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By Dave Scherer on 2016-04-04 14:42:00

I have seen a lot of people on social media, including some in (or formerly in) the business, say how WrestleMania was great and if you didn't like it you don't understand the business. I have seen some fans say it too. Ironically, many of them watch wrestling one day a year now, so sure, you guys are happy seeing things like three older guys beat up the crew that just pinned the tag champions (and later see one member of the popular tag team champions get laid out by someone that qualifies for AARP).

You liked seeing the guy that lost to Fandango beat the new guy, the same person that demanded the match to dispose of the guy that lost to Fandango two years ago.

You loved seeing The Rock destroy the Wyatt family.

But guess what?  As those guys continue to get older, this generation has very few talents that ten years from now will be able to be put in the spots that The Rock, Steve Austin, Mick Foley, Shawn Michaels and even Chris Jericho were in last night.

Also, despite a clear edict from the fan base that they did not want to see babyface Roman Reigns win the WWE Title, Vince ignored what they wanted and did it anyway. Unlike a few years ago when he was forced to give the paying customers what they wanted and got to drop confetti from the rafters for Daniel Bryan, this year he got to go off the air with a dead crowd and a champion that the vast majority of the fans don't want in that role. 

For all of you that say people that didn't like the show don't understand the business, I counter that you all don't understand that unless you are putting the framework in place for the future, you will reach a point where most of your assets are gone and you will be in a barren place.

I 100 percent agree with the manta, "Live for today" but a wise person also plans for tomorrow.  When you look at the finishes and character development (or lack thereof) from last night, WWE only did half of that last night.

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