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By Mike Johnson on 2014-09-01 09:10:00

Wrestling's Bloodiest Wars: Assassination will debut this week on InDemand PPV. The latest in the "Wrestling's Bloodiest Wars" PPV series from Stonecutter Wrestling, the PPV features material from CZW and The Urban Wrestling Federation:

*Eddie Carnage vs. BC Killer (Underground Fight Club Match)

*Danny Havoc vs Drake Younger

*Lowlife Louie Ramos vs Murder 1

*Masada vs Alexander James

*Matt Tremont vs. Joe Gacy

*Shane Strickland vs. Azrieal vs. Pepper Parks

Also appearing in the PPV are Rich “Beast” Ortiz, Blk Jeez, Scorpio Sky, Famous B, Bandido Jr, Willie Mack, and Rasche Brown.

The PPV will debut in November in Canada.

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