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By Mike Johnson on 2016-05-09 18:05:00

Welcome to's live,ongoing Ring of Honor-New Japan War of the Worlds tour stop in Dearborn, Michigan at the Fords Arts & Community Center.

Kamaitachi vs. Will Ferrara

They locked up several times, feeling each other out.  They tested the other out with running shoulderblock attempts.  Ferrara finally got the better of the exchange.  Kamaitachi came back with a nice leg lariat.   He worked over Ferrara, who nailed a swinging neckbreaker for a two count.     Ferrara went for a springboard move but was kicked off to the floor.  Kamaitachi nailed a running forearm.  He worked over Ferrara on the floor and then tossed him in the ring, cinching in a side chinlock.  Ferrara fought his way to his feet, where they exchanged chops. 

They battled back and forth with some stuff exchanges.  Ferrara nailed a big clothesline.    The referee counted both men as they tried to recover.  Kamaitachi went for a Fireman's Carry but Ferrara escaped.  Kamaitachi finally scored the pin with a brutal looking Kryptonite Krunch variation.

Your winner, Kamaitachi!

Good back and forth opener.  The crowd was really into the action.  Kamaitachi looked good and Ferrara continued to look crisp.

The Bullet Club, Adam Cole, The Young Bucks, and The Guerrillas of Destiny came to the ring to open the show.   The ring filled with streamers.  Cole declared that The Bullet Club was in the house.  Cole said that things just got really, really interesting.  He said that Chicago saw the most crazy violent display known to man.  He bragged about superkicking announcers, security and even The Bucks own dad.  Cole said that people are asking them if they are worried about reprisals.  He said they aren't afraid of The Briscoes, The Machine Guns, Colt Cabana or Jay Lethal.  He said that everyone is saying "Thank God" that it stopped but the thing is that it didn't/  They grabbed Bobby Cruiser to attack him but the Briscoes hit the ring. 

Jay Briscoe took the mic and said the people love The Bullet Club and they sell a lot of t-shirts and that is cool but they also like The Briscoes.  He said theisco difference is that you don't see The Briscoes don't need to go online and Tweet and promote every little thing they do.  He said Bentleys don't need commercials.  He said that the Bullet Club may think they are hot stuff, but all the Briscoes see are "d*** riding b**ches."

The Motor City Machineguns came out.  The crowd chanted "Motor City." Alex Shelley said these "NWO/DX wannabe douchebags" forget what city they are in.  Chris Sabin said that they are supposed to face The Briscoes but he doesn't think their hometown would care if they instead team up against The Bullet Club.  Cole said they might be really tough but they are really stupid because that makes it 5 vs. 4.

Out came Adam Page.  He said that he put BJ Whitmer in the hospital and he doesn't mind putting his nose in Bullet Club's business but he isn't a patient man and said they should do it right now/

The Bullet Club left the ring as the opposition stormed the ring.  Matt Jackson said they could fight but they weren't going to jerk the curtain.  He said the Bullet Club would see them in the main event.

Matt Sydal & ACH vs. Silas Young & The Beer City Bruiser.

Big response for ACH and Sydal. 

BJ Whitmer came to ringside to join Kevin Kelly for commentary as Mr. Wrestling III is not here, following up on the angle last night at the PPV where Whitmer produced a flash drive and gave it to Wrestling III and told him to go watch it and "think about it."

Young and ACH started out.  ACH got the early momentum.  Bruiser and Sydal tagged in,  Sydal hit a nice leaping rana but was cut off with a clothesline.  Young tagged back in and he slammed Sydal.  Bruiser and Young tagged in and out as they worked over Sydal.  They beat on him until ACH made the hot tag.  He worked over Young and scored some nice near falls.  ACH sent Young and Bruiser to the floor and hit his springboard dive to the floor, which the crowd went nuts for.

On the floor, Bruiser sent Sydal into the ringpost.  They worked over ACH.  He made a comeback and hit an awesome 450 splash on Bruiser and scored the pin.

Your winners, ACH & Matt Sydal!

Really good back and forth opener. 

ACH took the mic and praised Sydal.  He said over the last year, Sydal taught him way too much.  Sydal had his back, when people didn't want him to have his back.  ACH said that he can't allow Sydal to hold his hand anymore.  He said that tonight, he's going to be his own man and he's going to let it flow himself.  He thanked Sydal and hugged him.

Lio Rush vs. Roderick Strong

Strong said that when he arrived, he was supposed to wrestle Jushin Liger but Liger got hurt last night.  He said Liger is a "p**sy" and he was the realest He went right after Rush.  They went to the floor where Strong beat him into the barricades several times.  Back in the ring, Rush made a comeback but was cut off with a big knee.

Strong worked over Rush in the corner and beat him around the ring with chops.  He picked up Rush and nailed him with an over the knee backbreaker.  Rush locked on a sleeper but was slammed backwards into the corner.  Strong nailed him with Snake Eyes.  Strong and Rush battled back and forth.  Rush nailed a splash in the corner and used a crucifix for a two count.  He unloaded with offense and hit a nice flip dive to the outside.

Back in the ring, he scored several two counts.  Strong nailed a series of running knees and flipped Rush inside out with a suplex.  Strong went for the Boston Crab. Rush slipped out and unloaded with kicks and offense, taking Strong down.  He went to the top but Strong cut him off.  Rush kicked him down but Strong leapt up with a big knee.  Strong nailed a big superplex but Rush came back and drilled him, then nailed a top rope frog splash for a two count.

Strong nailed a gutbuster.  He went for a clothesline but Rush ducked and grabbed him, sinking in a forward choke.  Strong slipped out and suplexed him into a backbreaker, decimating him for the pin.

Your winner, Roderick Strong!

Very good match.  The Liger thing is a total bummer but this was a hell of a match.

Strong took the mic and said that Liger was lucky and that he would have ended his career.  Liger's music hit and he came out.  He nailed Strong with a punch and Strong powdered.  Liger celebrated as the fans tossed streamers.  This was a smart, safe way for Liger to appear.

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