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By Richard Trionfo on 2013-10-20 12:45:26
This week saw two things that we had not seen since the end of July. The first thing was Raw breaking the sixty minute barrier. The other thing was the return to more than 200 minutes of total wrestling. The 64 minutes from Raw were the second highest total ever for the show and the second time that the show returned over the 50 minute barrier since the July 29th episode. The 202 minutes this week followed a week of 194 minutes. The week after the last 200 minute week of wrestling was 194 minutes as well.

Raw doubled Smackdown’s total, which finished in second place. Those two shows almost beat the other five shows for the week, but despite that gap between first and second, with four of the other five shows in the 20 minute range, it gave us this total.

For the fourth time in the last seven weeks, we had no matches that qualified in the One Minute Match category. For the first time that I can remember, the shortest match in the week was three minutes.

Raw passed the 6,000 minute barrier by a significant margin and could pass 6,100 minutes next week. During Smackdown, we saw the 5,000th wrestling match since I started this column. Ring of Honor passed 400 matches this week.

The times for the two individual portions of the Sami Zayn versus Bo Dallas match on NXT were:
Original Match: 5 Minutes
Restarted Match: 9 Minutes
The combined time is less because the times above are rounded for this column. The actual time of the falls combine to just under 13 and one half minutes.

The wrestling times below cover the wrestling that takes place during the show so commercials are not included. All times are rounded to the closest minute (examples: a 4:23 match will be listed as 4 minutes while a 4:32 match will be listed as 5 minutes and anything under a minute is rounded up to a minute).

Breakdown of the matches on each show:

Randy Orton versus Miz: 5 Minutes
Fandango versus Santino Marella: 3 Minutes
Fernando and Diego versus Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre: 4 Minutes
Ryback versus R Truth: 6 Minutes
Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger versus Tensai and Brodus Clay: 6 Minutes
Tamina Snuka versus Brie Bella: 5 Minutes
CM Punk versus Curtis Axel: 6 Minutes
Alberto Del Rio versus Daniel Bryan: 13 Minutes
Cody Rhodes and Goldust versus Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns: 16 Minutes

WWE Main Event
Dean Ambrose versus Dolph Ziggler: 11 Minutes
Santino Marella, Tensai, and Brodus Clay versus Drew McIntyre, Heath Slater, and Jinder Mahal: 5 Minutes
R Truth versus Damien Sandow: 5 Minutes
Great Khali versus Fandango: 3 Minutes

Conor O’Brian and Rick Victor versus Adrian Neville and Corey Graves: 6 Minutes
Tyler Breeze versus CJ Parker: 3 Minutes
Summer Rae and Sasha Banks versus Emma and Paige: 6 Minutes
Sami Zayn versus Bo Dallas: 13 Minutes

TNA Impact
Christopher Daniels versus Robbie E versus Hernandez versus Eric Young: 5 Minutes
Gunner versus Knux: 5 Minutes
Samoa Joe versus Chris Sabin: 5 Minutes
Bully Ray versus Magnus: 7 Minutes

WWE Superstars
Damien Sandow versus Kofi Kingston: 8 Minutes
Dolph Ziggler versus Big E Langston: 4 Minutes

WWE Smackdown
Luke Harper and Erick Rowan versus Miz and Kofi Kingston: 4 Minutes
AJ Lee versus Brie Bella: 4 Minutes
CM Punk versus Big E Langston: 8 Minutes
Jimmy and Jey Uso versus Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger: 6 Minutes
Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes, and Goldust versus Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns: 10 Minutes

Ring of Honor
Tadarius Thomas versus Mark Briscoe: 4 Minutes
Michael Bennett and Maria Kanellis versus Bob Evans and Cheeseburger: 5 Minutes
Alex Koslov and Rocky Romero versus Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander versus Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly: 11 Minutes

This Week’s Totals

Total Amount of Wrestling on Shows:

