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By Richard Trionfo on 2016-05-01 22:55:00

Welcome to’s live coverage of WWE’s Payback pay per view from Rosemont, Illinois.

In addition to the live coverage of the pay per view, make sure to check out the other coverage of the pay per view, including live blogs, tip sheet, and post game audios.

Your host for the Kickoff Show is Renee Young and she is joined by Booker T, Jerry Lawler, and Corey Graves.

Renee sends it to Greg Hamilton in the Social Media Lounge.

Greg lets us know that he will have Sami Zayn join him later on in the Kickoff Show.

Corey says that he is looking forward to Tom Phillips returning to the Social Media Lounge.

Renee mentions the issues between the McMahon family as Stephanie returned to Raw to confront her brother, Shane.

Corey talks about the lack of respect shown to Stephanie last week on Raw.

Corey says that it is ludicrous that Shane is considered for this because of what happened at Wrestlemania.  He says that Stephanie should be in control because it is what is best for business.

Jerry says that Shane has been a 'waiter' for the last seven years.  He has been waiting for Vince to die but since Vince is immortal, he decided a hostile take over.

Booker says Shane is here to make a difference and lead this business for the next years.  He says that Stephanie and Hunter are walking on egg shells.  Shane is going to give these new guys a chance becaus that is what is best for business.

Corey mentions Enzo Amore and suggests he is on parole and needs some guidance.

Booker points out that he was once on parole and he made it to the Hall of Fame.

It is time to take a look at the match between Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose.

Renee compares it to Leno and Letterman and wonders who they think will win.

Corey says that is inappropriate because the Ambrose Asylym was never a success.  He says that he does not think Jericho is wrong for anything he does to Dean tonight.

Jerry says the Highlight Reel is an institution.  He also says that Dean should have gone to him for a sign for his show.  He says he would rather ride in an elevator with Ray Rice.

Booker says that you have to respect the younger person.  Chris did not respect Dean and that is why that match is happening.

Renee, Corey, and Jerry pick Jericho while Booker predicts that someone is getting a beating.

We are back with a video package for the WWE Title Match

Renee sends it to Booker for the Shucky Ducky Quack Quack Moment of the Night and he says he is looking forward to AJ going out after four months in the WWE to get a big title shot.  Will he be able to deal with the destructive force of Roman Reigns.

Renee asks if they think it will be a one on one fight.
Corey says that AJ has Anderson and Gallows and he says they are all in cahoots.  They worked together in Japan and took over there.  They are going to try to do the same thing in the US.

Booker points out that Corey is saying it as if it is true.

Jerry says it will be a fun match because the people think it is fun to boo Roman Reigns.

Booker says that Roman handled the 100,000 boos at Wrestlemania and he is ready to be on top.

Renee asks how will the crowd deal with AJ. 

Corey thinks AJ will have the crowd behind him.

Renee asks Jerry what kind of champion AJ could be.  He says that he would not be as good as Roman.

Booker says AJ is phenomenal and any given Sunday it can happen and it will be AJ's night.  Corey and Jerry pick Roman Reigns to win.

They talk about the Tag Team Match and Corey says that he thinks The Vaudevillains will win because they were champs in NXT.  Jerry says he likes the Vaudevillains because most of his memories are in black and white.

We go to ringside for the first of two Kickoff Show matches and your announcers are Mauro Ranallo and Byron Saxton.

Kickoff Show Match One:  Baron Corbin versus Dolph Ziggler

Corbin and Ziggler have words before locking up and Corbin pushes Ziggler but Ziggler with punches.  Corbin with a hard Irish whip and Ziggler appears to have hurt his shoulder.  Corbin kicks Ziggler and the referee warns him.  Corbin chokes Ziggler in the ropes.  Corbin goes tothe floor and he punches Ziggler.  Corbin gets a near fall.  Corbin punches Ziggler in the head and chokes him with his boot.  Corbin picks up Ziggler by the hair but Ziggler with punches.  Corbin catches Ziggler and hot shots Ziggler followed by a forearm to the back of the head.  Corbin puts Ziggler in the corner and punches him followed by an elbow to the back of the head.

