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By Mike Johnson on 2016-05-09 18:05:00

Moose vs. Tomohiro Ishii

Some big boys throwing some big shots early.  Moose missed a splash in the corner.  He grabbed Ishii and picked him up in a suplex position and dumped him hard.  Ishii went to the buckles but was dropkicked out of the ring by Moose.  Moose went for a kick on the apron but Ishii grabbed him and swept his legs.  Moose crashed down hard on the apron.  They battled on the floor with Ishii working him over.

They returned to the ring, where they exchanged chops and beat the hell out of each other.  Moose gained some momentum but was caught with a kick to the head for a two count.  The crowd chanted for Ishii.   Ishii went to the top but Moose caught him and elevated him off the corner for a Sky High, scoring a two count.  The crowd chanted, "This is awesome."

Moose missed a charge in the corner and was nailed with a clothesline.  Ishii tried to suplex Moose, who blocked it.  Ishii stomped his feet until Moose could no longer block and nailed the suplex.  Great spot.  Ishii killed Moose with a clothesline for another two count.  They are taking it hard to each other.    They battled to the top and Ishii hit a superplex on Moose for another two count.

Moose and Ishii began wailing away on each other.  Ishii  began dishing out German suplexes.  Moose kept getting up and trying to fight back.  Ishii drilled him with a clothesline.  Tomohiro Ishii finally drilled Moose, who couldn't kick out.

Your winner, Tomohiro Ishii!

A great match.  This may have been the best Moose has ever looked.  Great, hard hitting match.  Loved this.

Big Moose chant after the match.  He fought his heart out.

ROH Tag Team champions War Machine vs. The Addiction.

War Machine took it right to the challengers and took them to the floor, beating them.  Rowe slammed Hanson atop of one of them on the floor.  They brought them back to the ring, where they continued beating down Daniels with double team manuevers.   The Addiction where able to cut off Rowe and tagged in and out as they trapped him in their corner.  Rowe fought them off and tagged Hanson, who began cleaning house.  War Machine worked them over as they battle went back and forth.  Kazarian charged Hanson in the corner but was caught and slammed down with a Doink Drop variation.  Daniels drilled Hanson with an object but he kicked out.  Daniels tried to use it again but the referee grabbed it and there was a back and forth.  Rowe got involved and in the melee, the Addiction scored the pin.

Your winners and new ROH Tag Team champions, The Addiction!

ROH champion Jay Lethal & IWGP champion Tetsuya Naito vs. ReDragon.

Lethal's shoulder was taped from the attack last night.  He and Kyle O'Reilly went back and forth feeling each other out.  Naito tagged in and kicked Kyle with a cheap shot.  Bobby Fish didn't like that.  Kyle and Naito went back and forth.  This time, Kyle got revenge.  Lethal and Fish tagged in and ROH's two singles champions went back and forth.  Hendrix distracted, allowing Lethal to nail Fish with the cartwheel into the dropkick.  Fish came back to nail several kicks to the chest. 

Kyle O'Reilly tagged in and controlled Lethal.  ReDragon tagged in and out, working on Lethal.  They worked on Lethal until he was able to tag out to Naito.  He trashed Kyle and gave Fish the finger.  The referee had to restrain Fish.   Naito worked over Kyle, snapping him with a dropkick.  Lethal and Naito worked over Kyle.  Really good match so far.

Fish finally tagged in and he and Naito went back and forth.  He grabbed Lethal and flipped him into Naito.   Lethal was tossed to the floor and Naito was double teamed.  Naito drilled Fish with a kick to the head and then nailed Kyle.  He crawled to Lethal to tag him in.  They went for a double suplex on Kyle but Fish saved him.  

The battle continued.  Lethal nailed a trio of tope suicidas onto ReDragon.  Kyle caught him in an armbar and Lethal teased tapping but Naito finally made the save.  Lethal accidentally nailed Naito.  It appeared Naito then purposely hit him. He and Fish battled on the floor.  Kyle drilled Lethal.  ReDragon hit their finisher and Lethal was taken out and pinned.

Your winners, ReDragon!

The Bullet Club vs. Briscoes & Motor City Machineguns & Adam Page

No Page.  The Bucks said he met an early Superkick Party so it's five on four.  They jumped them and brawled in the crowd and around ringside as Adam Cole did his storytime with Adam Cole Mic work.  Colt Cabana's music hit.  Huge pop.  He was unadvertised.  It was utter chaos from this point on with all sorts of dives, superkicks, etc.

It finally settled down.  The Machineguns and then The Bucks used all their synchronized moves.  The Bullet Club worked over Shelley for a long time,  The Bucks took turns taking him down.  The crowd chanted, "Motor City" to rally Shelley.  Shelley finally hit an exploder on Nick Jackson out of desperation.  Sabin cleaned house.  Lots of tags back and forth with good action.

Matt Jackson worked over Cabana and told him to "Suck it" over and over.   Cabana nailed the Butt Butt.  The Guns went for dives but ate superkicks.  All sort of chaos.  Way too much to type.  The Bucks superkicked the referee.  Nigel McGuiness ran to the back to get a ref..  The Bucks did the Indy Taker on the floor on someone.

The Bucks began superkicking everyone.  Adam Page ran out to the ring with a chair and the Bucks backed off.  He used the chair on Jay Briscoe.  It ended up with Mark Briscoe trapped with everyone from the Bullet Club.  They destroyed him with a massive superkick and pinned him.

Your winners, The Bullet Club!

A crazy main event.  I missed a lot of this because it was so chaotic.

Quite the last few night in ROH.  Thanks for logging into tonight!

They continued the beating and even hung Chris Sabin with a bullrope over the ropes.  It was all The Bullet Club being established as the force in ROH. 

After the Bullet Club left, Colt Cabana took the mic and said people like the Young Bucks aqnd Adam Cole.  He said that he came back to ROH because the Bucks said this was the place they wanted to be when they were in the United States.  He said that he can't respect what they've done and promised they would be back for more.  He promised that he would make sure that this was still the Ring of Honor people loved and the home of the best wrestling in the world.

They announced a 10/15 return to Dearborn, Michigan.

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