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By Mike Johnson on 2016-05-07 19:40:00

Moose vs. Rhino

There were back and forth chants for "Moose" and "Gore."  They went back and forth with big spots.  Moose nailed a dropkick that was awesome and sent Rhino to the floor.  Moose teased a dive but Rhino moved.   Rhino and Moose battled on the floor.   Moose cut him off and nailed a discus clothesline.   Rhino made a comeback and nailed several shoulderblocks but was nailed with a flying bodypress.     Moose speared Rhino but Rhino kicked up.     A chair was placed in the corner and they each teased sending the other into it until Moose was sent into it.  Rhino nailed a Gore for a two count.  The crowd did not expect that.  Rhino finally gored him again for a three count.

Your winner, Rhino!

Really good match.  The crowd was really into the big power spots.  Very entertaining.

RJ City vs. Alex Reynolds vs. Tony Nese

They started out fast with a number of big dives.     Nese unloaded with a TON of rapid fire moves.  He was on fire.  City backdropped Nese over the top but he landed on the apron and drilled him with a kick.  Nese cartwheeled over Reynolds and nailed him with a kick.  City was a really good, arrogant heel.  Reynolds looked good, nailing an elevated DDT for a two count.  They did some cool three way submissions.  Way too much action for me to recap.  Nese and Reynolds superkicked City and then went for each other and their legs got intertwined.  City poked them both in the eye.  Nese came back with the one-armed powerbomb into the corner. 

Nese nailed a great 450 splash and pinned City, eliminating him.   Nese drilled Reynolds with a Michinoku Driver and scored the pin.

Your winner, Tony Nese!

Good match with a ton of cool, innovate spots.

Tommy Dreamer & Mickie James vs. Pepper Parks & Cherry Bomb.

Cherry Bomb cut a really good promo before the show putting herself over and knocking all the other females from Canada, including Trish Stratus, Gail Kim, and more.  Lots of good back and wrestling.  Dreamer worked over Parks' elbow.  Cherry tried to come off the ropes but Dreamer grabbed her in the groin.  Dreamer was worked over for a long time but made the tag to Mickie.

Dreamer took Parks to the outside and brawled.  He grabbed a trash can and nailed Parks.  Dreamer took a sip of a fan's beer and sprayed it in Parks' face.  Dreamer then nailed him with a the ring bell in the groin.   He took a fan's leg prosthetic.  It was the Dreamer greatest hits tour and Canada loved it.  They used weapons including Mickie nailing Cherry across the back with a cookie sheet.  Dreamer and James locked in stereo submissions but TJ Marconi drilled him with an uppercut.  Mindi O'Brien, a local bodybuilder, hit the ring and took out Marconi.

Dreamer piledrove Cherry Bomb.  Mickie pinned her.

Your winners, Tommy Dreamer & Mickie James!

Fun mixed tag.  Mix of silliness, weapons, brawling and good back and forth wrestling.

Bobby Roode vs. Eric Young

This was billed as the all Ontario main event.  Jimmy Korderas was the referee.  They played "O Canada" before the match.  They were each wearingn their Team Canada gear.  Really classy.

Lots of really good back and forth wrestling.   They looked great.  Roode dropkicked Young out of the ring.     They ended up on the floor.  Young held the ropes open for Roode and let him return to the ring.  The crowd began singing "O'Canada" and they stopped as Young led the crowd.  That was pretty awesome.

They went into a test of strength.  They went back and forth.  Young nailed a back suplex for a two count.  Young cut off Roode as he rebounded and nailed a swinging neckbreaker for a two count.  Young drilled him into the turnbuckles a number of times.  They exchanged punches and strikes.  Roode ducked several clotheslines and they nailed each other with clotheslines in stereo.  They were each down as Korderas counted them down on the mat.

They returned to their feet and exchanged punches.  Young nailed the gourd buster.  Roode pulled out the Spinebuster.  Young nailed a belly to belly suplex for a two count.    Roode caught Young on the top and nailed a superplex for a two count.  Roode nailed a splash off the ropes for a two count.  They battled on the top.  Young knocked Roode into the ring and nailed an elbow for a two count.  Roode kicked up at the last second.

Young nailed a catapult into the corner on Roode.  Roode came back with a crossface but Young made it to the ropes.    They continued back and forth with some really great near falls.  They battled back and forth with right hands.  Young went for a the piledriver but Roode backdropped him and turned him into a Cloverleaf for a submission.  He pulled Young to the center and locked on the Crossface.  Young turned him over into a pinning combination for a two count.   They went back and forth until Roode used a reversal to score the final pinfall.  Quite the clinic!

Your winner, Bobby Roode!

They showed each other respect after the match and raised each other's hands after.

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