WWE Raw: 64 Minutes in 9 Matches (last week: 50 Minutes)
WWE Smackdown: 32 Minutes in 5 Matches (last week: 41 Minutes)
WWE NXT: 28 Minutes in 4 Matches (last week: 26 Minutes)
WWE Main Event: 24 Minutes in 4 Matches (last week: 17 Minutes)
TNA Impact: 22 Minutes in 4 Matches (last week: 28 Minutes)
Ring of Honor: 20 Minutes in 3 Matches (last week: 18 Minutes)
WWE Superstars: 12 Minutes in 2 Matches (last week: 14 Minutes)

Total Wrestling for the Week: 202 Minutes in 31 Matches (Last Week: 194 Minutes in 34 Matches)

Hourly Averages
WWE NXT: 28 Minutes (up from 26 Minutes)
WWE Main Event: 24 Minutes (up from 17 Minutes)
WWE Raw: 21.33 Minutes (up from 16.67 Minutes)
Ring of Honor: 20 Minutes (up from 18 Minutes)
WWE Smackdown: 16 Minutes (down from 20.5 Minutes)
WWE Superstars: 12 Minutes (down from 14 Minutes)
TNA Impact 11 Minutes (down from 14 Minutes)

Per Match Averages (this week):
WWE Raw: 7.11 Minutes (up from 5.56 Minutes)
WWE NXT: 7 Minutes (up from 5.2 Minutes)
Ring of Honor: 6.67 Minutes (up from 4.5 Minutes)
WWE Smackdown: 6.4 Minutes (down from 6.83 Minutes)
WWE Superstars: 6 Minutes (down from 7 Minutes)
WWE Main Event: 6 Minutes (up from 5.67 Minutes)
TNA Impact: 5.5 Minutes (down from 5.6 Minutes)

Longest Matches
Cody Rhodes and Goldust versus Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns: 16 Minutes (WWE Raw October 14)
Alberto Del Rio versus Daniel Bryan: 13 Minutes (WWE Raw October 14)
Sami Zayn versus Bo Dallas: 13 Minutes (WWE NXT October 16)

Shortest Matches
Fandango versus Santino Marella: 3 Minutes (WWE Raw October 14)
Great Khali versus Fandango: 3 Minutes (WWE Main Event October 16)
Tyler Breeze versus CJ Parker: 3 Minutes (WWE NXT October 16)

Overall Totals

Total Wrestling Time by Show
WWE Raw: 6,052 Minutes
WWE Smackdown: 5,380 Minutes
TNA Impact: 5,138 Minutes
WWE Superstars: 3,398 Minutes
[On 2,245 Minutes]
[On WGN: 1,153 Minutes]
WWE NXT: 3,251 Minutes
[Season 6: 1,507 Minutes]
[Season 5: 1,164 Minutes]
[Season 4: 161 Minutes]
[Season 3: 90 Minutes]
[Season 2: 158 Minutes]
[Season 1: 171 Minutes]
Ring of Honor: 3,126 Minutes
[On Sinclair: 1,776 Minutes]
[On HDNet: 1,350 Minutes]
WWE Main Event: 1,138 Minutes

Overall Wrestling Time: 27,483 Minutes

Total Time by Company
WWE: 19,219 Minutes
TNA: 5,138 Minutes
Ring of Honor: 3,126 Minutes

Total Number of Matches by Show
WWE Raw: 1,258 Matches
WWE Smackdown: 1,081 Matches
TNA Impact: 958 Matches
WWE NXT: 605 Matches
[Season 6: 284 Matches]
[Season 5: 197 Matches]
[Season 4: 29 Matches]
[Season 3: 24 Matches]
[Season 2: 31 Matches]
[Season 1: 40 Matches]
WWE Superstars: 563 Matches
[On 369 Matches]
[On WGN: 194 Matches]
Ring of Honor: 402 Matches
[On Sinclair: 228 Matches]
[On HDNet: 174 Matches]
WWE Main Event: 131 Matches

Total Number of Matches: 5,005

Total Number of Matches by Company
WWE: 3,645 Matches
TNA: 958 Matches
Ring of Honor: 402 Matches

