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By Mike Johnson on 2005-02-01 13:00:00

The Whole Fn' Show!

Disc 1:

Easter Egg: Post Match interview with ECW referee John Finnegan

How to find it: Go to Chapters. Go to Page 2. Highlight the word "Back" at the bottom of the page. Click the left arrow twice and a clip of Finnegan's post-match interview after the ECW Living Dangerously '99 battle between Rob Van Dam and Jerry Lynn will play.

Disc 2:

Easter Egg: Heatwave '98 promo

How to find it: Go to Chapters. Highlight "Comparing ECW and WWE." Click the right arrow twice. A backstage promo with Rob Van Dam, Sabu, and Bill Alfonso will play.

Special thanks to TJ Burrell for his help with the Eggs.

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