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By Richard Trionfo on 2016-02-22 23:00:00

Last night, at Fastlane, we found out that Rorman Reigns would be the man who earned the chance to face Triple H at Wrestlemania by winning the Triple Threat match  in the main event.

We are in Detroit, Michigan and your announcers are John Layfield, Michael Cole, and Byron Saxton.

We see the Vincent J. McMahon Legacy of Excellence Award in the ring.

Michael mentions the attack by Brock Lesnar on Dean Ambrose earlier today at Joe Louis Arena and we see the footage from Facebook.

We see Dean being put in a neck brace and taken away in an ambulance.

The announcers talk about why Brock would have attacked Dean.  We will find out more details when Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman appear later tonight on the show.

Vince McMahon makes his way to the ring to present the Vincent J. McMahon Legacy of Excellence Award.  Vince says that tonight is a night you will never forget.  We will be presenting the first Legacy of Excellence Award.  Vince says this award is too important for 'whats'.  Vince says for over 100 years, the McMahons have promoted sports starting with his grandfather.  Vince says we are talking about legacy.  His father had a cunning business mind, but he was kind.  He had a warm heart and he was giving.

Vince says the honoree tonight is just like him and has a good and warm soul.  The winner of the Vincent J. McMahon Legacy of Excellence Award is Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie makes her way to the ring.

Vince says there is no one in the world who deserves this award as much as you.  He tells Stephanie that he is so proud of her.  You were born into this business and have all the attributes of her father.

Stephanie is choked up and she says she does not know what to say.  She says the people are so supportive of her for winning this award (while the crowd boos).  Stephanie says that she has written something down even though she did not expect to win this.  Stephanie wants to acknowledge her partner Triple H, who is getting ready to defend his WWE World Title at Wrestlemania against Roman Reigns.

Shane McMahon's music plays and he makes his way onto the stage and does the Shane-O Shuffle.

The crowd chants 'This is Awesome' for Shane's return to WWE television.

Vince wants to hug his son, but Shane stops him.

Vince offers his hand and Shane thinks about it and he puts the hand down.

Shane thanks everyone for the reaction to his return.  Shane says he has a little business to take care of.  You had to do this.  This is the straw that broke the camel's back and this is what brought me back.  This is a phenomenal award that should be bestowed on someone who deserves it, but it is not you.  Shane says hello to his sister and says she does not deserve it.

Vince tells Shane to be nice and he says they need to talk later.  

Shane says they could have done that days ago.  You always said to man up and do things face to face so that is what we are going to do tonight.

Stephanie says this is not about you.  This is not your moment.  Stephanie says it is her moment and this is her legacy.

Shane tells Stephanie you haven't earned it.

Stephanie asks Shane if he knows anything about earning things since you have not been here for the last six or seven years.  Her and her husband have been running a billion dollar business with their blood, sweat, and tears whether the people like it or not.

Shane asks Vince if Stephanie knows.  Shane says that Stephanie does not know.  Shane says that you and your husband have been running this company into the ground.  Shane looks at a few things.  The stock, the ratings, the plethora of injuries during your watch.

Stephanie says that Shane does not know how to be a success because you are a quitter. Stephanie tells Shane to get out of her ring.

Shane says it is your father's ring.  Shane says that since you don't understand what is going on . . . he asks Vince if he should tell her or whether Vince should do it.

A few years ago, your father messed up big time a few years ago and he was there to save Vince.  Shane says they worked out a little deal and Shane was able to do a lot of things he wanted.  He got some time off and he built a few businesses and he did not lose his place in line.

Shane says this is a tough pill to swallow.  The only reason you have climbed this far is because Shane has allowed it to happen.

Stephanie begs for Vince to tell her it is not true.

Vince wants to have a word with Shane, but Stephanie says this is insane.  If you want to show up for Wrestlemania, she will get him a ticket, even if it is not ringside.

Vince says he would like to talk to Shane and he will talk to Stephanie later.

Stephanie wants to know if it is true.

Vince tells Stephanie the award will be given to her backstage.

Shane says it is all true.  Shane says it was BEST FOR BUSINESS at the time.  Shane holds the ropes open for his sister and Stephanie says she will never forgive Shane for this.

Vince says he will write another check for Shane and asks him what the price is.

