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By Dave Scherer on 2013-12-06 10:11:18

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Any chance that nobody wins on Sunday and the winner of the Rumble is the unified champion? They could then have Cena come in at number one and throw everybody out before the 2 minutes is up?

I don't see it happening. The Rumble doesn't need that stip. If they don't do a winner next weekend, they will probably hold off the unification for The Elimination Chamber or WrestleMania.

Why does TNA tape shows against their TV show? I know it might not be alot, but the people they have in the new Impact Zone are surely people who 80% of them would be watching the show at home on Spike previously recorded? Seems like such a stupid stupid thing to compete against yourself!!

It makes more sense financially for them to bring the talent in for a few days. They also used to run house shows against themselves. They figure they need to do things as efficiently as possible and they figure that there are only 700 or so people at the taping.

Ok, I get it that it would be tragic to see Hogan come back at Mania and do anything at the expense of a young up and comer, but how about this: 3MB out to complain about not being on the card and state that they are going to take over. Cue Jimi Hendrix and out come Hulk, Nash and Hall. The original NWO take out 3MB, who aren't really up and comers and get the huge pop that people want to give. Hall and Nash can run 3MB to the back and Real American can play while Hogan poses. For that matter, the next night Drew McIntyre (really the only MBer, I'd want to see pushed) can use this as the catalyst for leaving the group.

Those guys are already pretty much scorched earth so that would be fine by me.

Given that Vince McMahon thinks that Daniel Bryan's doesn't "look like a star" and that's why he aborted Bryan's push, how is it that Bryan got pushed to begin with? Bryan got a strong push in the spring and summer, being pulled out of the mid-card Team Hell No angle to a main event push, and reportedly backstage was even mad at one point because he was supposed to go over clean over Randy Orton as part of his push in that match that was stopped because of injury. If Vince thought he didn't "look like a star" after Summerslam, how come he didn't think that before Summerslam, such that Creative was able to be so strong behind him then?

Vince does what he often does and changed his mind. That is the main reason the company's creative direction is in the state that it's in.

When did WWE start going to fully scripted promos, and what was the reason for the change? In Mick Foley's and the Rock's autobiographies, they talk about how they've virtually never done scripted promos, and those were huge successes, so why change something that wasn't broken? Was there a bad experience with someone on live TV that was the impetus for fully scripting them? Also, what happens if a talent ad-libs, whether it's because he forgets his lines or "forgets" his lines -- is there heat on him in the back, or is that accepted as part of the nature of live TV?

It was right around when Chris Kreski left and Stephanie McMahon took over. They did it because they wanted full control of the product. They felt they were improving things. I don't think many agree with them. The top guys are given some freedowm to adlib. But lower card guys better not do it. And yes, if you flub your lines you can expect to not get to deliver more of them any time soon.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.