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By Mike Johnson on 2013-11-11 15:27:45
Sabu vs. Facade has been added to the 12/28 Extreme Rising event at the former ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA. Facade, from Pittsburgh, was a regular with the promotion before it shut down for a hiatus and is a high-flying talent obviously inspired by Sabu. He also worked for the Urban Wrestling promotion.

Already announced:

Super Crazy & his nephew Pesadilla vs. Damien 666 & his son Bestia 666.

*Stevie Richards defending the Extreme Rising championship.

Others confirmed for the event are Matt Hardy, Devon Storm, Papadon, Blue Meanie, Joel Gertner and Reby Sky.

The promotion sent out an email to those who have purchased tickets to the event that going forward, they will not be working with paypal due to paypal's business practices and will be launching their own online store where fans can purchase tickets directly in the next 24 hours. Ticketholders or fans with any questions can email

For additional information, visit

The event will be taped for the Extreme Rising TV series that will begin in January 2014.

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