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By Mike Johnson on 2014-02-17 00:33:59
One of the top email questions we have received today is whether Dish Network has dropped WWE PPV.

The basis for the emails have been that this Sunday's Elimination Chamber PPV is not listed on the upcoming PPV events section of Dish's website. It is not listed on the main page, nor is it listed in a wrestling section that currently only features TNA's March Lockdown PPV.

Three different readers have contacted to state that the PPV is not listed on the Dish TV channel guide for 2/23, either. When I asked subscribers who currently use Dish as their provider if that was accurate, several of them responded that it was.

I called Dish's customer service this evening and was told, after being placed on hold three times, that they had the PPV listed internally. When I asked why it wasn't listed as available to order to their subscribers, they did not have a straight answer and advised me to call back tomorrow. also reached out to WWE regarding the situation, but as of this writing, have not received a response. Given that it was late Sunday when we reached out to them, that is completely understandable.

Obviously, with the advent of the WWE Network, there has been concern among PPV providers about WWE offering the same content cheaper via The Network then the contractually agreed upon price point. That has led to providers discussing the idea of dropping WWE PPVs, something DirecTV acknowledged publicly.

The Network launches the day after the Elimination Chamber PPV, so we'll see whether this was a preemptive strike or a clerical error by Dish Network soon enough.