Hourly Averages
Ring of Honor: 23.50 Minutes (down from 23.53)
[On HDNet: 25.96 Minutes]
[On Sinclair: 21.93 Minutes (down from 21.95 Minutes)]
WWE Main Event: 20.69 Minutes (down from 20.63 Minutes)
WWE Superstars: 18.07 Minutes (down from 18.11 Minutes)
[On WGN: 19.54 Minutes]
[On 17.40 Minutes (down from 17.45 Minutes)]
WWE NXT: 17.20 Minutes (up from 17.14 Minutes)
[Season 6: 21.84 Minutes (up from 21.75 Minutes)]
[Season 5: 17.64 Minutes]
[Season 4: 12.38 Minutes]
[Season 2: 12.15 Minutes]
[Season 1: 11.4 Minutes]
[Season 3: 6.92 Minutes]
Overall Average: 15.396 Minutes (up from 15.38 Minutes)
WWE Smackdown: 14.08 Minutes (up from 14.07 Minutes)
TNA Impact: 13.52 Minutes (down from 13.535 Minutes)
WWE Raw: 13.21 Minutes (up from 13.16 Minutes)

Hourly Averages by Company
Ring of Honor: 23.50 Minutes
WWE: 15.11 Minutes (up from 15.08 Minutes)
TNA: 13.52 Minutes

Per Match Averages
WWE Main Event: 8.25 Minutes (down from 8.31 Minutes)
Ring of Honor: 7.776 Minutes (down from 7.78 Minutes)
[On Sinclair: 7.79 Minutes (down from 7.80 Minutes)]
[On HDNet: 7.76 Minutes]
WWE Superstars: 6.0355 Minutes (down from 6.0356 Minutes)
[On 6.084 Minutes (down from 6.0844 Minutes)]
[On WGN: 5.94 Minutes]
Overall Average: 5.49 Minutes (up from 5.485 Minutes)
WWE NXT: 5.37 Minutes (up from 5.363 Minutes)
[Season 5: 5.91 Minutes]
[Season 4: 5.55 Minutes]
[Season 6: 5.31 Minutes (up from 5.282 Minutes)]
[Season 2: 5.1 Minutes]
[Season 1: 4.28 Minutes]
[Season 3: 3.75 Minutes]
TNA Impact: 5.363 Minutes (up from 5.362 Minutes)
WWE Smackdown: 4.98 Minutes (up from 4.97 Minutes)
WWE Raw: 4.81 Minutes (up from 4.79 Minutes)

Per Match Averages by Company
Ring of Honor: 7.776 Minutes
TNA: 5.363 Minutes
WWE: 5.27 Minutes (up from 5.26 Minutes)

Longest Matches
Tyler Black versus Davey Richards: 27 Minutes (Ring of Honor October 18, 2010)
Davey Richards and The Briscoes versus Roderick Strong and the Kings of Wrestling: 26 Minutes (Ring of Honor April 4, 2011)
Steel Cage Warfare: 24 Minutes (Ring of Honor July 27, 2013)

Total Number of Ten Minute Matches: 711 Matches

Ten Minute Matches by Company
WWE: 487 Matches
Ring of Honor: 125 Matches
TNA: 99 Matches

Shortest Matches
391 Total Matches at 1 Minute

One Minute Matches by Company
WWE: 322 Matches
TNA: 53 Matches
Ring of Honor: 16 Matches

The Last Ten Matches that Qualified:
Eddie Kingston and Homicide versus RD Evans and QT Marshall: 1 Minute (Ring of Honor October 12)
Ricardo Rodriguez versus Alberto Del Rio: 1 Minute (WWE Raw October 7)
Kofi Kingston versus Big E Langston: 1 Minute (WWE Smackdown October 4)
Justin Gabriel and Zack Ryder versus Erick Rowan and Luke Harper: 1 Minute (WWE Smackdown September 20)
Ryback versus Nick Nardone: 1 Minute (WWE Smackdown September 20)
Eric Young versus Robbie E: 1 Minutes (TNA Impact September 19)
Joseph Park versus Robbie E: 1 Minute (TNA Impact September 19)
Aiden English versus Michael Cuellari: 1 Minute (WWE NXT September 19)
Luke Harper and Erick Rowan versus Brodus Clay and Tensai: 1 Minute (WWE Smackdown August 30)
Cody Rhodes versus Fandango: 1 Minute (WWE Raw August 26)

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