Wilder with a European uppercut and an arm bar.  Gable with forearms but he cannot make the tag.  Wilder wtih a shoulder and he puts Gable on the turnbuckles and chops him.  Gable with a cross arm breaker in the ropes and both men go to the floor.  Dawson sends Wilder back into the ring and he makes the tag.  Gable is prevented from making the tag and Gable kicks Jordan to teh floor.  Wilder holds Gable and Dawson hits a leg drop from the turnbuckles for a near fall.  Gable with punches but Dawson sends Gable back into his corner.  Wilder tags in and Gable makes the tag to Jordan and Jordan with clotheslines to Dawson and Wilder.  

The straps are down and Jordan with a running shoulder to Wilder follwoed by an exploder for a near fall.  Jordan gets Wilder up for a slam but Wilder gets to his feet and then Wilder goes for a suplex but Jordan blocks it.  Dawson tags in and goes for a sunset flip from the top for a near fall.  Dawson with European uppercuts to Jordan as he taunts Gable on the apron.  Gable tags in while Jordan tries for a backslide.  Jordan with a drop kick to assist the German suplex from Gable for a near fall.

Wilder pulls Jordan off the apron and then Dawson tries for a DDT but Gable holds on to the ropes.  Gable with an ankle lock but Dawson kicks Gable away.  Wilder hits Gable on the floor wtih an uppercut but Dawson gets a near fall with a rollup.  Wilder tags in and he picks up Gable for a bulldog but Gable counters with a belly-to-belly suplex and Gable gets a near fall that is broken up by Wilder.  Wilder goes for an O'Connor roll but Jordan tags in.  Dawson makes the save on Grand Amplitude but The Revival hit Shatter Machine on Jordan for the three count.

Winners:  Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder

Gable and Jordan are in the ring as they figure out what happened and they are attack from behind by two men in black .  They work over Jordan and Gable in the corners.  They send Gable and Jordan into each other and then they hit splashes on Gable in the corner.  They have Gable up in the air and they hit Gable with a running boot to the head.  They hit a side Russian leg sweep and clothesline combination on Jordan.  Paul Ellering emerges from the back and he appears to be their manager.

Paul takes his men to the back.

We see Asuka in the back getting ready for her match and Bayley stops by and they shake hands.

We have a video package for the Shinsuke Nakamura versus Austin Aries match.

Match Number Three:  Shinsuke Nakamura versus Austin Aries

They stare each other down and circle each other before locking up.  Nakamura with a front face lock and Aries goes for the leg.  Nakamura with a take down and Aries with a front face lock.  Aries wtih a wrist lock, but Nakamura with a reversal.  Aries tries to reverse and he succeeds.  Nakamura with a head scissors and Aries tries for a drop kick after escaping, but Nakamura watched Aries' tapes so he moved out of the way.

Nakamura backs Aries into the ropes and Nakamura rubs Aries' taped ribs.  Aries with an arm drag and hits a drop kick,  Aries tries for the Last Chancery but Nakamura gets out of the hold.  Nakamura with knees and a cravate.  Nakamura with a knee drop.  Nakamura with boots in the corner and he does it a second time but when he goes for a third one, Aries grabs the leg and hits an atomic drop on the knee.  Aries punches Nakamura.

Aries sends Nakamura into the turnbuckles and then Aries with a drop kick in the corner.  Aries goes to the turnbuckles and he connects with an elbow to the back and he gets a near fall.  Aries with a chin lock.  Aries with a knee to the midsection.  Aries goes to the apron for a slingshot sent but Nakamura gets his knees up to counter Aries.  Nakamura with elbows but he runs into an elbow from Aries.  Aries with an elbow drop from the turnbuckles for a near fall.  

Aries with a knee to the back and  a chin lock.  Aries with more knees to the back and a forearm for a near fall.  Aries kicks Nakamura in the leg to get him on the mat and Aries with a cravate and he bends Nakamura back.  Nakamura with a knee to the midsection and an enzuigiri.  Aries with a forearm but Nakamura with forearms and kicks.  Nakamura with knees in the corner and then he puts Aries on the turnbuckles and connects with a running knee to the midsection for a near fall.  Nakamura with a waist lock but Aries holds on to the ropes and connects with elbows.  Aries with a chop.  Nakamura wtih a knee to the midsection and Aries with a rollup for a near fall.  Aries with knees to the head but Nakamura gets to his feet.  

Aries goes for a back slide but then he connects with a forearm to the throat.  Nakamura goes to the floor and Aries with a suicide dive onto Nakamura.  Aries gets a near fall.  Aries pulls Nakamura towards the corner but Nakamura pulls Aries down by the wrap and Nakamura with a triangle choke.  Aries gets to the ropes and Nakamura has to release the hold.  Nakamura with knees to the head and then Nakamura with a gourdbuster and Nakamura sets for a Shining Wizard but Aries moves.  Aries with an atomic drop to the knee and German suplex into the Last Chancery.  Nakamura is able to get to the ropes.

Aries hits the running drop kick into the corner and then Aries goes up top for the 450 splash but Nakamura moves.  Aries rolls through but Nakamura puts Aries on the turnbuckles.  Aries avoids the knee and boxes the ears.  Aries and Nakamura fight to the apron and they exchange forearms.  Nakamura wtih kicks and an enzuigiri.  Aries gets Nakamura on his shoulders and hits a Death Valley Driver onto the apron.

The referee starts his count.  Aries misses a suicide dive and hits the guardrails.  Nakamura goes to the turnbuckles for a knee to the back from the turnbuckles and then he hits a reverse exploder.  Nakamura hits Kinshasa for the three count.

Winner:  Shinsuke Nakamura

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