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By Mike Johnson on 2014-03-10 12:36:16
WWE star Zack Ryder launched a new Youtube series on his personal channel today, titled "Last ReZort."

In the first episode, Ryder cuts a pretty good promo, talking about how his dream wasn't to just be in WWE, but to be a top name in the company. Ryder said he made his own WWE opportunity with his original Youtube series, which got him attention from the company, a ton of merchandising and a United States title run, but then they lost interest and he was "back at the bottom."

Ryder said that he had two choices, "Sit back and collect a check while they wait for my contract to run or go out fighting."

Ryder said this was his evolution and that he was going to defy the critics and try and make lightning strike twice, but that this show wasn't going to be a continuation of his old "happy go lucky" show but "his last resort."

Like the original Ryder show, this is something he is doing on his own. The original show was eventually purchased by WWE and moved over to their official Youtube channel before ending it's run.

You can check it out the new Ryder video by clicking the video below:

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