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By Mike Johnson on 2014-03-13 08:00:34
Hardcore Roadtrip will be debuting on 6/1 in Toronto, Ontario with Homicide, Petey Williams, Christian York, ROH's Jimmy Jacobs, Facade, Papadon, Tony Nese, Alex Reynolds, Necro Butcher, Mad Man Pondo, Crazy Mary, AAA's Jennifer Blake, Colin Delaney, Kongo Kong and John Silver all booked for the event.

The promotion's next event will be a double shot on 4/26 in London, Ontario with HRT champion Angel Medina vs. Rhino, Devon, Necro Butcher, 2 Cold Scorpio, Jazz, Masada, Christian York, Juventud Guerrera, Hijo De Rey Misterio, Zach Gowen and more announced.

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