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By Mike Johnson on 2016-05-14 19:23:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of Ring of Honor's War of the Worlds tour finale at Terminal 5 in NYC!


Nick Jackson will not be competing due to suffering several broken ribs.  He is off the New Japan tour that begins this Wednesday and will be replaced there by Chase Owens.  Jackson will be getting checked out by his doctor when he returns home to California tomorrow.  Thanks to Matthew Macklin.

Matt Jackson also suffered a broken hand but will be competing tonight.

As noted, Cedric Alexander is finishing tonight.

ROH has signed Prince Nana to a contract.

The Bucks' father is in attendance, so he survived the end of the Global Wars PPV.

Kevin Kelly and BJ Whitmer are handling commentary.  The show is being taped for DVD and VOD at

Tonight's show is completely sold out in advance.

As I was setting up, Cheeseburger and Davey Vega defeated Jay Diesel and Juan Francisco de Coronado, who has worked CHIKARA in the past.

The All Night Express vs. ReDragon

They faced off before the bell.  Kenn y King shoved Bobby Fish.  They locked up.  Kenny forced him against the ropes and broke clean.    He caught Fish with a right hand.  Fish responded with a spinkick to the mid-section.  They went back and forth until King used a drop toehold and cinched in a side headlock.    The crowd tried to rally Fish but Kenny cut him off.  Fish tried to cinch in an anklelock but Kenny made it to the ropes.

Titus and O'Reilly tagged in.  Titus took control and played to the crowd but Kyle grabbed him by the hair and pulled him backwards to the mat.  O'Reilly mocked him and locked in a submission but King hit the ring and broke it.   King was sent to the floor where Fish hit a rana on him.  O'Reilly caught Titus in the ropes with an armbar.  ReDragon double teamed Titus and tagged in and out.  Fish went for a dive to the floor but King nailed him with a knee to cut him off.  That allows Titus to take control and they trapped Fish in the Express' corner.

Fish tried to fight his way out but before he could make a tag, Titus knocked Kyle off the apron.  They worked over Fish, who caught Titus and suplexed him into King.  Hot tag to O'Reilly who unloaded with a flurry of kicks and punches.  Good fire from O'Reilly.  ReDragon unloaded on Titus and nailed the double-team backbreaker/flying knee off the ropes for a close two count.  The Express came back and nailed a series kicks on Fish for another two count.  They went back and forth with some furious exchanges until ReDragon scored the pin.

Your winners, ReDragon!

Hell of an opener.  Really good tag action.

Michael Elgin vs. Moose with Stokely Hathaway vs. Dalton Castle with the Boys vs. Lio Rush

Moose and Castle started out.  Moose overwhelmed him in the corner but Castle slipped out.  Moose tried to slam him but Castle slipped out and faced him with a fighting stance  The crowd was super into Castle.  Rush and Elgin tagged in and they went back and forth.  Castle and Rush were sent to the floor.  Elgin went for a dive but Castle got up the apron to stop him.  Elgin slingshot him into the air and powerslammed him, British Bulldog style.  Moose  nailed Elgin and went him to the floor  Moose teased a dive but Rush hit the ring and nailed a rana.  Moose came over the top with a crazy dive.

Everyone battled.   Moose caught Castle and went for a slam but Castle slipped out and nailed a big German suplex for a close two count.  The crowd chanted, "Holy sh**."  Elgin drilled Castle with a big boot and forearms.  Castle fired back with one of his own but was clotheslined down.  They all battled.  Rush went for a powerbomb out of the corner but Elgin held on and drilled him with right hands.  He placed Rush on his shoulders and came off with a big slam for another two count.

Moose began racking up offense, splashing both Elgin and Castle and then hit a flip off the ropes on them.  The crowd chanted, "Moose" with each punch.  Moose charged the corner but Castle kicked him off.  Castle went to the ropes but was caught and hit with a Sky High off the ropes.  Rush peppered Moose with forearms and kicks.   Moose elevated him for a move but was hit with a dropkick in mid-air.  Rush unloaded with all sorts of offense and hit a pair of dives and big moves.  He looked awesome.  He went to the top but was cut off by Moose.

Castle and Rush battled back and forth until Castle caught him with the inverted Whirlybird and scored the pin.

Your winner, Dalton Castle!

Another tremendous match with nothing but great wall to wall action and sequences.  Everyone looks awesome here.

IWGP Junior Heavyweight champion KUSHIDA vs. Silas Young (non-title)

Big KUSHIDA chant before he even came out.   Young took the mic and told the crowd to get it out of their system.  He said that he wanted KUSHIDA to enjoy the chants, because for the last few months, all he's heard about is New Japan, New Japan, New Japan.  The fans chanted for the company.  Young said he's watched every show on the tour and he's not impressed.  He said that he's going to beat KUSHIDA's ass and there's nothing he or anyone else can do about it.

They went back and forth with some nice reversals on the mat.  KUSHIDA escaped a move and mocked him, doing the Rick Rude swiveling hips.  Young cut him off but was nailed with an inverted atomic drop.  KUSHIDA knocked him out of the ring to the floor.  KUSHIDA charge, knocking him off the ropes to the floor.

Young returned to the ring, where he raked KUSHIDA's back several times.  KUSHIDA returned the favor but was caught with a spinebuster.  Young scored several two counts.  They went back and forth with some good near falls.  KUSHIDA nailed a flying bodypress for a two count and went right into a cross armbreaker.   The battle continued where KUSHIDA nailed a diving soccer kick an a roaring elbow for a two count.  This is really good.

KUSHIDA was nailed with a suplex.  Young went for a double springboard moonsault but KUSHIDA moved.   KUSHIDA finally caught him with an armbar submission and scored the win.

Your winner, IWGP Junior Heavyweight champion KUSHIDA!

Another very good match.  With the exception of one moment where Young caught himself in the corner, this was a damn fine back and forth wrestling match.  Young really took it to KUSHIDA and they did some spots to place off Young's gimmick as the Last Real Man that the crowd really got into.  Three in a row.KUSHIDA tried to show respect to Young after the match but Young blew it off and left the ring.  Nice round of applause for KUSHIDA on the way out.

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