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By Mike Johnson on 2016-05-14 19:23:00

Gedo & Trent Baretta vs. The Motor City Machineguns

Sabin and Baretta started out and exchanged holds before facing off.  Gedo and Shelley faced off.    The Machineguns cleared the ring.  Baretta and Gedo returned to the ring and this time, it was their turn to clear the ring.  Baretta came off the apron on Shelley.  Gedo snapmared him over and he and Baretta tagged out, working on Shelley for a long time.  Shelley finally sent them into each other and nailed a back suplex on Baretta en route to tagging in Sabin.

Sabin came in with a flying bodypress.  The Machineguns unloaded.  Sabin him a monkeyflip on Baretta, sending him into Gedo.  Sabin nailed a tope to the outside.  They went back and forth.  Sabin was accidentally clotheslined by Shelley. Gedo went for a superkick but was caught.  Sabin sent him into the corner.  Baretta nailed him with a leaping elbow in the corner.  Gedo nailed a back senton splash for a two count.

Baretta went for the Kryptonite Krunch but Shelley superkicked him.  They nailed the Dream Sequence in Gedo.  They nailed stereo boots in the corner on Baretta and pinned Gedo.

Your winners, The Motor City Machineguns.

Good, solid back and forth match.  Baretta may be one of the most underrated workers in the world right now.

 Jushin “Thunder” Liger & the Briscoes vs. Guerrillas of Destiny & “Hangman” Adam Page

Massive reaction to Liger's entrance. Liger and Page faced off to start the bout.  Page grabbed his noose.  The Briscoes joined Liger.  The Guerrillas hit the ring.  Everyone brawled to start.  Jay hit a great tope to the outside.  Mark and Page battled when they returned to the ring.  Mark shoulderblocked him down.  Tama Tonga tagged in but was caught and controlled by The Briscoes.

Liger tagged in.  He and Tonga faced off.  Liger sent him to the floor and teased a dive but was nailed with a knee from behind as he rebounded.  He was sent into the guard rail on the floor.  Camacho tagged in and he and Tama worked over Liger.  The crowd chanted for the legend to make a comeback.  They trapped Liger in the corner and triple-teamed him.  He fought his way out with some palm thrusts and tagged in Mark, who went crazy with chops and Redneck Kung Fu.

Mark nailed a leaping enziguiri on Camacho.  Tama took him out.  Jay hit the ring and peppered him with punches.  He nailed a hangman's neckbreaker.  Liger backdropped Page over the ropes to the floor and nailed a flip dive off the apron.  The crowd went nuts for that and chanted for him. Liger nailed a clothesline on Tama but was caught with a missile dropkick off the top by Page.  The Briscoes joined the fray but Page nailed an awesome flip into the ring into a clothesline on Mark.  Jay nailed an awesome Cactus Clothesline over the top to the floor on one of the Guerrillas.  Page hit a standing shooting press to the floor on everyone.  When he returned to the ring, he went for the flipping clothesline but was nailed with a palm thrust.

Liger nailed the Ligerbomb on Tonga.  Mark came off the top and scored the pin.

Your winners, Jushin Liger & The Briscoes!

Another really fun back and forth battle.  Page looked awesome.  The Briscoes and the Guerrillas looked good and Liger was well, Liger, so he was great as well.  Always awesome to see Liger!  He is an international treasure.

Another huge Liger chant after the match.  They played his theme out of respect.

During intermission, there was an angle where Taeler Hendrix attacked Mandy Leon at ringside and hit her with a DDT in the ring on a chair.  Leon was carried from the ring by security.

BJ Whitmer entered the ring after intermission and took the ring mic.   He began cutting a promo on Steve Corino.  The crowd chanted for him to "Shut the F*** up."   He said that Corino was a horrible husband and a horrible father.  He was getting a ton of heat and the crowd was drowning him out.  He said Corino doesn't know that what Whitmer showed him wasn't the only piece of video footage he had.  He said there was a lot more where that came from.

Corino, with theme music, came out with a chair.  The place went nuts and chanted "Steve Corino."  Security held him back.  Whitmer said he didn't want to wait for 6/24.  He wanted to go right now  He called Corino a "b**ch" and said he wasn't afraid of him.  Corino hit the ring but Whitmer left and said it would happen on his time.  Corino said everyone's been waiting three weeks.  He said if BJ wants to stalk his family and call him a b**ch, step in the ring.  He said he was going to beat the sh** out of Whitmer.  The crowd chanted, "You're a b**ch" at Whitmer.  Whitmer walked out. 

Good mic work from both.
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