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By Dave Scherer on 2013-09-18 09:59:00

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I know it would never happen, but when Stephanie McMahon went "public" with show being broke, what do you think would have happened to him if he answered back with "I may be broke, but I'm not the one selling my shares of WWE stock, am I?"

I would have loved it.

Can someone please explain to me the "logic" in making Randy Orton the face of WWE? I know its story line, but he has failed two drug test, yet they gave him the strap? I don't get it.

He really isn't the face of WWE. He is the handpicked choice of Triple H, who right now is actually the face of WWE. As for Orton, if he failed a drug test WWE would take the Title off of him before they announced it.

In recent interviews with Hulk Hogan, he keeps saying he isn't involved in talent hiring or firing and has very little to do with creative. Isn't that contrary to why he signed with TNA nearly four years ago? I thought the point was that he would help with talent and creative?

He was there to turn things around, show guys how to succeed, etc. I agree with you though. While he does try and help guys backstage, for the most part he is just a character on the show and at 60 years old, I don't think they get back what they pay out to him.

Why does Vince McMahon insist on "punishing" wrestlers he feels have screwed up by having them job on TV? Doesn't he realize he's hurting his company more than he's hurting the worker, be devaluing that wrestler in the eyes of the audience? Seems more immature and stupid than "brilliant.

I wish I had an answer. I look at a guy like Alex Riley, who a few years ago was really getting over. Then he made Vince mad, and he was squashed. It makes no sense.

Why does there have to be another rehash of the Power Trip angle involving a McMahon in the current HHH-Orton-Bryan angle? Can't WWE creative be deep enough to maintain the momentum the product had going into Summer slam by finding something more interesting to give their "universe" than this bland, repetitive and inane excuse of a storyline? I have to say that I fear for the direction of the WWE with HHH apparently looking to take more control.

They continually try to relive the glory days of the Attitude Era by redoing the past angles. What they don't understand is that stuff worked so well because it was new and fresh. Recycled stuff never works as well as the original and you would think that they would have gotten that by now.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.

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