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By Mike Johnson on 2016-05-09 18:05:00

ROH Tag Team champions War Machine vs. Kazuchika Okada & Gedo (non-title)

 Big reaction and chants for Okada. Ray Rowe said that last night, their title change really began because they didn't consider themselves the champions until they defeated The Briscoes.  He said they consider themselves fihgting champion and they want to put the belts on the line, right here, right now.  So, it now a title match!

Hanson and Gedo started out.  As you might imagine, Hanson had the easy advantage here!   Gedo tried to even shoulder block him down to no avail.  Okada tagged in to a big reaction.  Okada and Hanson went back and forth with Okada getting the better of that exchange early.  The crowd chanted for Okada.  Rowe tagged in and cut him off, slamming Okada, then mocking his Rainmaker pose.

Okada came back and worked over Rowe's arm, then tagged out to Gedo.  He continued the attack on the arm.  Okada locked in a  keylock trying to force a submission.    Gedo tagged back in and worked over Rowe in the corner only to be caught and slammed down.  Hanson tagged in and wiped out Okada and Gedo with running charges back and forth in the corners.  He stacked Gedo and Okada atop of each other and beat them in the corner with clubbing shots.  He squashed Okada in the corner with a cannonball.

Gedo tagged in but was dominated by Rowe, including an over the top belly to belly suplex.   They worked over Gedo.  Rowe slammed Hanson atop of him for a two count.  Okada finally got the hot tag and hit the ring with a ton of offense.  Rowe cut him off with a Superman Punch.  Great match so far.  The crowd chanted to rally Okada.

Gedo tagged in and peppered Hanson with right hands but was caught with a powerslam for a two count.  Okada nailed a dropkick and Gedo hit a superkick for a two count as Rowe made the save.  Okada caught Rowe with The Rainmaker.  Hanson drilled Gedo and scored the pin.

Your winners and still ROH Tag Team champions, War Machine!

Really good back and forth competitive match.  I think the result here was never in question but the work was so good that there were 1-2 moments where they had the crowd buying into the idea that Gedo might score the upset.  Okada was seen as a major star here.

Out came The Addiction, who said they were not here to congratulate them but to bring them up on charges of being fraudalent champions and having horrible beards.  Kazarian said that they were "ZZ Flop" and said that they weren't real champions because the Addiction were the best.  Daniels said they won the belts from The Kingdom in December and they never got a rematch.  Since they were the prior champions, they were never pinned when they lost the belts and are undefeated in ROH.  Their lawyers have petitioned ROH for a title shot this Saturday in NYC. 

Hanson said that it was time for The Addiction to shut up.  He said they haven't won a match in months and they act like babies and try to hurt those who beat them.  He said that they hurt Lio Rush, Liger and Cheeseburger.  He said if they want to get hurt in NYC, that's fine.  Rowe said they went to war with Briscoes and with the best in New Japan, so if they want a title shot, The Addiction had better get dressed, because they will get the shot tonight, take it or leave it.

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion KUSHIDA vs. Dalton Castle.

Some nice back and forth chainwrestling to start out.  KUSHIDA scored a one count and went for a kick but Castle ducked and they faced off.  The Boys fanned Castle in the corner.    They wnet back and forth and faced off again.  This time, KUSHIDA went down in the corner and let the Boys fan him.  The crowd liked that.  Castle grabbed KUSHIA and they went back and forth but KUSHIDA snapped off a dropkick and mocked Castle's mannerisms.  They battled around the apron and Castle caught him with a running knee. 

Back in the ring, Castle controlled KUSHIDA on the mat and worked over his mid-section, trying to wear the champion down.  Castle snapped him with a great gutwrench suplex.  Castle snapped him into the buckles and hit a belly to back suplex.  He cinched in a side chinlock.  Castle continued wearing him down.  Castle continued working him over with suplexes.  KUSHIDA made a comeback and cinched in a Keylock.  KUSHIDA focused his attack on Castle's wrist and nailed it with a dropkick in the corner.

KUSHIDA nailed a nice dive to the outside.  They went back and forth and it was really great.  KUSHIDA nailed a moonsault but was caught and nearly pinned in a cradle.  Castle drilled KUSHIDA who downed him with a right hand.  KUSHIDA hurt his hand with the punch.  They went back and forth untik KUSHIDA caught him and pinned him.

Your winner, KUSHIDA!

Really good match. 

They shook hands and showed each other respect after the match.

Someone (I don't know who) came out and cut a promo ripping on the idea that people would dare vote for a pro wrestler for office.  Rhino's music hit and he gored the guy.  Rhino cut a promo saying he was running for State Representative in Dearborn and he approves this workplace violence.  He gored the guy again.  That was pretty damn great.

The All Night Express vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi & Michael Elgin.

The Express worked over Tanahashi at the onset. Tanahashi was able to toss Rhett Titus over the top to the floor but the Express maintained control and tagged in and out, working over Tanahashi.  King caught him with a nice kick and a spinebuster for a two count.  They scored several pins but Elgin came in and broke it up.

Elgin finally tagged in and drilled Titus with a charging clothesline in the corner.   King tried to help Titus but was nailed with a big German suplex.  Elgin began tearing things up with big power spots.  The crowd chanted, "Big Mike!"    Tanahashi returned to the fray and they all battled back and forth.  It settled down to King and Tanahashi.  The Express put him on the top for a double suplex but Elgin got involved.  They dispatched him with kicks but Tanahashi hit a flying bodypress.

Elgin nailed Titus with a powerslam off the buckles.  Titus was powerbombed into Kenny in the corner.  Tanahashi and Elgin crushed Titus with top rope frog splashes and scored the pin.

Your winners, Hiroshi Tanahashi & Michael Elgin!

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