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By Mike Johnson on 2016-05-06 13:28:00

WWE announced that they have released Damien Sandow.  Given the level of popularity that Sandow has with fans, that release is pretty shocking.  Sandow had size, could talk and never had the repuration for causing problems behind the scenes.  No matter what role he was in, he received a big reaction and similar to a Zack Ryder, was someone that fans recognized was vastly underutilized by the company and pushed for him to have a bigger role.

After a previous stint with WWE as Aaron Stevens didn't click and he was released, Sandow was signed again to developmental in 2010 and developed the Damien Sandow character.  Playing a braggart, condenscending intellectual heel, he quickly got a great reaction  as "The Intellectul Savior of the Masses" and went as far as winning the Money in the Bank briefcase in 2013.  He became the first talent to fail upon cashing in the briefcase and from there, his push stalled.

His last major role was playing The Miz's "Stunt Double" a comedy bit that saw him mimicking the former WWE champion and getting a huge spike in popularity.  At Wrestlemania 31, Sandow received a huge reaction with fans chanting his name during the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal when he finally broke off from The Miz.    He was primed for a push but WWE Creative instead placed him in a tag team with Curtis Axel where the two mimicked Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage as the Mega-Powers.  When Hogan was fired from the company, the team gimmick was dropped and Sandow never recovered nor had a regular storyline beyond that point.  When he would appear, his appearance would get a big reaction from fans at live events.

His last appearance will have been this past Monday, where he was quickly tossed out of the United States championship contender's Battle Royal on Raw.

WWE has pretty much given him carte blanche to go make a ton of money on the independent scene.  In my opinion, there's no doubt that Sandow could have and should have been a bigger player in the company. 



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