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By Stuart Carapola on 2013-09-12 23:06:00
The 2013 Bound For Glory Series comes to an end tonight, as the semifinals and finals of this year's tournament will be aired as part of the No Surrender special on SpikeTV. I will update this post with the match results as they come in.


-In the first semifinal match, AJ Styles defeated Austin Aries to advance to the finals. Aries nearly put AJ away with the brainbuster and Last Chancery, but AJ counted a 450 splash attempt to a second rope Styles Clash for the win.

-The second semifinal match saw Brutus Magnus defeat Bobby Roode to move on to the finals. Roode tried to cheat his way to victory by kicking the middle rope into Magnus' ding ding as he came into the ring, but Magnus caught him with a jackknife rollup to advance.


-AJ Styles defeated Brutus Magnus to win the 2013 Bound For Glory Series. Both men nearly defeated each other with their respective submission finishers, but AJ got the better of a slugfest on the top rope, knocked Magnus into the ring, and broke out the Spiral Tap for the first time in years to win the BFG Series.

With this win, AJ Styles will now challenge for the TNA World Title at Bound For Glory 2013 on October 20th in San Diego, California. He will challenge Bully Ray, who clinched his spot in the Bound For Glory main event by successfully defending the TNA World Title against Ken Anderson in a Last Man Standing match earlier tonight.

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