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By Mike Johnson on 2016-03-12 22:55:00

 IWGP Junior Heavyweight champion KUSHIDA vs. ACH.

They circled each other and locked up in a test of strength.  They had some nice back and forth wrestling reversals before backing up and facing off to a nice round of applause.  They went back and forth with some reversals before KUSHIDA nailed a dropkick to the back of the head.  KUSHIDA did the "You Can't See Me" to ACH.

KUSHIDA sent ACH into the corner but ACH stopped his momentum and kicked him in the head.  They went to the floor, where ACH sent him into the guard rail.   ACH got worked over on the floor.     They fought back to the ring, where ACH worked over KUSHIDA with some nice offense and scored a two count.  The champ was tied up on the mat and then pulled into a variation of an abdominal stretch.  KUSHIDA elbowed his way free but was caught with a leaping leg lariat for a two count.

KUSHIDA came back with a flip into the ring, using that momentum to nail a clothesline.  He went to nail a kick but ACH caught the leg and drilled it with a left hand.  KUSHIDA came back with a flip into a kick that sent ACH to the apron.  KUSHIDA went to the top but ACH nailed him and met him there.  They battled on the top and eventually KUSHIDA snapped ACH's arm over the top rope as they came down.  He nailed a baseball sliding kick to the outside.  KUSHIDA came off the top to the floor to a big pop.   The fans chanted his name.

ACH made his way back to the ring but was nailed with a dropkick as he entered the ropes.  KUSHIDA nailed a top rope moonsault for another two count.   ACH was sent into the corner but kicked the IWGP Junior champion off.  He went for a move but KUSHIDA avoided it and rebounded off the ropes, only to be caught with an elevated German suplex for a two count.

ACH nailed a springboard into a cutter for a two count.  He went to the top but was nailed with a big flip kick.  He was caught with an armbar off the top.  ACH powered out and ran the champ into the corner.  Very good match.   ACH nailed a nasty looking brainbuster.   The crowd began chanting, "Better Then Roadblock."  Oh Philly, I love you.

They battled back and forth with punches.  They went back and forth.  KUSHIDA caught him in what I believe was an armbar.  ACH struggled to escape but finally tapped out.

Your winner and still IWGP Junior Heavyweight champion, KUSHIDA!

Very, very good match that hit everything you'd want: good mat wrestling, nice spots, some good submissions and great athletic action.

They crowd chanted, "Thank you both" after.

They announced a 7/16 TV Taping back here at the 2300 Arena.

Joey Daddiego with Taeler Hendrix vs. Will Ferrara

Taeler cut a promo saying that Truth Martini was taken out and is injured and that Dijak was going to be sent a message tonight by Daddiego (formerly J. Diesel).  He attacked Ferrara, who came back with a clothesline to no effect.    They fought back and forth.   Ferrara worked him over but was caught with a Fall Away Slam.   Daddiego slammed Ferrara into the corner and then turned him upside down into the tree of woe.  He nailed a running knee in the corner.  Hendrix handed Daddiego a chair and he drilled Ferrara with it.

Dijak's music hit and out he came with Prince Nana.  They came to the ring and had a pull apart brawl.  Officials and security hit the ring.  Dijak cleared the ring with his finishers on several officials.

Adam Cole & Roderick Strong vs. ReDragon

Strong and O'Reilly started out with some nice back and forth wrestling.  It broke down with all four brawling in the ring.  ReDragon took turns with kicks to Cole's leg.  They nailed stereo pescados to the outside on Cole and Strong.  Everyone battled on the floor.

Strong nailed O'Reilly with several chops in the ring.  Kyle went for the running knee off the apron on Cole but Strong caught him mid-leap and slammed him on the apron.   Back in the ring, Cole and Strong double-teamed Kyle   They nailed several forearms on him and hit a back suplex for a two count.

They focused their strategy on O'Reilly's arm, including doing an old Midnight Express pumphandle spot.  Just like the old days, Kyle slipped away and sent Cole into Strong, who, not realizing who he grabbed, nailed the move on his own partner.  O'Reilly fought off Strong and nailed the hot tag.

Strong hit a big elbow off the ropes on Fish. ReDragon made a comeback and double teamed Strong.   Strong nailed the Gutbuster and Strong nailed a running knee for a two count.  Lots of good athletic back and forth wrestling here.

Fish and Cole battled back and forth.  Kyle and Strong went back and forth until Strong was nailed with the rebound lariat.  Cole accidentally superkicked his own partner when Fish ducked.   Fish locked on a sleeper but Strong came back with a running knee to Fish and scored the pin.

Your winners, Roderick Strong and Adam Cole!

Lots of good exchanges here that were too quick to type up.  Really nice balls to the wall action.

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