Corbin misses a punch and ZIggler with elbows in the corner but Corbin with an Irish whip that sends Ziggler sternum first into the turnbuckles.  Corbin with an elbow to the chest followed by a quarter nelson and chin lock.  Ziggler with elbows follwoed by a head butt, but Ziggler is staggered by the head butt.  Ziggler with punches and then he applies a sleeper.  Corbin goes down to a knee.  Corbin with a snap mare to escape.  Corbin blocks a super kick but Ziggler with a Fameasser for a near fall.  

Corbin goes to the floor and Ziggler comes off the steps but Corbin with a boot to the chest and both men are down.  Corbin sets for a power bomb but he sends Ziggler over his head into the ring post.  Corbin rolls what is left of Ziggler back into the ring and then Corbin poses on the floor instead of capitalizing on the situation.  Corbin stands on Ziggler's neck and the referee warns him.  Corbin picks up Ziggler but Ziggler with a rollup for the three count.

Winner:  Dolph Ziggler

Sami Zayn enters the Social Media Lounge with Greg Hamilton.

We are back and Renee mentions two faces in the forefront of the new era, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens.  We see the video package.

Greg Hamilton and Sami Zayn are in the Social Media Lounge.  The first question is who was Sami's inspriation growing up.  Sami says it was Bret Hart because of his matches and his tenacity since he was not the biggest guy in the ring.

Sami is asked if he would ever trust Kevin Owens again.  Sami says right now, the answer is no.  With their history, they are like brothers.  They have fought before, but not like this.  Knowing Kevin as long as he has, you never say never.

Sami is asked about any regrets about his friendship with Kevin.  Sami says they would be getting along if he had his way.  The truth is that he does not regret anything because would they be here right now if things changed.

Kickoff Show Match Number Two:  WWE United States Title Match:  Kalisto versus Ryback

Ryback punches Kalisto and then slams Kalisto's head into the mat.  Ryback with a side head lock.  Kalisto with punches but Ryback holds on to the shoulder tackle.  Ryback with a shoudler tackle and Kalisto wtih a monkey flip that sends Ryback to the floor.  Kalisto with a suicide dive onto Ryback.  Kalisto with a double jump corkscrew plancha.  Back in the ring, Kalisto with kicks.  Ryback catches Kalisto and sends him into the turnbuckles.  Ryback misses a splash into the corner and Ryback blocks a tornado DDT and Ryback wtih a suplex and he gets a near fall.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Ryback with a chin lock.  Kalisto with punches but Ryback gets a near fall.  Ryback sends Kalisto shoulder first into the ring post and then he biels Kalisto into the turnbuckles.  Ryback kicks Kalisto as he tries his best to recreate how he lost at Mania and Corbin during the earlier match.  Ryback catches Kalisto on a quebrada attempt but Kalisto with a tornado DDT and Ryback goes to the apron.  Ryback sets to suplex Kalisto to the floor but Kalisto lands on the apron.  Kalisto with an enzuigiri followed by a DDT onto the apron.  Kalisto with a springboard cross body for a near fall.  Kalisto with a corkscrew springboard cross body for a near fall.  Ryback with a power bomb attempt but Kalisto counters with a sunset flip for a near fall.  Kalisto avoids a clothesline and hits a spike rana for a near fall.

Kalisto sets for the Salida Del Sol but Ryback gets Kalisto on his shoudlers.  Kalisto with a rollup for a near fall.  Ryback with a spinebuster for a near fall.   Ryback goes up top but Kalisto with a kick to the head to stop Ryback.  Kalisto sets Ryback on the turnbuckles but Ryback pushes him off.  Kalisto with a kick.  Ryback presses Kalisto over his head and hits a super press slam.  Ryback misses a splash from the turnbuckles and Kalisto with Salida Del Sol for the three count.

Winner:  Kalisto

We go to the Kickoff Show Panel and they talk about the match they just saw.

Jerry says that was Ryback's best match.

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