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By Mike Johnson on 2014-03-06 09:00:32
Do you see WWE producing DVDs on the history of womens wrestling throughtout the history of the WWWF/WWF/WWE sometime in the near future?

Not anytime soon. If you are looking for a serious look at the history of the women's side of the business, track down Lipstick & Dynamite on DVD.

I have a question about Owen Hart. I know the WWE can't induct him into the HOF due to his widow not allowing it. My question is about the WWE inducting The Blue Blazer. Doesn't the WWE own the rights to the blazer? Everyone knows it was Owen and I know it wouldn't be the same but something is better than nothing and if the day comes that the WWE can induct Owen then he can be a 2 time HOFer!

I think that would be one of the most disrespectful things they could ever do. You want to celebrate the man, not the character he was playing when he died. I'd like to think 100% of fans would absolutely disagree with you on "something is better than nothing" in this case. Sorry but the idea of putting The Blazer in is completely ridiculous.

I am having issues finding the Q&A under thelatest news section. Have you moved it?

No, they were never in the Latest News section. Since the day PWInsider launched, Q&As were in the Q&A section.

I've asked in a previous Q&A why WWE censors choking/strangling using foreign objects in their DVD releases, even ones they say are uncensored and unedited, and TV-14. Do you know why those same matches are shown on The Network without censorship?

WWE has a parental control feature to prevent children from seeing that material if the parents see fit. With a DVD or TV broadcast, one could argue WWE was being irresponsible by releasing it where children can see it. Now, that responsibility lies where it should...with the parents.

I know there's a bunch of concern and "what if's" happening within WWE, about RAW in Chicago next Monday. How do you think they would handle the situation, if Punk and Cabana, showed up with purchased ring side tickets for the show?

Obviously we are past Raw, but if Punk and Cabana legitimately showed up with tickets, WWE would have shot around them and ignored the situation.

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