Shane says it is not about money.  He left a lot of money on the table to get out from under him.  Shane says that he is not beholden to Vince any more.  This is about legacy.  Your grandfather and dad.  You are third generation.  Shane says that he is the fourth generation and he has three sons at home who will be the fifth generation.  Shane wants this around for the fifth and sixth and seventh generation.

Vince wants to know what it is about.  

Shane says he wants control of Monday Night Raw.

Vince says that if you control Raw, you control the entire company.  This is a public company.  You cannot jump right in.

Shane says that he wants to make sure that this is generational.

Vince asks Shane if he came out here for a fight and to get into it with him and Stephanie.  He asks the crowd if they want Shane in charge.

Vince tells Shane that he will make him a little deal. Vince agrees to give Shane what he wants and Shane asks what is the catch.

Vince says that he can have the deal if Shane has a match.  If Shane wins, he gets the deal.  Vince says that if Shane loses, Vince wants everything in that lock box so Shane has nothing to hold over him.  Vince gets to pick the place and opponent.

Shane thinks about it and he says this isn't his first deal with the devil so VInce has a deal.

Vince says something that was edited for the viewing public on television.  Vince says it is time for one last beating.

Shane says he remembers those beatings and they made him stronger.

Vince says he is going to name the time and place, almost as big as your ego.  The place and time is Wrestlemania.  Your opponent is the Undertaker.  Vince says the match will be in Hell in a Cell.

We go to commercial.

We get comments from The New Day about what happened last night at Fastlane.  Big E says that they were interrupted by Rusev and his homies.  They talk about the children.  Kofi tells them to get a box of BOOTY-Os Cereal.

Match Number One:  Neville, Kalisto, and Sin Cara versus Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods

Kalisto and Woods start things off and Woods with a wrist lock but Kalisto with a reversal and drop kicks.  Woods goes to the floor and Kofi and Big E call for a time out.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Kalisto tags in and he works on Woods with a wrist lock.  Kalisto with an elbow to the arm and Cara is tagged in.  Cara with a slingshot senton followed by a shooting star press from Neville for a near fall.  Neville with an arm bar.  Woods gets to the ropes and Woods with a palm strike to the forehead.  Woods sends Neville into the corner and Woods says it is time for some stomping but Neville with a super kick.  Kofi tags in and Neville with a back heel kick and jaw breaker.  Big E tags in and hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex.

Big E with kicks and he tags in Kofi who kicks Neville.  Kofi and Big E alternate with the kicking of Neville in the corner.  Woods plays Francesca 2 for the Irish whip into a drop kick and it is time for Big E and Kofi to dance.  Kofi with a running kick to Neville's chest and he gets a near fall.  Kofi with a quarter nelson and chin lock.  Neville with an arm drag but Kofi keeps Neville from making the tag and hits a drop kick.

Woods tags in and Woods with a drop kick to the back with Neville leaning against the ropes and Woods gets a near fall.  

We go to commercial.

We are back and Kofi with a thrust kick to Neville followed by a snap mare.  Woods tags in and Kofi with a kick followed by a kick from Woods.  Big E tags in and he hits the Warrior Splash while Woods hits a leg drop.  We see footage from the latest commercial break of Big E running Neville into the ringside barrier.  Woods tags in and he Irish whips Neville into the corner but Neville with a back drop and Woods goes over the top rope and hits the ring steps.  Kofi tags in and he keeps Neville from making the tag.

Kofi with a forearm to Neville and a shot to Kalisto.  Cara tags in and hits an enzugiri followed by a head butt and springboard cross body.  Cara with a springboard back elbow followed by kicks.  Cara with chops and then Kofi goes to the apron but Cara knocks Kofi off the apron.  Cara with a suicide dive and he sends Kofi back into the ring.  Cara with a springboard moonsault for a near fall.  
Kalisto with a springboard drop kick to Big E.  Neville with kicks to Woods after sending Big E to the floor.  Big E misses the spear throught ropes.  Neville takes care of Woods.  Neville with a 450 off the apron onto Big E.  Kalisto with a 450 off Neville's back.  Kofi avoids Fallen Star from Cara and then he hits Trouble in Paradise for the three count after adjusting Cara's mask and Kofi gets the three count.

Winners:  Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods

We see Roman Reigns checking his phone in the back and JoJo asks if he has an update.  Roman says they are running tests on Dean.  JoJo points out that this should be one of the biggest days in his life since he will be going to the main event of Wrestlemania.  It all ends on April 3rd.  No families or corporate tricks.  Roman says he likes his odds.

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