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By Mike Johnson on 2013-12-03 12:11:57
Hunico was back under the mask as Sin Cara on last night's Raw for Cara's win over Alberto Del Rio. I was told last night was considered something of a re-introduction for the character, which is why the lighting effects were back for Cara as well.

The original Cara, however, was in Mexico and at least one source believed that he was done with the company. We are working to confirm that.

The decision was made yesterday to move forward with Hunico under the mask as Cara.

There had been a long-standing, inherent unhappiness with Cara from the day he debuted, feeling that he had underachieved upon arrival, had gotten hurt too often and often carried himself in the back as if he was bigger star than he actually was. Since he was the first signing under Triple H, there was a pressure to perform and break-through as a top star, but he never brought his star power or personality from Mexico into WWE with him.

The irony here is that there had been a feud in WWE over the Cara identity involving the two after Hunico appropriated the persona. The greater irony is that each used the Mistico name in Mexico with Hunico having it first before it was given to Cara, so now the roles have completely reversed themselves.